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Hideo Kitaoka 240mm Kiritsuke in #1 carbon steel, single bevel. So far loving it, but this one's staying at home methinks.
Depends on what you mean by shouting. I never, ever will shout at a cook in anger. It just straight up isn't effective. I've always been of the opinion that belittling people for their mistakes and opportunities causes them to hide their errors instead of letting you coach them through it. Shouting on line though? I'm like a f'n auctioneer - loud and proud, constantly talking my boys through the rush, encouraging and organizing them. Inspire with your voice - never...
I think you've by and large got the consensus that they're not great. A knife rental/sharpening service would probably be better for any commercial application where cooks don't bring their own equipment.   Furthermore, I'm of the firm opinion that knives should NEVER be bought in sets. A knife is like a glove, and cooks are going to spend thousands of hours working with these tools. Each knife and task is different and should be selected differently as there is no "one...
Hi guys,   I agree with what Vic and kirayng are saying, but only to a point.   Disclosure: I am a sous chef at a corporate chain restaurant. I have worked both indie and chain and I feel they both have their advantages.   Most of the points made are sometimes (even often) valid, but I have to disagree with the final conclusions. It really depends on the chain you are working for. I have the good luck to work for a chain (earls) that believes in fresh prepped food...
Hi there!   A little more info would be helpful. What kind/size of appliance are you trying to install? How close is the site to the adjacent facility? How good is the soundproofing? Where is your location?   Most of all, what are your concerns? Is it health code, cost, noise pollution?   Hope I can help.
Agreed. Hopefully they at least took the time to look at your qualifications before making the hire.   I'd make sure they know, but I'm sure they hired/are going to hire you for a reason. Everyone has to start somewhere - if you're willing to learn I'd recommend you do it.
Better than spending the cash on school, use it to live off while doing stages at a few different restaurants. Stay away from corporate stores. Find out what you want to cook and what kind of chef you want. Find your dream - then live it.
Having worked in many roles at corporate restaurants for some time, I think it would be useful to get some more details. How many restaurants does the company operate? How much flexibility do you have with menu and suppliers? What corporation is it - if you can tell us of course. This info would help.
A moleskine is a kind of notebook.
When I was a line cook I never carried my cell during service. Now I kind of have to though.
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