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Hey - it's all good and we're all good cooks - if we weren't our grocery bills would be a lot smaller.  I try to learn something new just 'bout every day and that keeps it interesting.  Thank you for your aspect on it I like your posts man.
I'm not closed minded and I don't add roux per se - the flour dusting on the meat is the only thickening agent I use for stew.  But, for me stew has to be thick or it's just soup.  Thickening by reduction doesn't work for me in this context.  I've done it and - well - an analogy is the difference between Marinara and Bolognese.  I don't cook stew all day I find it becomes too homogeneous. 
All the ones I've ever seen were based on pizza dough.  I can't go near them - they are addictive, carb, fat and sodium laden deliciousness.  
If it's not thickened then it's not stew - it's soup.
OXO Good Grips locking can opener @ $15 and an excellent tool as are most of their products.  My only beef with OXO handles is they don't fare well in the dishwasher so I clean them by hand.  I do this with tongs, spatulas, wooden spoons, etc. so they last longer and work better.    http://www.oxo.com/p-404-snap-lock-can-opener.aspx
  What I like about using corn bread is it fills in the gaps so to speak.  It breaks down with addition of stock as the torn bread hold their shape.  The sausage, pecans, and veg just round out the flavor and add body.  I don't use oysters since I make the corn/oyster pudding for us brave of heart.  
 I agree - you can't assume all food sensitivities are native to any particular cuisine.  You and you're husband/bf might consider professional foods allergy testing.  
I flour and season it as well.  That way the roux is seasoned as the stew thickens.  If you don't flour you'll need a roux or other thickening agent at some point - at least where I come from.
Now that I think of it my grandma would always put molasses on the table to pour over dumplings.  A good dumpling is like a cloud - not heavy, not slippery, just sort of melts in your mouth.
LOL - glad you got the pun     Brooks is a genius.  
New Posts  All Forums: