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I'm on the purist side when it comes to pizza - no more than three toppings.  No BBQ sauce, no chicken, no avocados, no calamari . . . My kids order this BBQ chicken thing (they call it pizza) and I shudder when they eat it.  
OP - are you collecting "knives", or are you "collecting" knives?
Four days?  I don't know it might get tough on you.  I've never heard of it being held over for later use.
I made venison soup yesterday.  I sliced up the neck meat and sauteed some onion, celery, carrot and garlic then added a diced russet and finished in the stock.  It was delicious with some hot 5 grain Italian bread.  
I made some crustless Quiche today.  One is spinach, mushroom, feta, topped with a mozzarella/provolone blend.  One is leek, wild boar sausage, smoked swiss and topped with gruyere and the last one is a mashup with a little spinach, mushroom, boar sausage, bacon and smoked cheddar topped with gruyere.  The one with leek and boar I infused my milk/cream with rosemary and apple.  Pie plates were buttered with leftover compound butter and dusted with breadcrumbs.    
In the $500 range I'd look for a pre-owned Devin Thomas ITK, or a Marko Tsourkan knife.  Both of these makers are excellent.  You might like a HHH knife as well - these are hand made here in the USA.
I made French Onion Soup with caramelized onion, the venison stock I made, dried sourdough crouton, and Kerrygold "Dubliner" cheese.  No pic, but it was really and I mean really good.
Might as well head for the border - a White Castle can be a beautiful thing in its own right, but not a candidate for a mash-up sorry.
Also let the pot rest before taking the lid off.  5-10 minutes will make a huge difference in the fluff factor.
Spent another day wrechin' on my tractor so too tired to get fancy and too lazy to change to go out.  Since we have chickens we have eggs.  Eggs, bacon, linguine, parm, cream . . . see where I'm going with this?  Really nice Carbonara tonight and the left over sauce (I did 3 eggs for 5oz of pasta) I cooked off like a crepe - nice touch.  Delicious and very satisfying.  
New Posts  All Forums: