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Oh Hell yes - I used to buy half a roasted pigs head from Kam Man in NYC - it would last me a few days and was wonderful.     Speaking of pork I scored an end of pork loin today reduced to $1.50.  It didn't have much of a fat cap so . . . I did what any sane person would do - I wrapped it in bacon.             I used a spatula as a prop to roll it over a medium to low flame.  That left me free to prep the rest.  I pulled it to rest at 130 for 15 minutes uncovered...
Personally I would never buy tilapia in the store, but fresh gigged fresh out's de watta is another story.  Nice score      Yeah rotating those tied thighs was like work, but so worth it.  
Nice Eastshores - I boned out some chicken thighs, seasoned them inside with BBQ rub then rolled and tied them.     It turned stormy this afternoon so I cooked them in a deep, dry skillet till they rendered out and were crisp all over.  While that was going on I made some quinoa in vegetable stock and sauteed some fresh corn, jalapeno, red pepper and garlic in butter.  When the quinoa was rested I added it to the veg mix.  I served the chicken over that - really...
I made risotto with seared shrimp and a nice salad with olive bread croutons.  
I'll be saving corn cobs for smoke this season works great with pork and venison.  A friend of mine has an outdoor wood boiler and it's just a matter of a shovel full of fresh hot coals in the Weber and he's good to go.  We're big on apple and cherry around here too and I like white oak for cooking fuel.  Burning wood for coals takes planning, but is so worth it IMO.
Agree - too much micro managing going on there.  I know the site was bought, but the thorn is still at the helm IMO.  Ego and internet do not mix.
 Hard to beat that.  
Shigeki Tanaka makes a mean gyuto in several flavors.  Ginsanko (stainless) and blue #2 damascus.  I haven't used his VG10, but since his heat treat is stellar on the others I mentioned I'm sure his VG10 is spot on.  He's traditional - not one for weakness.  [in other words he doesn't cut corners] 
If you're shopping CKTG be sure to check out the closeout section.  Some good deals there - enough savings to get a couple stones, felt deburring block, maybe a thermpen.
Regular bi-metal blades work fine and I didn't see any paint on my bone ends.  You have to wipe cuts down regardless  They do make bone blades for sawzalls btw.  We used mine on a deer last winter and it worked fine.  Get a blade longer than you think you'll need and buy several.
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