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Went to the store today and they had the Chiapetti "meatloaf" blend for $2 off making it $3.99/lb.  This a mix of grass fed beef and group raised veal and it's the only packaged ground meat I'll use.  It's really delicious and makes a great meatball too when mixed with ground pork.  Burger with sauteed onion, dill pickle, garden tomato, American cheese, field greens and balsamic ketchup on a toasted Kaiser.  I get three burgers to a pound package.  
I love an ice cold can of Tecate with a slice of lime jammed in.   
I cook my flour dry till it starts to color then I add my fat and cook to desired finish.  It dries the flour and keeps it from clumping and a bonus is I use less fat this way.
When I got a shot and a beer the beer was a 6oz. glass - a "chaser" not a full beer.
Looks like we have two identical threads going.  Is this a fresh ham?  Shoulder?  Skin on bone in?  Some more information would help your cause.
 Oh my day wasn't trying we went to see "Straight Outta Compton" at a matinee and I have to say it's the best film I've seen this year.   
Is this a fresh ham?  or shoulder?  Is the skin on the whole thing?
I just opened a cold one - 
 That's a Depth Charge - a real Boilermaker is a shot with a beer chaser.  And I'm from Detroit, Michigan.
I'm more of a shot and beer kind of guy, G & T in the summer and maybe a bloody mary in the fall/winter otherwise I like my liquor neat with a chaser.  Funny story - I recently went to one of my locals and there was a new 'tender and I asked for a boiler maker - she had no idea.  I explained it's a shot and a beer - she poured the shot, but started to open a bottle of beer and I said "no it's a shot and a short glass of draft"  talk about a blank stare.  Oh well - guess...
New Posts  All Forums: