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Why don't you experiment then let us know what you find that works?     If I was worried about cholesterol from yolks I'd pass on eggs altogether - the whites just aren't that exciting to me.
But you pulled it off and that's what counts.  That and it looks delicious.  
You're a "professional chef" and you can't figure something out?  Smells like SPAM to me.
 I like it - perfect for when you fly.
Only in Baltimore.
It was our oldest granddaughter's birthday party today so this week I made goose and pork sausage.  I cased it yesterday and smoked it off today with cherry wood - really delicious - 2lb goose breast, 1lb hot pork sausage, 1# sweet pork sausage, 1/4lb of bacon, my seasoning, prague powder.  I let that rest overnight then souped it up with chardonnay and into hog casings it went.    
#1 - Don't touch my knives and #2 - if you are behind me say something!  Otherwise I'm easy.
Nice work Bubba - do I sense a Bacon Pie in your future?
Marko posted this on 9/30/15:   New Web Site is in Works Folks, I have had some issues with my old web site, and rather than fix them (it was built on a shoestring budget), I commissioned a new one.  This one should have a much better store, but still retain features such as surveys.  Will also have some new features.  The completion date should be in about 3 weeks.  Marko
New Posts  All Forums: