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There is a candied popcorn recipe in The Joy of Cooking that uses molasses and it flat out rocks.  I've made this many times and people who have never tried molasses (yet claim to hate it???) have flipped for this recipe.
Gene - that looks awesome !!
Yup a very handy tool.  I had to reset a toilet last week and put the new wax ring in the microwave, hit "baked goods" twice and it was perfect. 
Are you resting the meat in the bag before breaking the vacuum?  I do then I crisp up the outside of the protein before serving. 
I've used liquid smoke for decades, but it's a lot like "truffle oil" - not for every application and a little goes a long way.  Lately I've gotten into smoked salt - I have alder and cherry smoked salts and they add a nice layer of flavor while not being too out front.
I slice the flap from the St. Louis racks and trim out cartilage then season and throw them on the grill last.  It's one of my favorite parts of the rack.  Can't cook it too long though - I wrap mine in foil then crisp the outside on the grates.  You gotta treat it like flank steak.
I made meatballs today, but with a twist.  Turkey Italian sausage, Chorizo, whole wheat bread soaked in garlic milk, onion, red pepper, egg white, corn bread crumbs, smoked salt, parsley and thyme.  Browned them in olive oil and bacon drippings then onto a rack.  The sauce is tomato sauce, smoked salt, two heaping tablespoons of ginger marmalade, some Cholula Chili Lime sauce, honey and apple cider glaze.  Man these are good.  
I had a leftover rib eye that was still rare so - some shaved onion and a little shaved garlic into a hot pan then thin slice rib eye, salt, pepper and shaped to fit some artisan whole wheat toast coated with whole grain mustard and topped with a slice of habanero jack cheese then onto that toast with some mild banana pepper slices and that's a sandwich made in heaven.  Oh - add one cold IPA and some chips and you have something better than a restaurant. 
Beautiful videos you have thank you.  I can't wait to try some of your recipes.
 I agree - once the ice is out you have about a week for carp before they soften up.  Fresh out of cold water they are delicious and the meat accepts flavor quite well. 
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