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 @foodpump - I was thinking the same thing.  
 Me too - reducing concentrates the flavors whereas arrowroot will not.  The only time I'd use a thickener like agar agar would be to thicken something like a hard cider.
It was kind of an Italian theme today and since other folks were making sausage, peppers and onions I decided to make "MEATBALL SLIDERS".  My regular meatball mix - beef, veal and pork with all the other ingredients and made that into patties, browned in a skillet and finished in scratch made sauce.  Served on mini onion pockets and boy were they tender and delicious.
I will second the Itinomonn Kasumi stainless clad V2.  Great cutting knife with great edge retention and easy to touch up.  I stropped mine when it arrived and that took the ootb edge to another level.
 Glamping with you sounds like fun Mimi - I love to fish and have kin folk in Hempstead in Waller County.  Small world  
Beef and broccoli - a perfect medium rare sirloin with stir fried broccoli, onion, pepper, garlic, ginger and fresh peas with a nice Asian sauce and a side of kale chips.
You've never tried chitlins' ??  If done right they'd make a fine taco.  I've had chitlin's twice - the first time was brilliant, but the second time not so much.  Haven't had 'em since.
I thawed out some shrimp, got some more corn and fleshed out another round of Saturday's Low Country Boil.  And I still have leftover!!  Oh well lunch tomorrow what the hey.
 Ha - I confess I ATE a can of cold Alpo once.  It didn't taste too bad so I heated one a few days later - OMG - it was foul - it took a week to get the smell out of the kitchen  too        
Ugh - you're both wrong!!  Beefaroni is the only thing Chef Boyardee makes that is edible cold out of the can - Boy Scout MRE.
New Posts  All Forums: