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It's a cheap stainless paring knife (but the profile is great) it gets used for removing the foil from wine bottles and opening mail.  Holding up pretty good for that. 
It was raining so no pizza - I had some left over pasta so the garlic olive oil mixture sauteed a can of rinsed anchovies, some more pesto, chopped bacon and heated the pasta in that then added some of the tomatoes.  Dessert was a pear and a peach - both ripe to perfection accompanied by a crisp sauvignon blanc.
I give them a little marinate then onto the grill.  Sadly I can only get them whole frozen.  I give Boston Mackerel the same treatment as I get those fresh.
I can't feel any bur and under magnification it looks good.  Glass is harder than steel and I picked up the angle for the last few strokes.  I gave them a workout and they are holding up.  I don't prescribe this it was something that was pressed into service on a whim.  I've sharpened on the back of a plate before.
I use the 10" MAC Ceramic steel on my J knives when just stropping isn't cutting it, or after a serious workout on the board.    I hit on an interesting thing the other day.  My cheap paring knife upstairs was dull and I had a bottle of wine with a frost textured finish on the outside.  I thought Hmmm . . . and stropped it on the glass and it came back sharp - very sharp.  I tried it on one of my other harder blades and same thing - as good or better than my ceramic.
Storm held off so it was baby backs on the grill with slathered roast corn and field greens with a tomato vinaigrette.    I'm making pizza on the grill tonight as well.  One will be a version of a Margarita with some of the tomato vinaigrette, some of the pesto from the other day and crumbled goat cheese with sun dried tomato and basil.  The other will be olive oil, anchovies, peach and pineapple slices with goat cheese.
18 kilos is a little guy - that ought to be pretty tasty . . . I'm jealous . . . good thing I have baby backs on the grill. 
Sounds good - I would go with an apple/maple blend on the smoke.   It's not pork belly so there are no fat layers to lube the meat during smoking.  BTW are you smoking hot, or cold? 
Last night was clean out the ice box night.  1/4 lb of bacon, a leek, carrot, some celery, half a piece of andouille, an Italian link you get the picture.  It sure made a nice Gumbo.    I hope this storm blows over I have a rack of baby backs to grill up and we're heading out to Michigan on Monday for a week.  There's no way in hell I want to put the oven on. 
I wouldn't you want that fat layer in tact.  How long are you curing it for?  In just salt? 
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