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If you want to ruin a good wood working machine nothing works better than stone dust. 
I'd love a 240mm Obsidian Gyuto, but I'm not holding my breath.  All edges need sharpening at some point.  If you are lazy about sharpening then Aogami Super, or Devin Thomas's AEB-L is for you.  BUT - at some point you will need to take them to the stones.   Hmmm . . . a professional chef asking this question . . . someone might be Trolling.
That's great looking chicken -
Tell you what - y'all slip with a pan of boiilin' oil init and you can be F'd up in a huge way Bro.  Hope you are ensured.
Tonight was "Dirty Quinoa" with Italian sausage made with turkey.  Quinoa made with onion, red pepper, jalapeno, garlic, parsley, chicken livers, chicken stock and water.  
Yup - they built a plant in Johnstown, NY.  I plan on making my own Greek style yogurt in the near future.  I can't see any reason not to the Greeks back home in Detroit made it fresh.    Once you get a batch can't you save your own culture like sourdough?
 Nice to see someone else using herb mayo as a binder Ed.  I like olive oil mayo and a mix of panko, whole wheat and home made bread crumbs.  I don't see any need for flour and egg wash this way.
I made left over Spatchcock chicken the hard way          
Love me some grits.  I made corned beef hash with sunny side up eggs and ciabatta toast. 
 What is this "Spring" you speak of?    I want to plant an herb garden for myself this year.  Parsley, basil, oregano, thyme, sage and chives for starters. 
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