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fujiwara fkm 240mm gyuto tojiro dp 90mm petty just bought these and are the only two I use right now, planning on buying the tojiro bread knife
I was also going to buy shuns until I discovered this forum, I'm fresh out of culinary school so I was looking for some better knives then the crap they gave us at school. had my mind set on shuns for the longest time but after a lot of research I ended up getting fujiwara and tojiro knives from chefknivestogo. they are excellent first knives, and the prices are great.
I was going to purchase the CN but after reading some post saying that it doesn't come sharp I decided to got the fujiwara and ill practice sharpening before I buy it. I'm not sure if I remember correctly but I saw a post about how the CN and the TKC is supposedly the same knife? thank you all for the helpful advice.
I started watching marks sharpening tutorials and have been liking that way of sharpening then the waymy chef at school showed me months ago.
thanks BDL and ez13 for the advice, after a lot more research and talking to mark from cktg I ended up getting a fujiwara fkm 240 gyuto and a tojiro 90mm petty, hopefully I'll get used to the extra inch on the gyuto. since i haven't been sharpening my messermeister a lot so im not that good at sharpening. so after I get better at sharpening I'll probably purchase a more higher end knife.. I currently have a naniwa 1000/3000 stone.
hey everybody, so I'm brand new to the site and to j knives, but I have been reading thread after thread for a few hour now trying to learn all I can. i have a few knives I've been interested in but not sure which one to get and that's why I'm here. I'm going to be using this knife daily at work. and I do have a whetstone but not that confident with my sharpening skills. the size is going to be 240mm gyuto so the knives are Masamoto VG or possibly HC but not...
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