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Thank You!
Good Afternoon Chefs!   A bit of advice needed here. I am starting a small cookie business in the Austin Area, and am trying to figure out the most cost-efficient way to procure the basics. I'm starting out on a shoestring, so am utilizing the Tx Cottage law to get things started, and will sell mostly at Farmers' markets at first. Hoping to distinguish myself with quality, branding and elevated, creative flavors. First, does that make sense? If you were doing something...
Hi Chefs, cooks and students, I just finished with the classroom and lab portion of my education in pastry/baking arts, and am currently externing at a local French Style bakery.  I am a "non-traditional" student ( in other words, older) and this is a second career. I did really well in school, finished with a 3.8 GPA, and 99% attendance. I am smart, very very creative, have an eye for design and am passionate and dedicated.  Sounds perfect? Well, here's the...
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