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 Price Chopper has had them for $5.99/lb. for chicks (1lb - 1-1/4lb) the past couple of weeks.  Yesterday I noticed the tank was empty so I cruised over to the chiller case and they had two packs steamed for $13.99/ea.  I found a pack that had a large and a chick so for $13.99 it weighed in at 3lbs/6oz.  Even after shelling it made enough for a half dozen really nice rolls.  
That's a tough one.  I have ground Wagyu in the freezer for burgers as well as a side of venison ribs.  Since it's a long weekend with at least two dry days in a row I might do both.  I'll have to get a clean blade for the Sawzall to do up the ribs though it was a pretty big animal. 
Wow - I'm humbled and thank you Kuan for hosting a most "challenging Challenge".  I'll get an ingredient up hopefully tonight.   Mike
Yeah that doesn't sound good AT ALL.  
I made lobster rolls for dinner tonight along with steamed sweet corn.  If it's not going to feel like summer at least it tasted like it.  
That looks great Allan - I love the technique.  
 We call it the Coral and it's delicious just like the Tomalley is as well.  You know a real lobster lover when they chow down on the green stuff.  
+2 on the Thermapen - worth every dime.  You can buy refurbished Thermapens that come with a new warrantee to save a few bucks.  I use mine for a variety of temp taking not just meat.
If we went fishing early and came back with perch my grandmother would remove the roe sacks whole and gently cook them like sausages.  We would have that, fried whole perch and pancakes for breakfast.  I still save the roe from fresh caught fish - smoked Striper roe is delicious.
New Posts  All Forums: