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A moleskine is a kind of notebook.
When I was a line cook I never carried my cell during service. Now I kind of have to though.
Joking. This whole thread is tongue in cheek.
51. You will lose your ability to make small batches of anything.
Clean as you go. Worship food quality and bill times. LEARN. Make mistakes, admit to them and learn from them.
Ballpoint pen, pencil, highliter, sharpie, thermometer, paring knife in jacket. Moleskine, lighter, cellphone, cigarettes in pants. Sometimes measuring/tasting spoons in my apron if they're rare.
Thank you all for your kind words and advice. I am now well into my second week and everything seems to be going swimmingly. Next step: roll out the new menu! Tasting for the GM and owner is tomorrow!
I was born in Canada but hold an English citizenship - I don't really count but I'm posting anyway! My neighbour (who I am trying to poach as a sous-chef) is from Manchester and just finishing his residency. So there's one and a half of us on the same floor of my apartment building.
Another great one is if you have a FNG prepped who is having trouble with onions - crying, burning etc. Let them know that a thick smear of mayo under the eyes and nose will stop the tears. It's amazing watching them cover their face in mayo and crying the whole time.
Hello all,   I have been doing some consulting work for independent restaurants recently, which is awesome. At this most recent place, I have been seeing some real results over a short time. They seem to be pretty impressed.   However, their chef is stepping down soon, and they just asked me to come on board full-time with them and be their new chef. I've been a senior cook before - nearly a sous-chef, and I have plenty of experience in food cost, ordering, inventory...
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