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I have never in my life had Chinese sausage that I would consider "good" and I practically lived in Chinatown in the early '80s.
We had a nice piece of pork loin I started yesterday.  I made a kickass marinade - garlic, celery and ginger all smashed then rosemary and thyme sprigs, smoked salt, black pepper, a dash of cider vinegar, apple juice and chicken stock.  I punctured the meat then put everything in the vac bag and pulled some vacuum.  I let that go for 30 hrs.  Took it out, let it temper and started it in a 350 oven while the coals for the grill got hot.  Meantime I strained and reduced the...
       Never heard that one - it's "Talking to Ralph", or "Driving the Porcelain Bus" around here.
I remember seeing that once - I'll have to give it a try.
 Do a search for pizza - lots of posts.  There is a very good pizzeria in town, but not as good as what I'm making these days.
Contamination, contamination, contamination - it's the thing they drilled into us when I got my food handler's card back in the 60's.     Breadcrumbs are cheap - why would anyone want to roll those dice?  
Hey it's all good -    
Paella for two - a little challenging to scale down a dish usually made for a crowd.  1 slice of bacon, 2 merguez links, sofrito, bay, Thai basil, salt, peperoncino, black pepper, saffron, 1/2C rice, chicken stock + juice from the 6 shrimp, 8 scallops and 6 clams and a little parsley at the end.  I didn't put it in the oven I cooked it more like a risotto before adding the sea food.  It was delicious served with sourdough toast as a sop.       Yes it was this good...
I never used them for a Caesar they don't emulsify like canned, or paste does.  We used to just rinse and eat with warm bread and butter, maybe some cheese, olives  and of course Retsina. 
Congratulations KK - looking forward to your picking the next challenge.  
New Posts  All Forums: