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I made a beautiful pot of Posole once and because I had once gotten away with just putting whole habaneros in something and taking them out before serving I put four in.  Three of them broke and I had to throw it out.  Yup - I nailed that one.  The freaking coons wouldn't even eat it.  Another time I made a pizza with salsa, queso, guacamole and shrimp - couldn't eat that one either - the coons did eat that one though.  Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear...
 Adapt, improvise, overcome - works for me.  
Nice meal Kuan 
Made pizza for dinner last night - let the dough raise twice then fresh sauce, four cheese Mexican blend around the edge, mozzarella on the rest, pepperoni, mushrooms, red pepper, shaved garlic - delicious.
Nice vid, but really dude you need to sharpen up    
Today was compound Thanksgiving and I made my usuals.  Stuffing made with corn bread, white bread both dried, three sausages this year - wild boar, bear and pork, pecans, dried cranberries, leek, onion, celery, seasoning and stock.  First time using cranberries and they imparted a nice layer of sweet to offset the savory and game tastes.  Next was a corn and oyster pudding, a pan of roasted butternut squash and I made gravy with smoked salt and ground sage in my roux -...
Here's a great version -  
I thought about moving it for the picture, but it was part of the meal.  It just adds a level of clean to an otherwise very savory dish.  
Risotto with muscles in garlic butter sauce and a ripe avocado.    
I'm on the purist side when it comes to pizza - no more than three toppings.  No BBQ sauce, no chicken, no avocados, no calamari . . . My kids order this BBQ chicken thing (they call it pizza) and I shudder when they eat it.  
New Posts  All Forums: