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That was fun and takes the worry out of overcooking shrimp.
It would help to know where you are located.
Agreed - when I was care taking a friends place on long island sound a couple of decades ago I always made several ducks instead of a big turkey.  I'd cook a whole salmon if there were a lot of people coming.  Aldi has duck for $2.49/lb this week I think I'll grab a couple.
After being in the kitchen all day I made Bucatini with sausage and some of the sauce I made this summer.  It really hit the spot.
You probably could - like making broth for Pho.  I've made stock in the oven, but that's too much LP gas to burn when the stove top will suffice. 
I made it with stuff I froze throughout the year.  Duck parts, chicken parts, smoked turkey leg, leek greens, mushroom stems, etc. + fresh celery, garlic and onion, a couple of dried chilies, some fresh herbs and black pepper.  Same with the stuffing a half an andouille, a couple of chorizos, pork sausage, etc.  As soon as the stock cools and separates I'll assemble the stuffing and bake it tomorrow.  My daughter in law cooks the turkey I haven't made one for Thanksgiving...
Making stock today for Thanksgiving stuffing and gravy.  The house smells amazing and savory and outside it's snowing like a banshee.  Enjoy tomorrow folks  
Feeling lazy last night so I whipped up these grilled cheese sandwiches and some popped corn.  Sandwich - rye bread, smoked gouda, smoked grueyer, four cheese taco cheese, some very sharp Kerry Gold, bacon and sliced apple.  Really nice combination I recommend trying the bacon and apple.  
Good clams and oysters need nothing IMHO - just the brine from the sea.
I made chicken thighs with a nice pan crisped red potato and a green salad. Did the thighs skin down in a dry pan and just let them render and form a delicious crust then I drain the pan some and turn them then nestled onion, peppers and garlic and let them finish. Some of the rendered chicken fat went into a smaller pan where half nuked red potato that was halved and seasoned then in to crisp meat side down to form a golden crust.
New Posts  All Forums: