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Agreed! Don't waste a dime on culinary school until you've already put in enough time in a kitchen to know that it's what you want to do.
Best advice ever. cheflayne is the yoda of these forums!
Possibly one of the best statements I've ever read regarding a line cook! I used to repeat "it'll all be over soon" in my head over and over, but now... I love that rush haha. My exec chef runs saute and while the other 3 guys rotate between grill, fry, and pantry, he stays. I've been there for 1.5 years and it'll probably be another 1.5 before he gives me the chance to run that station. Keep in mind though, the way our kitchen is set up, Saute is the station that gets the...
Haha, this past Christmas season I got an order for a Ribeye med well butterfly lol. We have 12oz ribeye as well. I was actually tempted to try it, just to see if we had a plate big enough to hold it.
My .02, and everyone has their own :)  First off, grats on the national championship, I bet campus was NUTS!!! The 2nd statement is pretty much all I cared about after reading your post, and I don't mean that in a bad way.If you are willing to work harder, push farther, and never compromise your integrity or standards, then you are on the right path. From your post I can't tell if you've been cooking in restaurants for 4-5 years or just cooking. So, if you HAVE been...
Oh I totally agree, which is why I'm glad this terminology came up. Pick a name and stick to it lol. One of the dumbest tickets we get (semi regularly) is someone claiming to be a strict vegetarian and ordering our flatbread. We always have to remind the servers, "Hey we can take the meat off but our sauce has beef base in it, they may want to pick something else." The server will come back a few minutes later.. "She said as long as there was no meat on the flat bread, she...
I only ask this for my own personal clarification; aren't blue steaks and pittsburgh different? At least in the area I'm in, when someone orders it blue, you pretty much only put marks on the steak. A pittsburgh (as I've been instructed to cook it) is extremely, extremely rare... but you char the @&#% out of the outside, best accomplished by broilers, or super high temp grills.
 I also despise things placed on a plate that aren't meant to be eaten. My biggest fad to hate currently is sriracha. Much like the OP's distain for all things chipotle, I loathe all things sriracha.
I twisted this a bit and presented it to my chef and it's going on the menu. Thank you for the idea/inspiration sir. Thanks to everyone who posted for the ideas, I've written almost all of them down for future ideas.
 I'd love to work in the kitchen with you.
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