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Are you in the USA?  That could make a big difference in what's available to you.
They only take an hour and a half, but you can hold longer, but all day?  That's stretching it IMO.
Metal and salt are not friends.  Stainless is a misnomer of sorts as there are many different kinds.  Some are nickel rich some are less, some are magnetic and some are not.  I'd go with ceramic, or pyrex.  5kg is not a large volume.  
Tonights compound dinner was China - I made General Tso's Chicken - 2-1/2 lbs. of General Tso's chicken.  We also had beef and broccoli, ginger chicken, egg cakes, and almond cookies - all made home made.  Everything was delicious!  My only complaint was by the time we got the Tso to the Tsite the crunch was gone - just like take out - go figure.        
Sorry can't help myself -   
When you buy Taco fixin's you need to eat some Tacos.  Wednesday was Pork Tacos -      Last night was Shrimp Tacos - Ole!
Old Hickory, Ontario and Forgecraft all came up in the same era.  The story is they were made from cold rolled band mill blades that when no longer serviceable were scrapped.  The steel found new life as knife blades.  100% American 1095 carbon steel. 
I think it's tamarind also - seen it many times in Bodegas.  
If you want a 10" carbon knife with a great profile look for a good used, or NOS Forgecraft.  The handles aren't pretty, but they are easy to replace if you have any fab skills at all.  They rockwell at @ 60 and that's hard for a USA carbon blade.   Here's mine -
One of my favorite childhood comfort foods is my grandmother's Macaroni, Bacon and Tomatoes with garlic salt to taste.  Couldn't be easier, or simpler in fact I made some for my grandson just last week - well for all of us really.  
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