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I turned the leftover stew I made the other day into pot pies - they were good.  Then I whipped a little heavy cream and served with fresh raspberries and blue berries.
  FDA considers "whole seeds" as "grains", but technically they are not.  Quinoa is a seed and very good for you as are chia seeds.  There are forces at work to challenge that.
I like my toppings on top I never really cared for a stuffed burger.
 Nice read up on bear if you've never cooked with it.  It needs to be a minimum of 170 degrees.  They can carry trichinosis so cooking well is essential.  Enjoy it it really is good eating meat.
After 6k (for some knives) I go cardboard then newspaper - amazing finish that way and lets face it - it's a working knife - too fine an edge will wear out faster.  For protein/butchery I quit at 3k then cardboard then newspaper - the inkier the better BTW.
I did a whole roast chicken today.  I made a compound butter with fresh rosemary, thyme, garlic and smoked paprika, celery salt and a dash of truffle oil.  I worked that under the skin then dried, salted and peppered the skin and trussed it then into a 500 degree oven for 10 minutes on a rack over a pan then down to 350 to finish cooking.  3/4 of the way thru I removed the twine and sliced along the thigh and spread it apart then back in to finish.  I steamed some broccoli...
Grass fed NY Strip with small diver scollops finished with butter and heavy cream - delicious and perfect texture.  the beef was very lean and took very little time to cook, but a long to rest.     Seasoned, as it was it was quite delicious - not what we're used too so to being lean, but we worked with it well enough.  delicious.  Topped off with a very crisp potato half. - like a trinity really.            
 Yes we received a laurel tree as a gift last summer - it's growing every which way - LOL.  Wasn't in the oven it was on the range - I use less gas that way.  I'll get a pic of the left overs tomorrow - their in between the back doors at the moment.  We also brought thyme, parsley and kale in doors for he winter - so far - so good. Yeah I moved to whole wheat flour last year and so far for things like dredging and roux it's been fine.  I had to get into a fresh bag of...
I scored a $5 off chuck roast the other day so I let it hang out on a rack in the ice box and gathered my root vegetables and made stew today.  Chuck dusted in well seasoned whole wheat flour and browned in bacon drippin's and olive oil, onion, carrot, celery, garlic, golden beet, parsnip, potatoes, fresh bay leaf, thyme, parsley, red wine, vegetable and beef stock.  Oh and a dried chili.  Seasoned with smoked salt, and freshly cracked pepper - what an amazing flavor after...
Yeah @ $145 for a 240mm that is a great looking knife.  I like the profile.  
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