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This is the first time I've joined one of these challenges.  It was a rainy day today so I felt compelled to use what I had on hand.  Pork and Pumpkin stew:  Pork chunks dredged and browned in bacon drippings, onion, garlic, fire roasted tomatoes, chicken stock and pan toasted, re-hydrated chillies braised in my big LC pot.  Sugar pumpkin, potatoes and kale go in after @ an hour and that simmers till done then season to taste.    I made pepitas from a carving pumpkin by...
LOL - yeah it is hard to plate, but I love the texture.  I have some Armoniche that is a functional as well as a fun shape and my grandson loves it.  He love Bucatini too, but he has to wrestle with it, but it's fun to watch.  Tonight I'm bringing whole wheat Fusilli with sausage and sauce with breadcrumbs for topping to a party.  
Nice KK - isn't Bucatini fun?
Cane Juice Crystals = evaporated cane juice and is what sugar is before it gets refined.  It has more nutrients than sugar, fewer carbs per measure and tastes great.  I buy Bob's Red Mills organic evaporated cane juice.  Unlike refined sugar it has a shelf life.   I don't use a lot of sweeteners, but my go to are: cane crystals, honey, molasses, or dark brown sugar.  Strawberries macerated with cane crystals is a great topping, or mix with Greek yogurt and lemon zest for...
What a nice treat Buba - enjoy.  What are your plans for the breasts?
 You need to take lessons from this cook:    
 Did you blast it, or slow cook it?
Nice KK - eye of round?  looks perfect.  I had 2lbs of Roma tomatoes so I pealed them and made a fresh sauce with a little diced prosciutto, evoo infused with garlic, basil and peperoncino and finished some bucatini in that.  Topped with fresh basil and breadcrumbs it was delicious.
I have cooked and eaten both for years and have not noticed any definitive difference.  I think the shedding season is earlier than up in the Maritimes.  If you had both side by side say in June, or July there might be a difference, but only because of the timing - hard shell vs soft shell.  This is just my observation after decades of lobster lovin'.  That and I used to know some lobster fishermen. 
I cooked a bottom round roast yesterday and today I sliced it very thin across the grain and reheated it in the jous.  While that was going on I sauteed onion and peppers.  The result was Philly Cheese Tacos - oh man were they good. 
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