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I did a Keller style roast chicken and stuffed the cavity with parsley and Keller style preserved lemon slices.  The outside got a healthy dose of salt, pepper and thyme.  While it was roasting my wife picked up a pint of brown ride from the Chinese place in town.  Holland pepper, scallion, tomato, garlic, steamed broccoli and a sauce I made.  I chilled the rice in the freezer and when the chicken came out of the oven I heated up the wok and did the chow with coconut oil....
Custom maker knives are expensive.  I bought a Michael Rader gyuto used for $1000 (an $1800 knife with a two year wait), but sold it for  . . . . $1000.  At this price point you rent them.  My favorite US makers are Murray Carter, Randy Hass, Marko Tsourikan and Delbert Ealy.  There is always one of them in my rotation.  Right now I'm enjoying a Goko 210 in Sanvik 19C27 damascus, A Kanhide PS60 240, my ever present Hiromoto AS 270, Carter petty in AS/stainles and an Ealy...
Here's a good read on the subject -
Yellow potatoes were twofer so I started with nuking 2 for home fries.  After cutting them up I put them in a pan with bacon drippins' then added onion and peppers.  When they almost done I added scrambled eggs and just covered till set.  It was quite good and very filling since compound dinner wasn't till 6pm today.    
I had some fresh brats left over and some escarole so I made soup with those and a half cup of fire roasted tomatoes, a bag of chicken stock out of the freezer, mira poix, cannellini, etc, etc.  I took the bratwursts and turned them into Italian meatballs and man oh man was it good - it be even on better Monday.  I served it with toasted baguette slices with compound butter and grated pecorino and a drizzle of evoo.  
Vermont though New York extra sharp is always welcome here.   Corned Beef - flat cut, or point cut?
Right they are no longer raw.  The "bite" might be the brine it's definitely not the fillet itself.  I do't know how big a jar you bought, but you can top it off with oil and they will last a while in the fridge.  They would probably deteriorate in the freezer.  Hell I'll eat them on good baguette with good butter any day - they don't last long around my house.
Of the two you linked the Miyabi would be the best choice.  FC61 is very much like AEB-L a stainless made for razor blades.  At 61hrc it should take and hold a good edge.
A: I HATE boiled food and -   B: I HATE boiled food!!!
You mean the English don't dunk their crumpets in their tea!!!!    . . . 
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