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I chopped up some leftover BBQ pork and a little leftover beef tenderloin, some onion, peppers, Thai basil, garlic, ginger and made a nice asian thickening sauce and we ate it in fresh lettuce leaves ala Larb.
http://Chefsteps.com is also a great reference with tables for time/temp/product.
My Shoprite didn't get a delivery of lobster today ($5.99/lb) but they had some wild caught pink shrimp for $11.88 for a two pound bag so I had a Low Country Shrimp Boil.  Onion, garlic, lemon, water, beer, Old Bay, salt, thyme and parsley.  That's the base then in go potatoes, corn, sausage and shrimp in a timed order of operations.  It was delicious, but damned if I didn't get a picture.
I pushsed it out @3/8" thick and the texture on the prebake was really good.  It felt dry enough, but being the first time I may have not squeezed enough water out, and my sauce came out of the freezer and may not have separated enough in time, but overall it was a worthwhile endeavor.  
 You need to fix this part right away.  Then we can talk sharpening.
I stepped outside the zone today and made cauliflower pizza crust.  Yup a near 0 carb crust that turned out quite well and tasted great.  Sadly the only picture I got was out of the oven after the pre-bake.  It sucks being hungry when it's done -    
 And did what?  Give the meat and bones to your kids and tell them it's healthy???            Yeah that's what I tell my grand kids too . . .   
I would think it will be more velvety.  I'm going to try this fricasee next week and find out.
 Good question I always add it at the end like you.
Never made goat stew - I make goat carnitas and they are delicious.  I knew a Jamaican woman years ago who made the best goat roti.  
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