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I just steam ours in an inch of water no salt, nothing.
 I have two venison hearts in the freezer so I'm thinking of heart and kidney pie.  My take on that English classic steak and kidney pie.  Yes it's going to be a very cold weekend.   
That's a nice looking knife and would be a great line knife  
Yes 240mm Kasumi Gyuto.  I can smell patina building on the core.  Peppers, onions, garlic, etc. eventually it will look blue like my Hiromoto AS.  This is a really nice knife I like the longer flat spot it has compared to my Goko.  It is quite thin behind the edge, but that's not a bad thing.  If you are chopping, or rocking it needs a touch up, but for push cutting and slicing it holds up pretty well.
I made a simple stir fry in my new wok.  Three kinds of peppers, onion, garlic, ginger, broccoli, snow peas, raw peanuts and marinated shrimp.  Sauce was oyster sauce, soy, rice vinegar, fish sauce, juice of an orange, orange zest, water and corn starch.  Simple, but delicious.  
I used mine again tonight - it's fast becoming my go to gyuto.  
If you don't have half a day to make Bolognese Gordon Ramsay has a quick version that is quite good.  
Wow - it snowed last night  as a result I got to push white stuff around with my tractor .  That made a good day for soup - white bean and kale soup to be exact.     A deluxe soup made with duck/pheasant stock and kicked up with a broth made from the wing tips from super bowl sunday.   Wing tips into a quart bag with salt, pepper, clove of garlic, small bay leaf, sprigs of parsley.  Sous vide at 155F for 5-6 hrs.     It yielded almost a cup of pure flavor.  I...
My 240 came yesterday and I used it today to prep a pot of soup today.  Nice knife!!  After getting everything in the pot I stropped it on chrome oxide followed by diamond at a slightly higher angle and it's very sharp.  I like it    
So I made the Honey Sriracha wings and they were great.  I didn't toss them in the sauce too many different palates so served that on the side.  I also altered the sauce so it wouldn't be over the top.  Everyone thought I had fried them they were that crisp and didn't dry out like fried wings get.  Will do it the same way next time.  
New Posts  All Forums: