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I maybe working at a Dining Hall at a university in Ohio. I mentioned that I had several misdemeanors prior to 2001. The hiring guy seemed to act as if that would not be an issue. Mentioned all I had was a minor payout ticket in 2005. And that I had no felonies. I hope this goes well.Any Feedback?
Thank You. I actually have an interview with Aramark Foodservices for a dining hall @ University of Cincinnati Wednesday.  
Hi. don't know if this is the proper forum but here we go. I work in a small bistro establishment in  a bookstore.There are 8 or so of us cooks. I have worked there almost 2 years. We were told the comapny has suspended raises and evaluations. Supposedly myself and a couple of others were still"doing a great job". However we had this 20 year old stoner kid that was a dishwasher. Never cooked in his life. After a few months they start training him to do orders and now...
New Posts  All Forums: