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I don't know what happened to the "garden" thread, but I caught two woodchucks today.  I dispatched them both, but had it been first frost - Mmmm - into the pot you go pal . . . just sayin'     
Batch #2 yesterday - time to bag and freeze before the next round.
I just made some yesterday.  Spilt breasts were 0.88/lb. so I got a four pack and removed the bones.  Then I removed the tenderloins for another purpose, seasoned and let come to room temp.  I placed them skin side down in a cold skillet and turned the heat to medium.  A cold pan doesn't shock-shrink the skin as much IMO and it starts rendering as the temp comes up.  When they released I turned them and this time I removed the skin, seasoned the now bare meat and reserved...
Everything but olive oil, pepperoncino and salt is from the garden.  Tomatoes, garlic, parsley and basil.        End product run through the food mill -     It's delicious - I might have a glass with breakfast tomorrow.  Got another batch just like to make on Sunday and more tomatoes on the way - yeash - when it rains it pours.
Getting good at octopus is like getting to play at Carnegie Hall - practice . . . practice . . . practice.
I personally would not use oxtail in a pie.  You will loose too much of the gelatinous, broken down collagen that makes this cut so special.  Those ooey, gooey bits that melt in your mouth with it's cooked low and slow.  I would substitute brisket, but hey - to each their own - good luck with your project.
I made greens and beans today - 90% of which came from the gardens.     Greens - kale and swiss chard cooked with salt pork, trinity, peperoncino, andouille, and finished with a splash of sherry vinegar.  Big flavor profile and quite satisfying.     And beans - with salt pork, tomatoes, garlic, beans (all garden), lemon juice and oregano.  Greek style and I love beans this way.  Not your typical grocery store string beans, but real white beans with excellent texture.
Is the salmon you cure for sushi is pre frozen sushi grade?
Any "free range" chicken will be closer to a rooster in texture than any name brand store chicken you find on sale.  Hmmm . . . come to think of it I still have one of our roosters in the freezer.  I'll have to make "Greedy" the star of a pot of coq au vin this fall.   Here are is one of the better recipes I've used from Hubert Keller:   http://www.hubertkeller.com/recipes/mod/recipe_319CoqAuVin.html
Happy B-Day Hank - that's a great looking burger.  
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