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Flavoring aside this is the best way I've found to do wings in the oven.  The fork don't lie -     An earlier video on garlic parm wings that looks good too, but won't be as crispy -  
I use Goya Mojo it's quite good and cheaper than making it myself.  I've never seen that other one though now I'm curious.
Ribs and a pan fried russet.    
You didn't say how many sauces you were making, but if it just one you can reheat the pasta in the sauce then it will be "dressed".  
While calamari is good I much prefer Octopus.     Calzone, or Stromboli?
The Sunday country happens to be Italy so I'm thinking game food that you can pick up and eat.  Muffuletta Calzones come to mind, but will probably do them like a Stromboli for convenience.  
Stuffing - I asked for "dressing" one time in NYC and got gravy.   Pickles - sweet, or sour?
Here's a funny story.  There's a grocery store I like that has a good meat department.  Once they had center cut chops on sale so I ask the butcher if I can get some as a roast.  He says sure and proceeds to take one, trim off a beautiful fat cap, saws off the chine and tosses it in the bin all lickity split.  I stop him and explain I'd like one untrimmed, cut the chine, but leave it with the roast.  He looked at me, smiled and gave me a .   That was a delicious roast.
Korean FTW   Coffee - light roast, or dark
Congrats to MillionsKnives    
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