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please dont post again that type of videos ;( lol i miss that "pleskavica" and all that food in the pictures... but very soon i am going back so i will have all that ;) hahahah cheers
baking decoration and transport all by my wife...she even handmade the decorations butterfly ...i was amazed :) lol hahhah     http://www.facebook.com/BirthmarkMelisaVlaun   check for some more pictures..and art.
Final Result of the Cake for more pictures and ideas for cakes and cupcakes visit   http://www.facebook.com/BirthmarkMelisaVlaun          
I know this plate for sure xoxox and i miss it Zivela yugoslavija
Welcome to the real bissines world .. If they don't wont you any more you can't take the menu with you,is created for that restaurant .. Same situation is gong on in the resort where I a work now .. Management keep trying to replace me ... Because I start asking for my rights.. So what I did I ask the management for 3 days off. To see how my kitchen will operate without a chef .. Only with station cooks and a "pastry chef " who don't know what is tempering chocolate...
I get that cake ordered today .. They want black fondant gold bow and pink swirls ... I have been having a lot of trouble making fondant here on the island ,...is very humid and hoooot so everything melt very fast Any suggestion or recipe for fondant that I can make it black and be more resistant on humid and hot weather??? Thanks chef George
try Google.com you can find a lot of ideas about food styling plating etc etc ...  
yes could be ...owner want's to see a nice CV and after talk about the money and ticket and everything else.. p.s  yes is 21 century
  A LOT OF ALCOHOL ?? think about the flavor and taste of the final product...is not only to make it work ...alcohol will not freeze but will give a bitter flavor to the center..   try to pour the mousse into a circle mold with inserting a PVC pipe in the center ( before cleaned and sterilized with alcohol) do when the mousse freeze just take out the pipe. when you are ready to serve the dessert just pour the raspberry sauce  or.. sauce inside the center of the mousse ...
Read this post twice before you go ... And please just go with your positive attitude ...And no alcohol ...
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