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One thing I see in hindsight that I would like to correct in the future is the "flatness" of the fondant work. Is it possible to "polish" the fondant, maybe rub it with a little shortening?
A little drier than I would have liked but flavour was wonderful and thank you :)
After several conversations with some wonderful people (you know who you are) this is the end result. Not bad for a home cook with little baking experience. Thanks everyone!    
Thank you, that is a very detailed description and I appreciate the effort!
I use the following recipe courtesy of Punk Domestics, it is always thick and delicious....not to mention simple:     Preparation: 15 – 20 minutes Ingredients (yield: one 300-350 ml jar): juice from 3 lemons zest from 1 lemon 12 – 15 tablespoons castor sugar (or 10 tablespoons sugar + 5 tablespoons cooking sweetener which is usually sweeter than sugar) 2 eggs 1 flat tablespoon cornstarch (or potato starch, but cornstarch gives a lighter result) 1...
Some of you know I have been asked to do a wedding cake for a friends upcoming wedding. I have received lots of help in a different thread regarding cake batter etc.   I am building a 2 tier (12 & 8) buttercake with lemon curd filling, covered with fondant and gumpaste/fresh flowers, ribbon and butterflies.   I was wondering if anyone could advise on timelines? How many days before the wedding to bake the cakes, make fondant, when to decorate etc?
Gadgets are NOT needed for gumpaste roses as Petals quickly showed me. I am a complete novice and managed to make some stunning roses on my first try, they will only get better with practice.
Meh I don't take offence to threadjacks for the most part as long as it includes valuable information :)
Thanks for the valuable input. I will agree that while I consider myself an accomplished cook I do very little baking (less than a few times a year) and the input of professionals such as yourself is a huge help!
    Petals thank you! The recipe works like a charm! The cakes not overly sweet, it's light and airy with a great outside texture. It is exactly what I was looking for.
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