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Hard to go wrong with "The Joy of Cooking".  Another favorite of mine is "I hear America cooking" for regional recipes, Luchow's German Cookbook, and of course my 1971 edition of "Traditional Greek Cooking"  I have others, but those are the four I refer to most and the "TJOC" the most when I forget time/temp stuff, or German Potato Salad that I make like once a year.   For technique you really need to go to youtube, or watch you local PBS station for Jacques Pepin, etc.
Ha - I've been cooking a lot lately so last night was a large pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper well done and BBQ wings.  Had some for lunch to day and will probably make a BLT for dinner if I eat one.  My wife is out with a friend so I'm playing guitar and catchin' a little buzz.  I hope the new chicks don't freak about my Les Paul through the Trainwreck on 8 - I can't be in the same room with it on 10 - thank god it doesn't go to 11.  Bwahahahahahaha!!!!
Probably the one and you know it's the first one I watched when I started free handing and it still rings true. 
Hand sharpening is not hard to learn it's all about feedback.  Feedback from the steel, the stone and the sound of the steel on the stone.  Youtube some Murray Carter videos, or better yet go to http://cartercutlery.com and subscribe to his videos and you might get a 25%off coupon for some of the best knives being hand made today.   Other videos to watch are Jon from JKI and this one:    
Absolutely - creamy on the inside and crunch on the outside - huge yum factor.
Chicken thighs boned and skin side down in a dry pan.  When they started giving up the goods I basted the meat side till they released then turned.  I finished the potatoes and tomatoes in the same fat - delicious and a huge crunch factor on the skin.  
Thermapen hands down.
Doesn't matter what brand it is - it's the technique that you need to learn.  It's not like a "dump cake" thing there are guide lines I mean unless you like eating mush.
Definitely worth making stock even if you freeze it for later use.     Duck soup Groucho?
You might find some of these useful.  There is a learning curve to pressure cookers.   https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+cook+using+a+pressure+cooker
New Posts  All Forums: