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I'd leave the handle as is and get used to the knife first.  You know - just in case.
Nobody wants to cook - we're ordering off the take away menu . . . yeah it comes with egg roll. 
 Made that the other night for dinner only used my rub and I only sauce the bone side to keep the skin crisp.  Love chicken that way.
And to think most people would just kick it back in the ditch - so delicious the lowly Eel.
I have several knives that might suit you, but need a little more information.   For instance I have a Devin Thomas 240mm gyuto in 52100 that is stunning @ $435 shipped, as well as a production  HHH Western in AEB-L for $225 shipped.  I have more it would help to know what your budget is as I have some serious J-Knives for sale as well.
I see your smoked fish dip and raise you a smoked eel dip . . . just kidding that is a good recipe.
We were in Michigan couple of weeks ago and there was one at Cabelas and he was doing a brisk business just by the smell alone.
That looks rich and amazing - Ordo - you must share your recipe as per Home Cook's Local 205 Union rules . . . . . . please?
Well it was left over corn/basil soup that I used as a base for shrimp.  Corn pan roasted in butter, salt and pepper and a salad of field greens, cold BBQ pork and a fresh lemony vinaigrette.   
I use a hankotsu for boning.  It's stiff and has a 90/10 edge.  Here's mine that I rehandled.  
New Posts  All Forums: