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Pork stew with a departure from my usual routine.  Pork country style ribs, trimmed, cubed, seasoned with smoked salt and pepper then seared in bacon drippings and coconut oil.  Onion, shallot, lots of garlic and fresh ginger, butternut squash, sweet potato, celery, parsnip and golden beets.  I deglazed the pot with turkey stock then added coconut milk, dried chili pepper, turmeric, garam, chili lime sauce to taste and fresh cilantro.  Man is this good and will only be...
I simple lasagna -   
  It's also the proven "Gateway Meat" for vegetarians who trickle back to the "dark side".
 You're going to secretly try that . . . I know you will . . . and I won't tell.        
Here's another vid of Rick breaking down birds with a Tojiro Western Deba -  
Oh yes - knives are a definite rabbit hole.
Chroma is a production brand like Shun.  The Yoshi is more hand made, but if you're going to really bite the bullet you'd get a Honesuki for chicken and a Deba for fish, or a 210 - 240mm Western Deba for both like the Tojiro DP Western Deba.  http://www.chefknivestogo.com/todpwede24.html  
Well . . . I just sold a Michael Rader 10" chef knife for what I paid for it - $1,000.  After shipping and paypal fees I'll have rented it for 7 months.  Never thought I'd sell it, but the reality of retirement has sunk in so all my boutiquee stuff is going.  That said it's probably the finest knife I've ever had my hands on and if $1k sounds like a lot this knife new would set you back $1800 with a two year wait.  My Carter gyuto came a close second at $570 and that was...
Snowing like a banshee today and that looks delicious for this weather.  Sounds perfect for pot luck - Thanks MaryB      The spanakopita I made yesterday is easy too and dare I say it?  Bacon could be added for an extra "kick it up a notch".  
I made Spanakopita for a pot luck yesterday.  Everyone loved it.
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