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Go in without thinking of the awards and acclaims the restaurant has. It's only going to make you nervous. Go in thinking 'I've got something to add to this team' Then: go in, shut up, work your dick off... And watch what happens...
These kinds of parties are easy! Depending on your market and the size of the cut... 200 x $35 = $7,000 for very easy work
I've been there almost 3 years total. I left for a year to run a country club, but I eventually came back because the owner was a memberClearly, I've been in the position to receive these generous offerings, so your post... While, making no sense grammatically, also makes no sense theoretically because of said numbers being met. Continuously.
We're a independent steakhouse doing nearly $1.5m a year. Do I ask for a % of remaining balance after I hit my numbers or do I ask for a different %? I've never been asked about bonus, just straight salary
I was just asked what I think is fair for me to get compensated in terms of the bonus structure. I have no idea how to answer that
For both labor cost and food cost?
This is great advice. Make sure your staff has no reason to second guess you
Really watch during the slow hours too. When you get an order for something, study the technique of when you add XX and when you add YY and what it looks like, flips like, smells like, tastes like, etc. Learn every aspect about every step about about every dish so when you have 5 or 6 things working with a printer continually going, you don't get stressed and can identify what goes where and when
Nicholas gets most of our produce and egg/cheese orders. Sysco gets our paper and various grocery items... US Foods thought it would be a good idea to need the club's current president's signature and home address, so they don't get our business Most everything else is local
How do you know you're ready to take on the job? I've sat in for almost a week and the place didn't burn down, the correct amount of food was ordered, and we did an efficient job I still don't think I would be ready though. Will I know?
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