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 You need to take lessons from this cook:    
 Did you blast it, or slow cook it?
Nice KK - eye of round?  looks perfect.  I had 2lbs of Roma tomatoes so I pealed them and made a fresh sauce with a little diced prosciutto, evoo infused with garlic, basil and peperoncino and finished some bucatini in that.  Topped with fresh basil and breadcrumbs it was delicious.
I have cooked and eaten both for years and have not noticed any definitive difference.  I think the shedding season is earlier than up in the Maritimes.  If you had both side by side say in June, or July there might be a difference, but only because of the timing - hard shell vs soft shell.  This is just my observation after decades of lobster lovin'.  That and I used to know some lobster fishermen. 
I cooked a bottom round roast yesterday and today I sliced it very thin across the grain and reheated it in the jous.  While that was going on I sauteed onion and peppers.  The result was Philly Cheese Tacos - oh man were they good. 
I make stock then turn that into soup - we like that hardy flavor.
 Pan toasted seasoned bread crumbs.  A friend of mine's Sicilian grandmother used to call it that and it stuck. 
Must have been pasta day yesterday - I made meatballs and a very good tomato sauce finished with whole grain Penne and topped with sawdust. 
I use seasoned olive oil mayo as a binder and it works great. 
Mac Superior SB-105 bread knife is an all around wonderful knife in the kitchen.  It ain't just for bread - I use it for slicing meats sometimes, melon, pineapple, sometimes squash, oh and bread. 
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