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Just Jim, You crack me up!  But, it's true.  If you brow beat someone for using fre-fab stuff then you can't use it in your "own" rub.  Learn how to make it yourself.  MommaT
Thank All of You,  I am going to try your ideas and try to teach them that real food dosn't come out of a window.  Also, Its good to know I'm not alone in this.  I love this site.  MommaT
Hey Ya'll,  Last night I fixed prime rib (started with $100 prime rib which I dry aged for nine days)  and only one guest liked it.  Four guests turned their noses up stating "We don't like this type of food but for next time we like hamburgers and pizza.  The beef was the best my husband and I have ever eaten and we have had many.  Question:  How did these 20-30 year olds get this way and how (if possable) can I fix it.  It breaks my heart that they have no idea what...
Good grief!  What a great idea, he'll love it.  I'm making it this weekend. Thanks, MommaT
Hey Ya'll,  My husband thinks he's a cowboy ( he's a master electrical contractor).  Meat, potaotes, (or rice), one or two veges and bread.......I'm tired of cooking the same things. Any take on something new along the same lines?  Thanks, MommaT
Last year I did game hens.  Everyone had their own but, were a little messy and I didn't live people liking their fingers and stuff.  A lot of people here do mexican meals or believe it or not BBQ.  I'll stick with the turkey and ham.  MommaT
No, you are not alone.  I still put up a lot of fruit, jelly, jams and veges.  But my best is hot jalapeno jelly.  Teach this stuff to your kids. MommaT
It's called seven minute icing.  You can't mess it up.  Recipes on many websites.  MommaT
Use the flavors you like.  The key to this type of steak is that it must come up to room temp.  Lay it on the counter for about an hour then grill it.  Also, don't overcook the beef and let it rest (covered or not)  before you even think about cutting it.  Good Luck, MommaT
You are correct!  TEXAS born.  Ground beef, dry spices, flour, cook for about 30minutes.  Perfect everytime and have won many chili cookoffs.  Good luck if you are not from the Great State.  MommaT
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