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I would personally get them ot of the hot skillet and onto a baking sheet to cool as quickly as possible.  Let us know how it turns out.
I got a good deal on some turkey Italian sausage yesterday and was in the mood for meatballs - served these with some oven fried egg plant.  
You could try pushing ricotta through a fine mesh then drain it in cheese cloth.  Being a "whey" cheese the process is different from regular ricotta.  If you made ricotta first you could make this with the whey along with addition of whole milk, a little cream and vinegar, rennet, or lemon juice.
I had three ears of corn left over from the other day so I toasted them over the flame then cut off the cob and made this "creamed corn" recipe by ChefJohn -     And made a Thomas Keller style roast chicken, but I stuffed the cavity with onion, lemon, garlic and parsley . . . after a liberal application of salt and pepper.  I took it out early in the day, removed the wishbone, trimmed it of fat then let it hang out on a rack in  the ice box all afternoon.  Let it come...
Collards can be tricky.  Fall collards are the best IMO, but year 'round they can be just at good.  I remove the rib from mine as that can give the bitter taste many associate with collards.  I like to mix mustard and dandelion greens with my collards as well.  I sweat off a little mirepoix and the carrot lends a sweetness and lets face it a smoked hock, or turkey wing joint never hurt either and if you don't have those there's always bacon.  I rarely ever add vinegar to...
I had some sliced beef shanks in the freezer and as it was a rainy day I thought Osso Bucco would be in order . . . and it was!     In the drink -                                                                     Finished product -     
I'm not a big fan of "grass fed" beef, but I'm not a fan of corn finishing either.  I am down with graining at different times to put fat into the meat.
I just rub oil in with my hands - 000 steel wool leaves . . . well . . . steel behind.  I never oil and stand vertical they oil runs off.  Oil it and let it sit what doesn't soak in wipe off.  Repeat tomorrow.
Sunny side up eggs laid fresh today, hash browns and some really good bacon.  We love our girls  
I usually use it in a slaw, or in spring rolls, salsa, etc., but it makes great fries and chips too.  I've never stir fried with it, but I don't see why one couldn't.  
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