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Needed some carbs and protein today so I made red pepper risotto with seared shrimp.  And another boring garden salad with kalamata olives, anchovies and shaved pecorino (not pictured).  Being the only thing I had to eat today t'was very tasty.  I'm just starting to get my appetite back and my temperature is back to normal today.  This week has been a wild ride.  
As @phatch said - the more expensive the knife the more upkeep it demands and also the more limitations it might have in terms of tolerance of abuse.  The difference say between a a Ford F-250 Super Duty and a Ferrari.   Also $150 - $200 is not expensive for a good J-knife, but a really good knife can run you two, three times that and a great knife well now you're talking real money.  You'd be surprised at how many high end knives I see for sale listed as hardly used, or...
 I like that idea - what's the fat content the chop meat?  Did you make Duxelles to wrap the meat in first? Might not be too late for the OP to grind that terres major up.
 That's the sound I like to hear when beating egg whites.  
PM'd to @cheflayne - doesn't belong here.
The bottom is mostly gone I use drop in grill pans made for BBQs.  It also brings the fire much closer to the grates than my Weber.  I can also smoke on it because of the length.  I bank a wood fire in two 28oz cans on one end and put my stuff on the top grill on the other it works pretty good for smoke cooking.
Funny I gutted my gas grill last year and just use wood and charcoal in it now - haven't run out since!    
Just my opinion, but this whole rennet thing should have been hammered out in the OP.  Trying to enforce "strictly speaking" 16 posts in and not part of the original core guideline seems sketchy.  If (as in the OP) "vegetarian includes egg and dairy" then it should be dairy across the board.       No offense @morning glory, but inserting a wrench after the gears are in motion and shifting the nature of the game adds confusion. 
I hate running out of gas too - it usually happens when there's company and chicken involved.
 BINGO!!!  Get the job done - Adapt, Improvise, Overcome, or as I like to think - "Be Water"
New Posts  All Forums: