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Seeing some of the more popular chains (Chili's, TGI, Olive Garden, ect) and how they're practically giving their lunch chest away now, it's making it hard for the independent restaurants in some areas to stay open. Coming from a smaller city where they're rampant everywhere, that's mostly the reason I won't eat at them. Not saying their food isn't good enough to eat, just have to support the locals more. The restaurant I'm at was struggling this time last year when a...
I was going to disagree with #1 about an hour ago seeing as it's been a solid two months since a cut or burn Then some rogue split pea soup splashed out of the Cambro as I was transferring it. #1 is again confirmed
Interesting topic... I was just researching this the other day. This pic pretty much sums up my findings http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_BHdxHgED8ZQ/SYNUH2PHtSI/AAAAAAAAEDs/Srhr1lE-t6s/s400/IMG_3694.JPG It's not mine, just one I found on the web
Gnocchi with brown butter topped with parmesan Grandma taught me her mom's recipe and it's tattooed on my right forearm
Without a doubt I can't imagine myself doing anything else. I can't sit for more than an hour, I can't do just one or two things at a time without wanting to poke my eyes out from boredom, and most other careers won't allow you the certain freedoms we get There's also a pride factor that's hard to explain. Someone back me up here
It will be different seeing as now I can be from my house to work in less than 4 minutes, but that's hardly a negative lol
My chef that I had worked with for 2 years recently left to take a private chef position for a software company. I went and helped him with their Christmas party and met everyone.... Well... They're expanding and offered me a job. Nearly $3 more an hour, full benefits, weekdays only from 8am-4pm. The only downfall is that it's in Salt Lake, which is a 35 minute drive... But they pay gas, so I don't care I'll still work the restaurant a couple days a week, but I'm...
We run out of two windows off of two grills. One guy on a grill, his assembler, own set of servers We share the saute and two fry guys Me and my assembler have our own style separate from the other grill guy and his assembler. The servers call in their apps at the same time as they bring out their salad from the cold station. Apps take no longer than 4 minutes, they come print their ticket and then take out apps. I shoot for 10-12 minute ticket times unless there's a...
Cook something that you enjoy eating. As long as it tastes good, it's a good balance of flavors and textures, and you can do it within their time constraints, you shouldn't have a problem We mostly watch if you can work efficiently while working quickly and what you make is good and not thrown together
I read all these stories these guys post about the unions and feel lucky that we're in a right to work state. A guy was caught by my head chef taking psmo's out of the case before inventory and stashing them in his truck. Fired within an hour of looking at the surveillance tapes
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