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I just pull off what I can then section it - fore legs, hinds, saddle and ribs.  I like to brown it then slow cook it with rehydrated wild mushrooms, wine, shallot, garlic, thyme, etc.  
Doing pot luck at my son's next door so I'm expecting the usual, but I'm making a gratin of potato, celeriac, parsnip, apple with smoked gruyere and some small German brats I just remembered to take out of the freezer - thank you for the reminder!
 You know - the best gator I ever had was at Gatorland in Orlando.  They make smoked bbq gator ribs that are just delicious.  That was at the old Gatorland I haven't been to the new one yet, but am looking forward to taking the grandson when he's a little older.
I made an old favorite - oven fried eggplant served with a simple tomato sauce from last years garden.  It really is a delicious meal.
I'd check with the vendor - the 1k side may need soaking, but the 6k might be splash and go.  I have a King 6k as my finish stone and they are quite good.  He may want to get an Atoma coarse diamond to flatten them with.
After working out doors today I was inspired to make Ratner's Cabbage Soup and Kasha Knishes made with - kasha, bacon, onion, carrot, celery and garlic.  I cooked the kahsa in turkey stock before drying it with the mira poix mixture.  The shells are reduced fat crescent roll dough.  This is really a delicious recipe from time back way back for me (80's NYC).  @KK - that's my "Greek" wine glass    I drank many a glass of Retsina like that with my friends Dimo, Nicko and Gus...
 Yeah I want to see that too.  I thin my old Hiromoto AS and my Takagi Honyaki every time I have the coarse stones out.  One of these days I'll start bringing the grit up.  That or they'll sit in their boxes till I get my shop and belt grinder set up.  
Interesting Emsfluff how thin do you slice your beets?
Looks like y'all dodged the bullet as we did.  I'm not complaining mind you . . . LOL
That's a great picture Petals.
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