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Ordo - that looks really good.   @butzy- that's OK I've had meatloaf for the past couple of days.  Gave some to my neighbor and the rest is getting incorporated into lasagna this weekend.  I drove into town for a slice of pizza today - 
  Yup - I rehandled an old Dexter scimitar and really - who doesn't need a Pirate knife?   
My local Price Chopper has their high end packaged brand's ground "grass fed beef - group raised veal" on a BOGO this week.  Normally $5.99/lb making it $2.98/lb - I can't buy brand X beef to grind for that not to mention grass fed, or veal of any cut.  Needless to say I'm stocking up.  I took two pounds and made meatloaf the other night.  Instead of adding pork I added 10oz of sauteed diced mushrooms.  It's got a killer flavor with lots of umami.  Here it is going into...
 I'll foil up ribs that I put a dry rub on then low and slow them till tender then they go on the grill for a little caramelizing - the result is delicious.
The problem is that the OP wants a Japanese, or "WA" handle and the DP is a Western or "YO" handle.     Check out http://global.rakuten.com/en/category/210216/  Pony up for EMS shipping if a vendor offers it and it applies to you.
Today is Greek Easter so yesterday we had friends over.  I made leg of lamb, octopus, string beans and roast potatoes.  One couple brought spanakopita another brought baklava and someone brought a nice salad.  The only picture I got was the lamb before it went into the oven.  I was going to enter the octopus in the seafood match, but got so busy I totally spaced out - oh well.  Needless to say we really had a good time enjoying this meal.  Nothing like good friends and...
I made a fumet with the shrimp shells, bay leaf, cayenne and water.  After that reduced I added it to a mix of catsup, lemon juice, garlic, smoked paprika, some brown sugar, Cholula chipotle sauce and some salt & pepper and adjusted that to taste.  I seared the shrimp in an oiled pan then added the sauce mix and removed the shrimp when done.  Then I reduced the sauce, removed the pan from the heat and stirred in a pat of cold butter and it's really velvety and delicious....
Nice technique - thank you chef and welcome aboard.
The original recipe makes six 6oz ramekins so I had to halve it best I could for us and ended up with three 4oz ramekins full.     1-cup fire roasted corn - (I used frozen) 3/4 cup of cream salt cayenne  1/4 cup cold milk 1 egg 2 egg yolks   You want to bring the corn, cream, salt and cayenne to a simmer then add the cold milk.  I let it cool a minute and mean time I whisked my eggs.  The hot mix went into a blender to puree.  When that was smooth I tempered my...
I saw this recipe a while ago and raided the freezer.  This is a fire roasted corn custard served it with spicy shrimp and sauce - the corn, the sauce and the shrimp were all delicious and worked very well together.    
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