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We had "oven fried" striper and a salad with field greens, hard cooked egg and red pepper.  Oil and sherry vinegar dressing too.
You'll need corn starch, or tapioca starch too.  Watch Yan videos on youtube.
You mean "Swiss Steak"?  It's a tough cut that is run through a jaccard to tenderized it then it is braised.  I doubt it would make an edible burger.  
Congrats to JakeTBuds - Looking forward to the next challenge.  I was just too busy to bring it last month with too much going on.  
I'm going to try oven frying . . . . . again, but this time I'll use the method I used for fish recently, but with a twist.  I'll sous vide my chicken parts then pat dry, dust, egg wash and into pan toasted bread crumbs.  The chicken is cooked so I only have to crisp up the already toasted bread crumbs.  Hmmm . . . maybe put some buttermilk and hot sauce in the bags with the chicken parts?  Now I need to try this.
Problem is there is no efficient way to search for it and not enough hours in the day to go page by page.  Maybe make it a sticky?
I would avoid grits as they get in every pocket and could have an adverse affect if they got in one of the sockets.  When does he go back for his follow up?     Try this - it's very simple and my grandma used to make it for me as a kid.   Cook up 1/2 lb. of bacon, drain, tear into pieces and reserve.     Cook 1 lb. of elbow macaroni and when cooked drain and rinse.   In that same pot add a 28 oz. can of tomatoes [I use whole tomatoes (no salt now) and break them...
Got my lab work back the other day - Ouch!!  In the spirit of change I made a dish with cauliflower and tomatoes with onion, peppers, garlic, anchovy, olives and cod.  No salt added I got that from ingredients - the anchovy paste and olives.  It was delicious - I can do this.     For lunch I made egg salad and had it on thin slices of multi-grain ciabatta with smoked scallops - very nice.  
If they are trying to keep the skin on it could be challenging, but I'm guessing they are using skinless/boneless thighs which are a piece of cake.  Give 'em a whack to flatten a little, stack and slice two at a time.  It's called knife skills for a reason.  
Well I had Greek Easter a week early because someone couldn't make it next weekend.  This is the only picture I had time to shoot.  When the eating began it was bedlam.     Octopus appetizer with compound butter and multigrain baguette.     The mains were roast leg of lamb, Greek string beens, spanakopita (light), roast parsnips and desert was Greek yogurt with fresh berries and spiced honey.  Oh and we had some delicious Retsina that cut the lamb really nicely.  It...
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