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A neighbor and I helped my son rebuild his antiquated grey water system today - mmmmmm - lets just say - thank God for excavators.  Afterwards I went to the store to get a 30 pack for us for the weekend and decided to make burgers on the grill for everyone so . . . .      I ground some $2.99/lb top round and some bacon trim and made burgers with 'murican cheese, caramelized onions and garlic dill pickle slices.  They tasted so fresh it doesn't really get any better...
Casserole spells use of leftovers sometimes so since eggplant was.99/lb and I had leftover gyro meat, sausage, etc. I made an eggplant casserole - aka - lasagna.  I made a ragu from leftover meats and veg along with some other goodies and assembled the dish and baked till golden brown on top - delicious.        
I like them two ways - "Greek" style simmered in tomato sauce with garlic, lemon juice and oregano and this way:   http://www.ricorlando.com/recipes/pan-blackened-strings.html  
Today's "compound diner" was brought to you by the letter G.  So I made Gyros (yee-ro)- I made gyro meat from beef and lamb seasoned well and fresh tzatziki last night and let rest overnight.  I grill meat today, but because grill challenge is closed early it is moot point.  What ever - they were delicious and everyone said "better than restaurant".  I know because I almost grew up in Greektown in Detroit.  Picture of leftover maybe if I remember. . . . oopa!!!
I cook octopus in a heavy, dry pot with a lid till fork tender 1-2hrs. depending on the size.  They will make copious amounts of liquid on their own.  
Congrats @chefbuba - You 'da grill man  
Ummm - for future reference the month isn't over yet - we usually run till midnight of the last day of the month.  I see you're in Sweden.  It's 1pm July 31 here.  I just checked it's 7pm July 31 where you are too - five hrs. to go.
On a tip from Murray Carter I use every available part of the stone so I don't have to flatten often.  It takes a minute to get into that groove as it feels counter to what you see in videos, but it works.  
A good reason to own a diamond flattening plate is to relieve all 12 edges on your stones.  Square edges are fragile and can transmit shock.
@MillionsKnives - that looks great - did you precook your octopus before grilling, or was your fire hot enough for fresh?  
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