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Tonight was a full Polack meal on the grill.  Some awesome kielbasi from Dearborn Mi., stuffed grilled pimiento and grilled red cabbage with a garlic cream sauce.   
Lets see - this went on the grill -       Accompanied by these - stuffed grilled cheese peppers     Along with some grilled butter and sugar corn on the cob.  Sorry no after pictures we put the feedbag on.
Damn - time to do another batch . . . oh the drudgery!!       Next year I'm planting a private patch of San Marzanos. 
By the time I get done with other sides my steaks have rested @ 10 minutes.  I've had them go 20, but yes they do cool down and tenting them destroys whatever crust you have achieved.  Roasts I let go till I can pick it up in my hand.  There are few things more heartbreaking than slicing into a nice piece of meat and watching it drain.
I get three burgers per pound of meat - no filler - just fresh (ground by me) chuck with extra trimmings I might have from rib eye, fillet, etc.  I go for 80/20 meat to fat sometimes I'll splurge and go 75/25, but 80/20 is my favorite blend.  Sounds more like you made two huge, flat meatballs - not that that's a bad thing, but that was a lot of flour.  Next time try panko.
Went to the store to get a few things and found twin packs of steamed lobster for $12.  Since I didn't make it to Maine this year . . .        Lets just say lunch was worth the effort - this was #2  
When I roast a whole chicken I make sure it's thawed and room temp then I season the inside of the cavity, add a quartered apple, or onion and truss it tight.  A tight chicken will cook more thoroughly than a loose one.  If you test with a thermometer (and I suggest you do till you get the hang of this) do it on the meaty part and not near bone.  Cooking takes practice and practice and practice.    Watch this video repeatedly -  
 I have an old Foley - all metal. 
Left over baby backs, unbelievable sweet corn and garden tomato marinated in olive oil, salt, pepper, basil, balsamic and goat cheese over field greens.  A great way to kick off my retirement from the college.     
 I made pasta Sunday and again last night.  I'll freeze the rest as there are more on the way.  For the meal I cook it down even more and finish the pasta in the sauce with a little of the starchy water and dried grated cheese to thicken.
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