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We had out of towners arriving yesterday so I roasted a chicken (with a garlic, ginger, parsley compound butter under the skin), pot-o-collard greens (mira poix, smoked turkey wings) and a Johnny Cake.  The Texas crew dove right in to those greens and I have to say the smoked turkey really added a splendid layer of flavor.  I tied them so they wouldn't fall apart then pulled them out and shredded the meat when it cooled and added it back to the pot.
I just got a 240 Western Deba last week - the thing is a beast!  Weighs almost a pound and would be serious workout to use for extended period of time.  The 210 is more wieldy @ 11 - 12oz.     I'm a huge fan of Forgecraft and other American carbon knives and always have one, or two to work on.  Here's one I did last fall:       Here's another example of reworked ODC (old dirty carbon) unknown maker, but a real nice profile.  The tip was damaged so I reground the top...
I really enjoy making meatballs.  I have a standing order for some from out of towner guests arriving this week.  I scored some reduced delmonico and pork breakfast sausage today and it went in the freezer straight away.  I already have venison I ground so that will be the three meat component for the recipe.   A friend of mine's Italian mother corrected my method.  I asked her how her's were so moist and she asked me to describe my method.  She nodded as I explained and...
This thread prompted me order a couple of tubes of that.  And a couple tubes of anchovy paste and a couple bottles of File powder.  I like Amazon.com.
Barding won't hurt - the bacon weave I did to mine really basted it as it cooked.  When the shell was set it was done just don't over cook it.
 That was the starting picture - I trimmed the whole thing before wrapping it.  
Another thing to so is use all of your stone so it doesn't dish too much.  Here's what I'm talking about -  
You can get a really nice rump roast out of that.  Here's one I made a couple of years ago it was delicious.  I smoked it on my grill with apple and cherry.     
We usually refer to the front leg as haunch.  Roast it low and slow so the collagen breaks down.  It will fall off the bone when it's done.  
It started like this - an odd cut of loin pork that I later realized was for "country style ribs" only in one chunk.  So I rubbed it with my usual proprietary mix and into the oven it goes.       Hour and a half later it looks like this -     Fork tender and just delicious as all get out.  For a side I trimmed string beans, sliced red pepper, leak, and zucchini then blanched them and stir fried then along with garlic and pepperoncini in a very hot wok.  Oh and...
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