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This is great advice. Make sure your staff has no reason to second guess you
Really watch during the slow hours too. When you get an order for something, study the technique of when you add XX and when you add YY and what it looks like, flips like, smells like, tastes like, etc. Learn every aspect about every step about about every dish so when you have 5 or 6 things working with a printer continually going, you don't get stressed and can identify what goes where and when
Nicholas gets most of our produce and egg/cheese orders. Sysco gets our paper and various grocery items... US Foods thought it would be a good idea to need the club's current president's signature and home address, so they don't get our business Most everything else is local
How do you know you're ready to take on the job? I've sat in for almost a week and the place didn't burn down, the correct amount of food was ordered, and we did an efficient job I still don't think I would be ready though. Will I know?
I've been researching, almost endlessly for a while about white set to buy or the what pans to piece together Need some input... Should I go hard anodized like Calphalon One infused, or get a carbon steel set, or stainless with copper bottom... I'm at a loss for home... Gas stove, preferably able to go in the oven. Nonstick and I would rather not have a coating. Needs to be easy to clean and take care of so my fiancé can use them, which is why I may piece some together...
What Einstein Told His Cook pt 1 and 2 Good books
Yeah check your angle. Make sure both sides are the same angle and that one isn't deeper than the otherI don't know what angle you guys like to sharpen, but I like 18-20 degrees. I use a tri-stone with oil and finis with my steel. Also make sure you keep your steel at the same angle as sharpening. Other than that, I can't think of anything else
This...I love Gordon, he's my boy. I've watched almost all of his shows... But him plugging Walmart? What in the hell? I was sooooooooo disappointed
I did all of mine on my phone, so chances are I mistyped a number or didn't round the right decimal place or something in my rush
I'll bite I'm assuming the 4.01/l is for the vinaigrette and the 0.41/lb is for the cabbage 2.204 lbs per kg $10.85 per pound $0.62 per oz $4.34 worth the pecans 1L is 0.264 gal 128oz is 1 gal 33.79oz is 0.264 gal $0.12 per oz $1.68 of vinaigrette 16oz per lb $0.28 of cabbage
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