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I haven't made pizza in a while so - reduced fat pepperoni, shrimp, red pepper, mushrooms and garlic on scratch made sauce with a mozz/cheddar blend.     .
Right on!  You don't have to dig that chunk of meat out when the knife is deflected by the wishbone.  
My beautiful wife made dinner last night.  She brined some pork chops and made soup from vegetables she roasted off yesterday and some chicken stock from the freezer.  I got home in time to guild the lily by adding butter, apple and port to the pan juices - really nice meal.    
I had 40 minutes to make dinner between work and welding class so I did a pan seared blue fish fillet and had a salad of greens and walnuts and a few pieces of baked squash on the side.  This fish was caught off Cape Cod and they are really delicious.  
I had leftover Pasty filling in the freezer and it just happened to coincide with the ingredients for a dish I made for letter "F" for compound dinner.  I few extra ingredients like feta, egg, mint, thyme and parsley and I made Greek Freighter Meat Pie with Filo dough of course.  It was delicious and I have enough for two sides left like 2" x 2" each.  I guess it was popular.      
Return it and tell the manager to taste it for himself.  I'm curious as to why it has that taste as you've been cooking lamb for years.  Did you remove the gland between the top and bottom round?
If you notice Keller likes 3.5 lb. chickens for service.  They lend themselves well to fast, hot cooking.  IMO I'd stick with Gordon's turkey method if you've had success with it in the past.  I have a slightly different method for turkey.  I grease brown paper with bacon drippings and butter and tent my turkey so it's self basting.  I pull the tent the last half hour to brown it up and I never stuff my turkeys.  I bake my stuffing on the side so there is more crunchy bits...
A simple pasta dish with shrimp and bacon.  Sauce is garlic, vegetable paste, peperoncino, lobster base and parsley cooked in drippings with a splash of evoo, then fire roasted tomatoes and simmer for 15 minutes.  I removed it from the heat while the pasta cooked and added an egg yoke and some dry cheese then reheated with the shrimp and half the bacon and finished the pasta in the sauce.  Garnished with remaining bacon and bread crumbs.  Sure was satisfying after my first...
I have a nice 210 Goko for sale that borders on laser with Sandvik's version of AEB-L clad in damascus for sale.  I have the 240 version as well I can part with.  PM me if you're interested in details.     They look like this -
Ah the last package of ground venison - good thing opening day is around the corner .  Today was the letter "S" and I had 18oz. of ground venison, 9oz of ground chuck and 9oz of tenderloin trim.  I made Sloppy Joe's from scratch and oh my was it good served on diner rolls as sliders.  We had a large crew for compound dinner today and I have maybe a cup left.  
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