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You are one evil man . . . . . . . just sayin' n 
That's a great looking jerk dish @teamfat congrats on the win.  However gin and tonic needs no requirement, or permit - ever!!  (OK breakfast might be bad form - carry on)     
For compound dinner today I started last week by taking a 3-1/4lb. eye of round out of the freezer.     Then made a marinade with beef stock, garlic, smoked salt, liquid smoke, pepper, worcestershire, fish sauce and oyster sauce.  Enough to cover in the bag.  That was Friday.  Yesterday I took it out and forked it all over then back in for another 24 hrs.  Today I took it out to dry on a rack in the ice box then seasoned all over, let come to room temp then into a 500...
Saw dust is a term an old girlfriend's Sicilian grandmother used.  I was quite fond of her when we visited so the name stuck.  It's basically bread crumbs fried in a little olive oil till just brown.  It's what Sicilians use for topping in the old country.
I have a Kitchener grinder it came with three plates and grinds quite well.  It's compact and I think I paid $100 shipped for it.  For stuffing casings I have a LEM crank stuffer that works better than the grinder.  I wouldn't want to hand crank the amounts of stuff I grind when I do.
Because you can choke up on the tip it makes scoring duck skin a lot more uniform. 
Try it on a dressed salad - just sayin'  
Why are we grasping at straws here?  The OP never replied with a: what cut, b: how thick, : reason for the presear in the first place.  IMO a presear held overnight is like tenting something with a nice crust on it.  Traps steam and steam destroys everything you did to get that crust in the first place.  All that crap you see on TV is just that - "oh look at that beautiful crispy skin"  "lets tent it with foil while it rests"  good by crispiness.  
Get the Uraku, keep the first three and the stone.  Get a 6k stone Geshins are great, King is good too and get one of these:   http://www.amazon.com/Catskill-Craftsmen-19-Inch-Grain-Chopping/dp/B0002HE11U   It's an excellent board for the money.     That ought to be a good start.  Welcome to the rabbit hole -  
Wow that orange is really . . . annoying. 
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