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What is the Three Pro Forum?  If this web site is for culinary students our we all not students?
It is Matt, Reidar is my German Shepherd name, I'm a Culinary student as of right now and I love it. I'm working part time as a tower technician I been working 7 years at it and tired of it. So I'm going to do what I love now, even if it requires me to open a concession stand to start out, I'm o.k. with that. 
I think its 1lbs. Roux to 1gallon of stock.
Hello everyone I worked in a cafe for 6yrs, I learned the basics from my Grandmother. I have been doing construction for along time and its time for a change so I am a 1st year culinary student and Im going back in the fall and maybe opening my own place. So I joined this site to get ideas and share some of mine because we are students after all. This Matt.
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