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Ripe tomato, red pepper, red onion, garlic, lemon juice, EVOO, salt, pepper, splash of balsamic reduction.  Let sit then add grilled corn from the cob and chicken breast that was roasted last night.  Serve over field greens and that's a nice "healthy" meal - or so I've heard - the jury's still out on that.   
Personally I use Marco Pierre White's version and have only good feedback from guests.  Sorry, but Knorr has tagged all of his vids he did for them.  Still it's a brilliant recipe and the one I use every time I have left over pasta.   
That's exactly how I make mine.  Slice, slather in some seasoned olive oil mayo and into the bread crumbs.  Then it's onto a baker's rack for 20 minutes then onto a preheated sheet pan with parchment into the oven till golden on top, flip and finish.  I do green tomatoes the same way.  I hardly ever fry in oil anymore. 
That looks good Nicko - I think I'll make something like that with some green tomatoes I have in the garden. 
Most grocery stores slice it up that way from the great lakes to here in new york and probably most everywhere.  It's been that way for as long as I can remember, but you get more bone than meat and I use it fresh for stock and smoked for greens, beans, etc.  Same with lamb and beef I don't get it.  Time back they couldn't give that stuff away (like shin, flap, cheek, tongue, jowl, etc.) now all those cuts are really spendy - thank you food network . . . not.   A friend...
I absolutely loath the way pork neck is treated here.  It's sawn into chunks and there are always bones shards to deal with after it's cooked. 
 Gorgeous looking shrimp TF.  I used to get whole shrimp all the time, but the last few years they've been a no show here.  I used to steam a bunch to bring to parties and you find out real fast who's game and who's not. 
Just my opinion, but there is no substitute for cooking on the bone.  That's a delicious looking saddle and don't forget to post pics. 
That's a beautiful thing Ordo    We don't get cuts like that unless custom ordered, or you butcher your own pig.
Great looking Carnitas Gene!   I love making Carnita.  For one of our birthday parties I made pork and goat Carnitas and I was surprised at how little goat meat was left afterwards.  I started out with Rick Bayles's method and it evolved from there.  Like pork Carnita in root beer - delicious.
New Posts  All Forums: