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I pounded out chicken breasts, stuffed with black forest ham and pepper jack, rolled, sealed then slathered with a seasoned mayo and into a bread crumb mix.  Roasted on greased parchment and served with kale chips.  Really delicious meal and a great way to relax after work.
If you are used to Western Randy from HHH is selling some of the last production 240 gyutos at a very nice price of $210 + shipping ($10 conus).  These are excellent knives and one of my "go to" blades - very nimble for their size and the grind and heat treat is excellent.  The handle is almost a hybrid wa/yo so you get that "extension of the arm" feeling.     http://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/showthread.php/17821-SALE-Last-of-the-240-s-SALE!!!!?p=294917#post294917  
For Sunday Brunch I made white stone ground grits, pan sauteed some left over bacon wrapped meatloaf and topped both with sunny side up farm fresh eggs and a slice of buttered 12 grain toast to sop up the goodness. 
I took today off and for lunch made a fresh tomato sauce with shaved onion, garlic, basil and chopped red and yellow sunburst tomatoes, good evoo and a little honey.  I cooked Armoniche pasta in water seasoned with "better than bullion" chicken.  I made 5oz of dry pasta and my 21 month old grandson ate a full share.  Don't know where he puts it    Tonight I'm making meatloaf with ground beef, some left over jalapeno/cheddar sourdough and the usual suspects.  We really...
That lamb on the spit looks incredible  
We wanted something easy last night so here's my take on a Cuban - Black Forest ham, roast pork, pepper jack on a cheddar, jalapeno sour dough - pressed and grilled.  Had that with a bowl of tomato, basil soup.  It was that kind of day -  
I can't take credit for that pic I pasted the ad and the duck  is all that stayed. 
"I wish I could eat duck every week . . . "   No problemo - This week at Aldi - Maple Leaf Farms whole duckling - 5lb average - $2.49/lb     I need to grab a few before Wednesday.
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