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No problemo - we used a 12" chef to cut pizzas exclusively back in the day.  It's faster than a cutter too and when you're cranking out 150 pies a night every little bit helps.  
Here's the thing - that's an across the board standard issue list of "Verboten".  It wasn't tailor made for Terry it's what everybody gets.  You could maybe get hooked up with a nutritionist and customize your diet plan.  There are some pluses - 3-4 months with no alcohol might net you a significant weight loss and reigning in some of the other stuff will lighten the load also.  I haven't given up drinking, but have scaled back and you'll be impressed at how you feel when...
WELCOME TO YOUR NEXT FOOD ADVENTURE!     That's a bummer Terry I feel for you.  I have mild silent myself and take omeprazole every morning.  But there are things you can do to help yourself heal.  Wade through Koukouvagia's "Bone Broth" thread it's an Ayurvedic medicinal type of broth and quite delicious and very healing.     Look into Qigong and Tai Chi.  Qigong for a healing, stretching morning ritual.  My warmup runs 20 minutes and more if I add tapping and some...
Been there done that - still do it today just not in the walk in.  Hey - where's the milk crate?    
 There's a saying about traditional Japanese knives like these - "you buy the blade and get the handle for free"  Even Carter kurouchi knives come with handles like that.
The Tojiro ITK 150 petty is a really sweet (and tall) knife albeit fully reactive.  If you can handle that it's one of the best bangs for the buck IMO.
Maybe you could spread it thin, freeze it then break it up small like Jimmies, or chopped nuts.  
I started tilling our plot on wednesday.  One pass then put the rake on and ran through it then put the tiller back on.  I'll do that two, or three times to chop up the mulch good.  We're in no hurry to plant it's only May.  Last year we planted in May and had 20 rainy days in June.  The only thing that came in were purple tomatillos and man did they come.  
True, but Shigeki's heat treat is so spot on I don't fore see problems with it.  Here's another option and I had one of these a couple of years ago and it's a nice knife.   http://www.amazon.com/YOSHIHIRO-Hardened-Carbon-Stainless-Japanese/dp/B004SVQMTU
270mm under $200 made by a master smith.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Japanese-kitchen-knife-VG10-NASHIJI-finish-270mm-GYUTOU-TANAKA-knife-/261973230654?hash=item3cfed2443e    Shigeki's work is quite good I've owned some.  If you opt spring for EMS shipping you'll have it in a week usually.
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