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Last night I made chicken thighs, corn on the cob and baked beans (Bush's) for the grands and us.  Tonight I took the leftovers and mashed the beans, added onion, pepper, garlic, chipotle sauce, corn off the cob and diced chicken then fried some corn tortillas in coconut oil and boy, oh boy were those tacos good!!  
I'm with you on the old fart/old school thing.  There's a reason what we do is called a CRAFT . . . as opposed to relying on Kraft . . . (some pun intended)
@panini  sounds like a fun time.   
I make "clear" stock, broth, whatever when I'm in the mood for the aesthetic pleasure of it.  Pho is clear, Ramen is clear, etc.  It's almost like you are building a 3d painting with food only your canvas is a bowl.  A cup of clear "bone broth" is not only nutritious and delicious, but has the quality of a well brewed tea, or coffee.  It's akin to enjoying the purity of a glass of scotch only much better for you (in between glasses of scotch) - hey who knows it could...
Yesterday was letter "R" day so I made a Ragout of Roasted eggplant, garlic, red peppers and served with Rotini.  I built the ragout with onion, carrot, tomato paste, wild boar and venison sausages, white wine, home made tomato sauce and a fumet of dried mushrooms, garlic, smoked salt and peperoncino for extra liquid.  I roasted the diced eggplant, tomatoes and garlic cloves till done then turned off the oven and let them dehydrate some to get rid of residual liquid.  I...
I would bring back technique and regional recipes as you can get pretty much everything mentioned here in the "global economy".
How about the new Tojiro MVS?  A 210mm gyuto for $39 from CKTG.   http://www.chefknivestogo.com/topost.html
I kept the last 1/3rd I just ran it through a cloth.  I use either a pot on a hot plate or my crock pot plugged into a PID controller.  
Here is a "stock", "broth", etc. I made a while back.  I roasted chicken carcass and veg then cooked it at 190 for 48hrs. using my sous vide controller.  I lifted out the bones and veg then let it rest for an hour.  This is the top 2/3rds. ladled right out of the pot no filtering.  I learned from watching "Tampopo" that for clear stock you never let it boil.  
Drizzly day on and off and with shrimp being $4.99/lb. yesterday I thought it would be fitting to make GUMBO.  First up is to make a shrimp stock - shells, mirepoix, garlic, guajillo chili, thyme, bay and bacon drippings/evoo combo, black pepper corns and smoked salt.  Mmmmm . . .        oh and you have to keep the goods submerged.     A two beer roux -       In goes the trinity, garlic, thyme, bay, andouille, kielbasa.  Put the lid on and let it all get to...
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