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  I had a couple of their Sweet and Spicy tacos the other day.  For $1 ea. they were tasty. Getter better sooner.
Baked for scratch made.   Stovetop for box.
@phatch That's pretty freakin' cool and for doing whole fried fish it would be the hot ticket.  
 Yes they are ridiculous these days.  I'm glad I stocked up on the vintage stuff.
My wife bought a ginormous package of chicken thighs the other day so I had to use some today.  Coq au vin came to mind so . . . I deviated from the classic.     I air dried the thighs after salting the skin and patted dry then did four in a cold pan skin side down and went to a medium heat.  While they were rendering I blanched some salt pork then rinsed and halved and peeled some shallots (cheaper and tastier than pearls), cut some carrot and celery into thick sticks @...
That flambadou is flam-bad-ass!!  I need to make me one of those.   
 Today was "Russia" so I made Ratner's vegetarian cabbage soup - a recipe by Russian Jews - and Piroshki - Russian for Knish, but with meat.  My Piroshki filling was kasha, leek and pork sausage.  My DIL who says ewe to cabbage made three trips to the well - she'll be regular tomorrow - LOL.  The Piroshki's were brilliant - simple, yet complex in flavor a real treat.  I experimented using pizza dough for half and ready made pie dough for the rest.  The pizza ones were like...
Rillettes with morels   Lobster with parsley and ricotta   Gator? 
Where abouts in Brevard?  Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, Cocoa?
Love Pickapeppa - it's a great source for tamarind when building sauces.  As for "Rumble" I listened to it the other day at work.  Link Wray just the other day - enjoy!!     
New Posts  All Forums: