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Just a thought, but first of all this is not a knife forum per se so the mix of the curious to the hard core knife knuts is greater than at say CKTG, or KKF.  There could be sub forums on sharpening, different types of knives and their function and what steel/heat treat is optimal for a given task.  You might take a look at those to forums to get some ideas of subs.  KKF has a great questionnaire for those looking for a new type of knife, or a first serious knife.  It...
Cube your shoulder up and your pork fat.  Mix together then put it in the freezer till almost frozen then run that through your grinder.  Being that cold you will get the best blend of fat and lean.
I made pork meatballs tonight.  Seared them in a skillet then finished them in a scratch made tomato sauce.  No pasta just a couple of meatballs and a little gravy on a plate and a nice salad on the side.  
I did a simple roast chicken ala Thomas Keller.  It was very satisfying.
It sure is I should snag one next time I'm at that store.
Sounds like a St. Louis cut with the cartilage running perpendicular to the ribs.  I never see lamb breast, but I can get veal breast any time.   That reminds me I have a full rack of venison ribs in the freezer.
I like to free form my meatloaf and cover with bacon then bake.  As for reheating pizza I do it in a dry skillet with a lid.  It comes out perfect.
 Ready made from Aldi.  It's the first time I've used pie dough but it sure won't be the last.  I think I'll try making knishes with some to go with a pot of Ratner's cabbage soup next week.  
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