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I know this isn't helpful, but after you get through this nightmare (good luck! Sincerely!) Recommend a carving station/buffet for the next similar event.
I personally believe omelets should be filled, I don't like mixing the filling into the eggs and simply Rolling or folding. I tend to use 3.5-4 eggs for a country style omelet(half moon, slight Browning is ok). I use a small amount of canola oil spray in a good non stick pan. Add beaten eggs, season, swirl to coat pan. Pull away from corners, fill empty space with runny eggs. Swirl around pan and scrape down edges. The goal is to get the runny top (inside) almost set...
Is there someone manning the stove/grill? How many hot items are you responsible for? Can you simply have the hot line grill your chicken and pass it to you?
I also like serving fish or scallops with a crunchy slaw of jicama, carrot and other slightly sweet vegetables. Instead of a warm sauce component use a citrus vinaigrette. Add a starch if you feel you need to. The pick up is super simple, cook fish(sear or grill or broil), plate with two cold components (slaw, vin) that are ready at hand.
Limited seasonal availability on certain spring items can be a problem, so think of ideas that can be done with multiole substitutions, like a small shape pasta with "spring green pesto.". You can use ramps while you have them plus a mix of watercress/arugula. Sub scallions after ramp season. Think bright fresh flavors.
Reading comprehension is fun! The chicken was cooked to temp. It was being reheated. If salmonella tends to grow in poultry that has already been cooked to temp then that is news to me.I understand that reading isn't the most important part of cooking but you guys suck at it.
Thanks for the replies.  I appreciate the feedback.  I am meeting with the owner again tomorrow and I did a recipe test with my cook today (it will be a 2 man operation, maybe putting a dishwasher on if it gets busy).  We tested a home fry recipe, bacon and poached eggs.  The bacon and eggs were perfect in my opinion but the potatoes needed to be crispier.  We'll be working with a 6 burner stove and 2 fryer baskets, and I have 2 small electric griddles that I should be...
Hello all,   I am currently working as a line cook while building towards becoming a sous/chef/owner of a restaurant.  I have recently been offered the opportunity to run a Sunday brunch at a new restaurant owned and managed by an aquaintance of mine.  This is an opportunity for me to create a menu, be in charge of inventory(ordering, storage, utilization of product), staffing, execution of service and all of the other things that a chef has to do.    I am mostly...
Clean stainless steel and clean boards always make me happy. Taking the extra time with my knife work because I know it will elevate the final product makes me happy. Ignoring the silly idea my sous offers (sweeten the rilleno filling by adding dried cranberries, Mexican style) and coming up with the perfect solution (grilled corn puree). I love what I do in spite of all the negatives out there. P.S. Nothing makes me happier than a perfect plate.
I can't speak to the OP's question but I agree 100% with the "condom" feel of this knife. My old chef had one and while he kept a good edge on it and I could easily brunoise with it, it felt weird on the board.
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