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Don't have Wyborowa here, but we do have Luksusowa from Poland and it's a delicious potato vodka.  Not as purified as Tito's, but very tasty if you like yours neat like I do.  
Try Tito's Handmade Vodka.  It's a small batch vodka made in Texas.  It's distilled six times and is very pure and great tasting as well.
The paring knife is where Shun got it right.  The 4" parer has great geometry, takes a very keen edge and has great retention.  That said keeping sharp is where it gets sticky.  How do you maintain your knives now?
And that's why they invented BBQ sauce.
I trimmed up a $4.99/lb. tenderloin of grass fed beef today.  When it's that cheap you just gotta stock up.  These are from Oz and is really delicious beef this loin weighed 4.9 lbs.  I ended up with:   12 oz. butt tied 20 oz. tail that I folded and tied 16 oz. chateaubriand 16 oz. chain and trim for burger 10.5 oz waste   I chopped up 4 oz of suet and the trim then placed in the freezer for 15 - 20 minutes.  Then I blitzed that in the proc to get...
Lookin' good Bub  
I only buy Extra Virgin and Extra Light olive oils.  I never buy regular anymore.
Busy day today so a simple dish of pasta cooked in clam juice with grape tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil, peperoncino, salt, olive oil all cooked in the same pan.  I pulled the pasta at al dente and reduced the liquid a little then added whole baby clams then served in bowls.  It was quite delicious.  
I was $9.99 marked down so $6.99.  I won't buy for retail either.  That said a good friend of mine left Wednesday for Quebec to go moose hunting.  Hopefully he'll bag one and I'll help with the butchery again.  Would be nice to be grilling up some moose meat next week.  
Didn't have my phone, but we had garden tomatoes marinated in a nice vinaigrette with fresh basil and shaved cheese spooned over field greens, a fresh avocado dusted with lemon and sea salt and bison medallions (whatever that means) seared over hot coals.  Really a delicious meal the cut my wife ended up with was different than mine - I had to work for my tender - slice, flip and then slice against the grain while hers was perfect.  Excellent meat though and very well...
New Posts  All Forums: