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Everyone over 29 hours is required to receive insurance through the restaurant?
What do you guys know about a chemical called Freedom from Mt Hood? We use a floor cleaner/degreaser when we mop, and then we put the Freedom down after we squeegee and rinse. It sits overnight It's like $30/gallon though... Actually probably more
I haven't had many issues with my feet. My ankles click/pop when I walk barefoot or in socks at home, but other than that, I'm alright. I have patellar tendinitis in my left knee, but it hasn't acted up in years. I have dislocated both shoulders a couple times from football and throwing in track in high school, they start to hurt every so often... Sometimes it gets to the point where I have to rest and massage it after work
You need to set it up to your advantage. Scorched pans? We all have them That burner that only gets 45% flame? Use that for something you burn easily Just like a grill, use your burners like sections, each burner has it's own personality so get to know it. The only thing that can help that is time unfortunately. Work on your speed when it's slow
Sitting on a break right now... Decided to stay at the restaurant as opposed to going to work as a corporate chef for a software company. Too much fun here I'm the only cook here today so my plate is full. In at 10, lu ch lunch set(gravies, mashed, jus, mush/onion/, veg cut for burgers, last night's prime sliced for French dip) had a party of 30 all sirloins-medium... Nothing major. Did another 55ish on top of that for lunch. Need to brainstorm a menu for a local...
Second the post above. The ticket and firing system will be different, as will the way courses and the FoH will do things. But in the end, a kitchen is a kitchen is a kitchen... Is a kitchen. The standards will be different most likely, but you'll be doing a lot of the same things
Seeing some of the more popular chains (Chili's, TGI, Olive Garden, ect) and how they're practically giving their lunch chest away now, it's making it hard for the independent restaurants in some areas to stay open. Coming from a smaller city where they're rampant everywhere, that's mostly the reason I won't eat at them. Not saying their food isn't good enough to eat, just have to support the locals more. The restaurant I'm at was struggling this time last year when a...
I was going to disagree with #1 about an hour ago seeing as it's been a solid two months since a cut or burn Then some rogue split pea soup splashed out of the Cambro as I was transferring it. #1 is again confirmed
Interesting topic... I was just researching this the other day. This pic pretty much sums up my findings It's not mine, just one I found on the web
Gnocchi with brown butter topped with parmesan Grandma taught me her mom's recipe and it's tattooed on my right forearm
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