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The one I use at home is an Italian brand called Mechnosud. It is a table top sheeter. Needs around 1.5 meter in length table and around 90 cm of width space. I placed it on a moving table just in case I want to move it around. Very practical , easy to use machine & small adapted for home use. check it out I believe they have them in the us as well.
I am interested to know how you end up doing this glaze with Shellac or /Gum Arabica.
Hi wondered what you ended up buying, because I am facign the same thing with my cookie business, aroudn 400 pcs /week, need to upgrade some of my equipments.Currently I am using the paddle on the KA for a shorcruts base cookie dough. What do you use ? btw have you hears of a twinarm dough mixer? or Fold mixers Thanks
Hi there, Need to know if anyone has heard or used a Twin Arm Dough Mixer , very popular in Italian Coomercial Dough mixing processes. Thanks
THank you mimi the core issue is once hard , it is difficult to roll in even thickness I am thinking if a laminating sheeter machine, the one of the croissant , or I am not sure yes this is s a trur recepie & quite a good one at it too. thanks for the advice please share some more mishka
Hi I run an upscale business with emphasis on handcrafted art on cookie. I used a regular shortcrust dough ingredients wiht a 50 part a part with flour ( butter, sugar, eggs then flour mixed in turn) The final result is a 1.2 kg of hard dough , that needs to be thinned down to 2 mm - for which I manually roll open between 2 wax sheets. cut the shapes,  collect the scraps , reroll , then again. it takes hours ! Result is different shapes that come out with uneven...
Izbnso Did you find the fortune cookie recepie you used ? Can you share please ? thanks
Hi Pretty Cake Can you please give me the recepie for the fortune cookies Did you use the silpat ? Did you use the paddle ( feuille ) or whisker for the mashine ? Thanks
You can use tuna cans or other mini pate cans  I have used Campbells for Brioche & they worked well
Alton Brown Yes or even chefs in the R&D B&J Ice cream or Pierre Hermes perhaps ?
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