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That's the cost per year. So it's 2 years for our Associates and 4 for the Bachelors. On a side note I wish you a speedy recovery. Injuries like that are never a good thing to deal with.
JWU isn't very hard to get in but it will cost more than LCB. If you go for it I would suggest the Providence campus that school is built predomenitaly for Culinary and Miami is mostly for criminal justice.
I agree with foodpump, that being said check out some local community colleges for culinary programs. You'll learn the same stuff just cheaper.
Yes at least that's what I do if I can't get ahold of schnapps.
I wouldn't blame Gordon, in fact the bloke is quite kind in person and on his British shows. That being said how about we let the blame rest with CIA or JWU. They both seem more influential at putting out arrogant disrespectful cooks than a simple television personality.
That actually sounds delicious, I'm interested in that recipe myself. Something new for the family this year.
I personally wouldn't. You run the risk of burning the crust. What would be the recipe be out of curiosity? The recipe could also have something to do with it.
If your on an extremely tight budget I'd say check out Mercer knives. I have a few and they perform very well. In fact my Mercer bread knife out performs my Wusthof bread knife. They won't break the bank and they are very good quality. Of course I'd still splurge on a Wusthof chef knife.
Ok so first off I went to none if those schools I attended Johnson & Wales then went through a Disney pastry program. Honestly for our line of work your better off going to a community college. If you have your mind set on expensive schools keep in mind bakers don't make much starting off. I make about $1400 a month right now with a degree and several years of experience. On a side note check out Swiss or Spanish schools. The Spaniards are doing amazing things in the...
I would suggest checking out the Walt Disney Culinary Program. It's a paid program for starters, they provide housing and transportation as well. I did my program in 2010 and had the privilage to work with some of  the best pastry chefs in the state. Anyway it's a great program and the Disney name on your resume is a pretty good way to land a job.
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