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What to do with leftover duck?  Why Cassoulet of course!!   
You've had it for two years and not used it yet?   
We have six Rhode Island Reds and six Bard Rocks.  They are 8 weeks old and staying in two dog pens so I need to wrap this up next week and get a run together.  Out of the twelve we have three roosters so two will go in the pot - Coq Au Vin anyone?
In the spirit of the Challenge I've been building a chicken condo.  I haven't framed anything in years, but it wasn't too far out of reach.  I had to re-do one thing glad I screwed the side walls together.  After I framed and decked it I assembled the panels on it then clamped everything down before clearing the deck and nailing down vinyl sheet flooring.  The back wall will be a swing out door for clean out.   Here's my soon to be 3yr. old grandson helping me bring some...
That looks really nice  
 I haven't seen siduri here in a long time, kaneohegirlinaz in maybe a month, but I thought ordo posted something recently no?  Time goes by way to quickly these days my friend.
Monstrous ribeye indeed - sounds like a great birthday feast.  Man it's great to see all these new faces around here.      @Balanso  Being native Russian I hope you post some of your favorite "home cooking" meals, tips, tricks, etc.  
I keep my onions in the fridge - less potent when processing.  Garlic is tough I leave it out, but should have moved mine to the basement where it's cooler.  That spell of heat we went through really did a number on them.  
Unagi is fresh water eel in Japan.  Unagi sauce is a mixture of Soy, Mirin and sugar.  It has a couple other names as well.
Nice to see great looking dishes coming in.  Since I issued the challenge I thought I would challenge myself.  I had a duck and the luxury of an empty icebox so I tried my hand at a Peking style Duck . . . . come and meet my little friend -   (And yes I removed the pop up)     After hanging over night I filled my wok with water, honey, five spice, rice vinegar, mirin, a hot pepper, black pepper, shallot, bay, thyme and a corn starch slurry.  Then I ladled that over...
New Posts  All Forums: