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Check out the close out section at CKTG - http://www.chefknivestogo.com/closeouts.html
You could dry your fresh herbs in the microwave - it's the best way to preserve their flavor I've tried.
Thanks for the encouragement - I'm definitely hooked.  I used hog casing and have enough left to do another 9 lbs.  Next time I'll take what I need out of the container and not refresh the whole 6oz.   I could thaw some venison . . . 
I have a lot of goose breast in the freezer so when some pork sausage was on sale I ground the two together, made a seasoning and let rest overnight.  Made a test patty and it tastes great, but yesterday fell apart so I made it this morning.  I souped it up with white wine, put the casing on the tube and had at it.           Several things I learned on this one - the grinder is not a good stuffer.  The auger doesn't make enough pressure to effectively push...
 Yup - Bacitracin, brown paper and electrical tape is my go to job site/shop first aid kit.  The new 3M Nexcare waterproof bandaids are great though not to mention more aesthetic.  
What browser are you running?  Chrome has a translator, but doesn't rearrange the sentence structure.  
You my friend are a good son  
Grated dried Parmesean tastes good.  The Joy of Cooking has three recipes for candied popcorn and the molasses one is my favorite.  
I made pesto from my garlic scapes yesterday.  It's really good almost spicy and will add basil to tame it a little as needed.  Three 16oz ramakins full - enough for the year I think.
Check out the close out section at CKTG you can score a good deal there now and then.  http://www.chefknivestogo.com/closeouts.html
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