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A troll? Hmmmm. Okay.
God you guys are so depressing. Well, my dad started srlling cars at 32, ended up gsm and gm at newport auto center at 40, then owning beverly hils porsche at 45 and retiring at 52. And all the dudes in tbe car business told him not to get involved. Now hes in az, oens an assisted living facility for shts and giggles and plays golf all day. Take that for what its worth. Desire.
BS. Ive met more than a fair share of chefs who got a start later on life. I just think its sad for people who domt know people on tbe inside giving tbem no sense of hope. Chefs need to get over themsrlves. Youre cooking, nothing more, nothing less.passion prevails.
Man, after reading that stupid anothony bourdain book, i almost feel like i shouldn't even pursue my dreams of becoming a small restaurant owner. Jesus! That guy is so freaking negative. What is his deal? I am 30 and looking to start some kind of culinary school or classes, not to become a head chef, but rather so i know what the hell is going on in the kitchen. plus i love cooking. Anothony basically says "hey, if youre over 30 and you want to cook, forget...
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