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San Francisco Salt Co. sells smoked salts as well.  I have cherry and alder and they are quite flavorful.  A little goes a long way.  I also have a small jar of Ghost Pepper Salt someone gave me a couple of years ago and a little really goes a long way.
Seeing a lot of Fowl Lovin' lets keep 'em comin'.  I have a duck in the freezer I want to do when the ice box gets cleaned out some.  I also have goose breasts to make into sausage I just need to weather to normalize - it's like July here this week and it snowed two weeks ago!!!  WTF!
That is a really nice roll.  
Got a package of chicken Italian sausage - real sausage too all linked together.  Vine tomatoes are .99 cents this week so it was only natural . . .    getting some color on those bangers   Nothing like a fresh tomato sauce to melt all that fond - a little fresh pasta, some fresh toasted bread crumbs and dinner is served
That's a happy looking wok!!
Just to clear the air my thing wasn't aimed at Chefbuba directly, but he brought something to the fore that's been in the back of my mind since these challenges started.  They should be a challenge, a throw down, a bring your best game for the month.  I didn't mean to offend anyone, or wrinkle feathers (insert pun), but to establish a level playing field for the SPORT of IT.  Thank you for (hopefully) understanding.
Pure coconut oil is solid at room temp - at least mine is.
I've edited the original post to "Fresh Submissions Only" as in dishes cooked in May 2015.  We can all post stuff from the past, but I'm looking for a challenge and a level playing field.  
Mary that skin looks near perfect to me.  
It depends on how tallowy the fat tastes.  If it's mild you could grind it for sausage and add some lean pork if necessary.  No need for casings you can patty it, or roll in cling and poach it.  Or trim it good and grill the ribs?
New Posts  All Forums: