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POM aren't bad handles, you just know that it's a cheaper handle. it just feels synthetic coz of the binders.
maybe if you could zoom in on the kanji, try to get a clearer shot of the kanji
i got one of those, that's just the welding line. nothing to worry about.
if it's in the UK, you guys might as well check out korin france's website. they're pretty close the the uk. or just go on and order from
if you want a rocking motion knife get one that isn't as flat.    get a kasumi or a shun. those are rocking knives.
check out the chef knives to go site under the name hiromoto, available in stainless clad and blue steel core or all stainless steel called ginsanko aka G3
the bottom knife has a better shape but i'd rather have a knife without a bolster. not even an integral bolster including the picture above.
he's from KKF, most folks from there have a dislike/hate for mark richmond.
one last thing you can consider is a CCK cleaver or go to any china town that sells chinese vegetable cleavers. there are ones that are short enough to work well in small spaces. try one out. they're cheap and i doubt you'll hate using it. everyone says those things are prep machines! easy to sharpen and very thin behind the edge. (not a cleaver for hacking through stuff, a cleaver for veg and prepping mostly)   i recommend the cck 1303.
yo deba's are too thick and are not made for cutting veg and meat. it's designed for hacking through hard veg, chicken bones and fish heads. 
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