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That looks great I like how it's piled up on the bun and not loosey goosey like Manwich used to be.  I think I omitted the sugar in mine reasoning that ketchup has enough in it already.  
I bought the LEM 5lb. vertical stuffer because it fills my needs and was in my budget.  I like the Ukranian style kielbasa that's chunky and that recipe is on the LPoli website linked above.     My goose sausage is two parts goose breast, (sans silver skin and shot), one part pork sausage (a mix of sweet and hot), back fat if needed, celery salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, smoked paprika, Prague #1 and thyme.  I grind the meats through a medium die twice then mix with...
I have a dedicated grinder with a stuffing attachment.  After the first run I bought a LEM crank stuffer.  WoW - what a difference in product and production.  The grinder generates too much heat IMO and was inconsistent unless you had a foot pedal/switch, or as @phatch mentioned an extra pair of hands.  With the LEM I can fill casing by myself - in fact my BIL tried to help, but I waved him off as it was easier for me to do it by feel.     I'm fixin' to make some goose...
@Planethoff  - I've done it both ways and find the cold pan start produces a meat with more crumble that's a little more tender IMO.  
This is the best recipe I've come across.  I made them a while back and everyone loved them.   http://allrecipes.com/recipe/219635/chef-johns-sloppy-joes/     And yes "Tater Tots" are required to complete the meal.  Mmmm . . . now I'm hungry -  
I made duck breast tonight.  I broke the bird down and will confit the legs and make rillettes with the carcass, wings, neck, etc.  I trimmed the breasts of silver skin, flattened them somewhat and put them in the freezer for an hour.  Then it was skin side down in a cold pan and placed on medium heat to render and crisp up.  When they released and were golden crisp I put them on a cool plate meat side down and into a 200F oven for 40 minutes.  Perfect results!!  I served...
Agree an edge that keen will not hold up to regular kitchen use.  A sushi chef might take his yanagi that high, but none the ones I've talked to do.  
We had some friends over last night.  I poached shrimp in white wine, garlic and herbs then chilled for an appetizer along with hot crusty ciabatta and compound butter.  For the main I made brussel sprouts with bacon, roasties and I sous vide 2 - 2lb. grass fed NY strip roasts then seared off in a very hot iron skillet.  This meat was delicious, very tender and cooked perfectly edge to edge @ 129 degrees (medium rare).  Someone brought a wonderful salad and someone else...
I'm not a fan of kidney beans either.  When using canned I like small white, red, pink or black beans.  For dry I prefer Pinto beans and they cream up nicely too.  Lentils are good as well and as mentioned will cook in the soup just fine.
The only picture I have is a half eaten sandwich from the other day.  Rustic bread, whole grain mustard, cranberry schmear, stuffing schmear, turkey and sriracha mayo.  Oh my it was delicious!
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