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I had a delicious and simple Sunday dinner :)  Spicy Spots fried in peanut oil, pan seared Ponzu scallops, and a very simple egg, sweet pickle and yukon gold potato salad,  sliced tomatoes and sweet creamed corn and green onion corn muffins. :)
Why post all these pictures, an then not accept credit compliments that you KNOW are gonna come? There is being humble and then there is fishing for compliments and blowing them off with fake humility. The latter is aggravating to read and it makes me just not want to even acknowledge the beautiful work. Sorry guys...but if you dont want people to compliment your work if its nice..then just don't post it at all. Whats the point. You post to show off the work you are proud...
Beautiful stuff people!
  Pete,  I cannot find a signature link.  Can you tell me specifically what content of the page is around it ? 
    Thank you!
Symons Restaurant is in Cleveland.
No.  Symons Restaurant is in Cleveland.
I would definately inquire beforehand as to any openings. Maybe mail your resume in advance with a cover letter addressed to the Exec Chef...and tell them you will follow up with a phone call in a few days...and/or a visit so that they can meet you in person...and ask what time would be best for them. It shows you are aware that kitchens are the products of the business at hand and that you take nothing for granted.  Certainly manage the time properly and dont show up...
Cant seem to find the link that allows you to do that,,,,thanks for any help :)
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