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Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir?  I like both, but drink Cab more so than Pino.   Chardonnay - oaked, or unoaked?
There's that story too, but the dish shows up post WWII there is nothing on the books before hand that I know of.
I gave mine to my wife as I never used it. 
I have a 240mm Kanehide PS60 and it's a nice knife.  Fit and finish are excellent for this price point, and it takes and holds a stupid sharp edge that is easy to maintain.  It's light and nimble for a 240.  I bought mine 2nd. hand so I can't speak for the OOTB edge, but Steve's video reviews are very accurate.  I agree with @MillionsKnives about the Richmond line the ones made by Lamson have issues.  
It's a post war dish from the area around Rome.  One theory is after the liberation people were given GI rations like powdered eggs, etc.  The truth is there are so many stories about its origin that no one really knows for sure.  What I do know for sure is it is delicious.  
Not for nothing, but the Tojiro  ITK 150mm KU Petty is an excellent knife and one of the tallest of many out there.  For $40 it's a no brainer IMO.
A simple Spaghetti a la Carbonara tonight.  Bacon, pasta, eggs, cheese, black pepper - what's not to like?  
What I consider a "simmer" is at 9:41 - I realize time is of the essence in a commercial kitchen so don't get me wrong - you gotta do what you gotta do.  Being retired I have the luxury of time so my techniques have evolved to a slower and lower style of stock and broth making.  Usually 200 degrees F for 48 hours.  
Tonight's compound dinner was Australia so I did a quick google search and found ground kangaroo meat about 30 minutes from me.  I made kangaroo sliders on Hawaiian roles, someone made Aussie meat pie, another a tuna bake.  Everything was really good and it was a big success.     'Roo is allot like venison - very lean.  With a fat count of 1 gram per 4 ounces it needs added fat so I blitzed 4oz. of pork back fat for the two lbs. of 'Roo I had.  It could have used more,...
We went to some friends house and there were 10 of us.  We enjoyed a nice shrimp cocktail then slow cooked venison leg, string beans with garlic and almonds, carrots, potatoes from the roasting pan and a chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream for desert.  A really nice Prosecco and plenty of wine to go around too.
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