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I would bring back technique and regional recipes as you can get pretty much everything mentioned here in the "global economy".
How about the new Tojiro MVS?  A 210mm gyuto for $39 from CKTG.   http://www.chefknivestogo.com/topost.html
I kept the last 1/3rd I just ran it through a cloth.  I use either a pot on a hot plate or my crock pot plugged into a PID controller.  
Here is a "stock", "broth", etc. I made a while back.  I roasted chicken carcass and veg then cooked it at 190 for 48hrs. using my sous vide controller.  I lifted out the bones and veg then let it rest for an hour.  This is the top 2/3rds. ladled right out of the pot no filtering.  I learned from watching "Tampopo" that for clear stock you never let it boil.  
Drizzly day on and off and with shrimp being $4.99/lb. yesterday I thought it would be fitting to make GUMBO.  First up is to make a shrimp stock - shells, mirepoix, garlic, guajillo chili, thyme, bay and bacon drippings/evoo combo, black pepper corns and smoked salt.  Mmmmm . . .        oh and you have to keep the goods submerged.     A two beer roux -       In goes the trinity, garlic, thyme, bay, andouille, kielbasa.  Put the lid on and let it all get to...
Yoshihiro has a white steel yanagi in 270mm available for $239.99.     http://www.echefknife.com/yoshihiro-left-handed-kasumi-white-steel-2-yanagi-sushi-sashimi-japanese-chef-knife.html
I ground a nicely marbled 4lb. chuck roast and we grilled burgers.  It doesn't get any fresher.
Todays compound dinner was brought to you by the letter "O".  I made Orzo seasoned with olive oil, garlic, lobster base black pepper and parsley.  On top of that went Octopus in red wine sauce Greektown style - oh my was it good.    
That's good to know I've never used frozen okra before.  
Time to get your roux on - LOL. Got Filet Powder? If not okra is my other favorite thickener when in season.
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