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Up S*** Creek - I'm in trouble, please help Fivey - 5 litre bucket " I need _____ yesterday" - ASAP, right now Gladys - glad wrap/ plastic wrap "Chef's Office" - toilet, as in "I'm going to the office to do some paperwork "In The Hole" - into the oven, "Barra in the hole!" I'm sure there is more but as it is 40 deg
Crep is win, that is all
So I was thinking today about those little things in the kitchen that help you more than you give them credit, for me some of those things include: bamboo skewers, for checking potatoes, lighting that pesky grill that always goes out, checking that fish is cooked through, can't remember other things right now but surely you know what I'm saying, the little things in life
Just last week we had a waiter come in and say that a customer wants the Barramundi for her fish and chips "grilled, with no butter or oil" me and me chef just look at each other and shake our heads
Wait a sec, does that mean you guys call your house fridge a reach in?
There is the difference then, I'm in Australia, we call a walk in a cool room and the "reach-in" is a service fridge I guess
I've never heard of it being referred to as a walk in until I came on this website, always been a cool room... Strange how that happens
Why is the cool room so serious, it's seems that an important conversation takes place in the cool room, is this just my chefs or is this the normal sorta thing
I'm not looking to replace my whole set currently in the mundial I have 10" chefs, bread, 8" carving, utility not sure size paring and turning, the smaller knives are good I dont mind them and the large chefs is good for those big jobs but it is just too heavy for anything that takes time, and my Victorinox 8" chefs just dosent hold an edge, I want to replace the Victorinox and maybe even go smaller, I have quite small hands so that's not a problem, not sure how efficient...
So I am an apprentice, I have a full set of mundial knives that have served me well, I bought them as a 1st year and am now in my third year, I also have a Victorinox 20cm chefs that I really like using except it doesn't hold an edge very well, I want something nice and light but still has the ability to hold an edge for a while, I've looked at the shun knives but have heard they are a bit over priced for what you get, basically I want to move from the German knives to the...
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