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night was delicious served the salmon in a teriyaki marinade, on top of a bed of rice with some sauteed asparagus on the side all topped with the marinade reduced to a sauce and drizzled on top... I got pretty good reviews   and also made a burger or two for one of the guys (and myself because I wanted something to snack on while cooking... I hadn't eaten lunch) and that turned out delicious as well   all in all a success thanks everyone!
As a proud Texan, our house at home is never kept below 82 degrees (my mom's crazy) and every day outside has hit triple digits for the past 2 weeks.... yeah your food should be fine, and we have that great hot AND humid heat
hotdogs served on toast... gotta love college life  
decided to add to this, a few center cut short ribs cooked with a honey mesquite sauce 2 brats (with additional sauce on the side) and some zucchini seasoned with a little pepper cooked in the same pan the brats had just been cooked.. rather good first meal in my new apartment  
Wow Chef Luis, you definitely gave me an idea... the idea of taking a road trip and eating dinner at your place   I really wish I had a grill and will probably go out and purchase one in the next month or so in time for football season, this is Texas afterall have to do a little tailgating   haha small world Kgirl hopefully it went well (assuming it already happened)   and chef luis when reducing it to a syrup, did you just use the original marinade just...
not 100% sure but about 10 coming I'm used to cooking for 7-10 (i am the youngest of 5 kids so yeah)
I may look into some Basmatti, and what I tend to do (this is probably weird and not generally done) is if I have something served with rice where a nice citric flavor would go well but not over bearing, I take some lemons cut them up and squeeze the juice out into the rice water as it's cooking, and if done with just the right amount it adds a slight lemon flavor and is rather delicious in my mind especially with a fish dish. Don't know why but there is something about...
  Unfortunately no grill...., and part of the major reason for the Teriyaki marinade is that the flavor it develops is a flavor that is generally liked by all because it's not fishy per say and I'm serving to a broad spectrum of individuals (all college students) so it was something I thought would please all of the group knowing them.
I was only looking to marinate for a few hours, and the recipe I am using (which what I did was pull up about 7 or 8 different recipes and from that derive my own) has water in it, I assumed that the purpose of that was to dilute the overbearing saltiness in the fish, would I be correct in assuming that?  And duly noted on the sauces
So in a week I'm making dinner for a bunch of friends, decided to do salmon (they are pitching in so I'm not spending a lot of money)     I was thinking about doing a Teriyaki marinade on the salmon, for a few hours then popping them on a pan and oven baking them, I had a few questions so: Anything I should be aware of when cooking this to make sure I don't screw it up? I was going to cook some white rice (maybe with a little lemon juice in the water to add a...
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