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Grilled, Frenched rack of pork with delicious sweet corn and a red cabbage slaw.  Desert was chocolate covered lemon pound cake (Aldi imported from Germany).  A nice Spanish wine finished it off.
See I think Goose is over rated - for a great taste, but less pure (distilled three times and less money) I like Luksusawa - real vodka made from potatoes.
My go to Vodka is Tito's Hand Made.  It's a very pure spirit being distilled six times.  It takes flavor very well, it's delicious neat and it won't break the bank.  And it's made in Texas.
I still like my burgers done on a flat top.  I put one on my grill when cooking burgers out doors.
If I'm looking for leftovers I'll pull a trussed chicken at 165 as I know what's done and what can be reheated without drying out.  If I'm not after leftover and it's a whole chicken I'll slice open along the thigh as that tends to be pink next to the bone when the breast is done.  Don't forget about carryover while resting.
Change of plan - the neck bones have surrendered all their collagen.  When I took it out of the ice box today it was like jello -   I'll peel the bones for hash.  Refreshed some dried porcini, oyster and shitake mushrooms and strained that liquid into the "jelly" then micro-waved the bones for a minute to melt the jelly and added that.  When I pulled a neck piece out it made that sucking sound and left an impression.  That's when I knew it was ready.  Only the hardest of...
I don't know what type of oven you have but it might need a thermocouple, or a calibration.  I've had a commercial range for @ 20yrs now and I know how it operates and both ovens are different by several degrees.  I tend to depend on one more than the other so knowing your oven helps contribute to consistency in your cooking. 
Yeah that chicken stock does look good.    I took mine out of the fridge, skimmed it again, removed the necks pieces and strained out the veg (it had no flavor left - all extracted).  Right now the necks are back in a clean stock and simmering to further break down the collagen and concentrate the flavor.  Tomorrow I'll reconstitute some dried mushrooms, add that liquid to the stock then some caramelized onion and cremini mushrooms.  I'm thinking I'll put a crisp on the...
One pound is not a lot of meat I've seen burgers that big.  One hour @ 375 is a lot of cooking time IMO.  Might want to take the temp more often next time.  2.5 - 3.5lbs is my average and I preheat my oven to 450 put in the meat and lower the temp to 350 @ 20 min/lb and start taking temp if I even need to.  That said I grind my own meat so I'm not always going for that 160 mark just till it's cooked through.   You mentioned ice bath did you check it against boiling...
Those look delicious Ordo.      Not tonight, but prepping for tomorrow.  Veal and beef neck bones dredged in whole wheat flour seasoned with smoked salt, pepper, and cayenne then seared, removed and added back to a leek mira poix with garlic, herbs, red wine and soon to be covered with water.  Simmered for @ 4 hrs today will see how it looks tomorrow.  When it's done I'll strain it, reserve some veg and use the stock and meat for mushroom and onion soup.  Right now the...
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