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I took some of the butternut squash soup I made the other day, added a layer of toasted corn and slices of pork tenderloin and garnished with parsley.  This soup is better today the flavors have mellowed out nicely.  
One thing to note is the Hiromotos tend to run on the short side - so my 270 is more like 260mm.  I don't know how the ginsans run, the the ASs run a tad short which is fine with me.  270mm can be unwieldy at times if you don't have the elbow room, or board space IMO.
Well it's like this . . . I had a butternut squash sitting on the counter for two weeks, I had carrots and a leek that had to go, plus some shallots, corn on the cob and some red peppers so . . . I made soup.  I got a bag of turkey bone broth out of the freezer, rough chopped my leek, shallots, celery, carrots and garlic then peeled my squash, chunked it, oil, salt, pepper and added two huge cloves of garlic and into a 350 oven till soft.  Mean time I roasted my red pepper...
Pork tenderloin done whole in a skillet with a baste and sauce made from the juices, served with the first fresh corn to arrive, collard greens and a buttermilk biscuit.    
What are you prepping?  How are you defining "workhorse"?  If mostly produce I would recommend the Kanehide PS60 in 240mm.  Light, thin and nimble - holds a good edge too.  If you are looking for a wa handled knife the Itinomonn 240 stainless clad V2 is hard to beat.   I've been test driving the PS60 for a while now and it's up to most tasks save for squashes and other hard product.  If you prep a lot of hard product look for a used Hiromoto AS - that is my go to...
I clean my board with cheap vodka - does the job and makes a decent bloody mary in the mean time.  I only use USP Mineral Oil about twice a year.  I use an overlay for processing proteins so that's not an issue.  Onion, garlic, etc. a wipe with a wet hand and a dry towel and it's good to go.  I have the same brand board too and I love it for the price.  
I had some leftover slices of turkey ballotine from Christmas so I thawed one out and then had some pie crust and a few potatoes and other veggies to use up.  Since it was another blustery day here (almost two months of wind - grrr) I thought "what a perfect day for pot pies." and they were delicious and satisfying.   
It looks a little pink due to the LED lighting in their kitchen.  Ahi is on the red side - go find some for yourself and see.  I've had fresh off the boat blue fin that was more pink than red.  As for the remark about cooked had you read my OP you would have seen that one steak was sliced raw and one brushed with dipping sauce and quickly seared on both sides.  Tuna two ways - different flavor profiles, both excellent and more user friendly for the novice.  
 It's Ahi tuna that's how it comes frozen and it has great flavor too.  I wish it had more fat in it though these two steaks were from the loin.
I've owned Rapala fillet knives for over forty years and they are excellent performers.  They take and keep an edge quite well and have enough flex to work around bones.  
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