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Ah the last package of ground venison - good thing opening day is around the corner .  Today was the letter "S" and I had 18oz. of ground venison, 9oz of ground chuck and 9oz of tenderloin trim.  I made Sloppy Joe's from scratch and oh my was it good served on diner rolls as sliders.  We had a large crew for compound dinner today and I have maybe a cup left.  
I thought about mustard, but didn't want to mask any of the complex flavors going on.  Tell you what cabbage fresh out of the garden has way more flavor than store bought.  Same with the eggplants I'm getting they're just so much better.   That plate of bucatini looks delicious.  I really like "big" pasta - I have a pound of full length ziti in the pantry.
Brrrrr - a chilly and rainy day so I made some (well for us anyway) comfort food.  Red cabbage from the garden sauteed in bacon drippings with kielbasa, apple, and of course bacon.  I seasoned with dry roasted peanuts, celery salt, black pepper, and a pinch of fennel seeds.  Just a good old Polack dinner from time back way back.    
I was in the mood for a Keller style roast chicken.  On this one I removed the wish bone ala Pepin and seasoned the cavity and outside with a mix of salt, pepper, smoked paprika and peperoncino.  I put a cut up carrot, celery, shallot and garlic in the cavity and trussed it tight.  Into a 500 oven on a baker's rack over a baking pan then turned the oven down to 400.  It was a 5lb. chicken so maybe an hour and I cut the truss and sliced along the thigh to open it up.  Back...
Rainy today so it just made sense to make spaghetti with evoo, garlic, a touch of tomato and muscles.  Very good with a nice cabernet.  
Sesame chicken combo with an extra egg roll.  Two coats on the brush hog today plus worked on the attachment hardware.  
I would use the crispy bacon cubes as a garnish.  That would be like the ultimate crouton.  
@jake t buds that looks and sounds great.  I pan grilled a rib eye and made a classic wedge/waldorf salad with home made blue cheese dressing, apple, walnut and iceberg along with a souped up cream corn with grated parm, romano and black pepper.  With a nice cab it was a really tasty meal.  
You bring up two points.  First is breaking down the (in this case) tough collagen and then making them crisp.  IMO once they have achieved the softness you desire I would flash fry them in very hot oil for crispness.  Oven baking might dry them out and re-toughen them.  Just thinking off the top of my head here.
Tonight was "candy" blue fish from Cape Cod with a pan seared russet and an iceberg lettuce and roasted pepper slaw.    
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