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If it's heavily asymmetric like 70/30 it might look like a single bevel to some people.  
Usubas are thicker than nakiris since they are single bevel - (think stubby yanagiba, or square deba).  I doubt the blue steel is turning the lettuce brown that's usually a reactive cladding issue.  Dull blade might help it along since you would be crushing the fibers and not slicing them cleanly.  How long is the product hanging around after prep?
Do Anchovies count?  I swear these are swimming up stream . . .   
If you want to be a tough guy (depending on the size of the area) a mix of Benadryl analgesic, Bacitracin, brown paper and electrical tape.  That is good up to 2nd degree - after that you need medical attention.  If it's a spot then Benadryl, Bacitracin and 3M Nexcare bandaids - they are the shizzle and water proof too. 
Just a simple marinated salmon seared off in a screaming hot cast iron skillet with bacon drippings and some steamed corn and a side salad.    
With family packs they move more product meaning less product ends up in the dumpster.
Reubens Baby - yeah  I grilled the inside of the bread before assembling and grilling the outsides - no soggy bread just crunch, crunch, crunch.  
The soup is meatless the knishes had some meat in them along with kasha and leek.
With some fish like bluefish, mackerel, anchovies, etc. - the more "oily" fish - the smaller fish tend to taste better IMO.  White meat fish, salmon, etc. the flavor is the same regardless of size.
OK - I'm going to air it - the mods got on my ass when I was late by three days, but tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and we need a challenge.
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