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Good clams and oysters need nothing IMHO - just the brine from the sea.
I made chicken thighs with a nice pan crisped red potato and a green salad. Did the thighs skin down in a dry pan and just let them render and form a delicious crust then I drain the pan some and turn them then nestled onion, peppers and garlic and let them finish. Some of the rendered chicken fat went into a smaller pan where half nuked red potato that was halved and seasoned then in to crisp meat side down to form a golden crust.
Thanks Petals we watched that when it came out and had forgotten we own a copy. Guess we'll be watching that tonight - thanks and yes deer steaks are delicious.
Sorry for my resent post it was meant to be in the "what did you have for dinner" thread. However - I'm sure there is a movie reference somewhere. I can't wait to have more of those oysters. I'm waiting for a call to go butcher deer - that's always fun and we always have the grill going. This year I'd like to break one down bone in. Hams, saddle, chops, ribs, neck, and shoulder. A french'd loin chop is a wonderful thing.
Tonight we went over a friend's birthday bash. Our other friend from Cape Cod and his son are came up to hunt and he brought a cooler full of Wellfleet oysters and for appetizers he and I shucked a bag - probably three dozen or so. Then we had slow cooked fresh venison shoulder along with a rice/veg medley, a great salad and I brought biscuits and for desert we had home made pumpkin cheese cake. One guest and her son have a hard cider company and they brought a variety...
The Tojiro ITK is $60 here - http://www.chefknivestogo.com/toitkbrkn.html - the Mac is $90 now.
I do pretty much everything Rick does in that video plus squash, etc. The thing is that crunchy stuff will take the edge off a laser quickly and you'll be going to the stones more often. That Tojiro is a knock off of the Mac Superior (which jumped in price this year) and has excellent edge geometry. Yes the handles are just production, but they are fun to rehandle. I figure the $69 is cheaper than my time sharpening especially after doing a lot of "crunchy"...
Here's a great bread knife video -
Nice looking "salad" there
 He's not talking about grilling - that's a whole 'nother thing. He's asking about pan cooking in marinade.
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