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thats the one, not sure about the cider though, its definately non alcoholic
above all first i need to apologise for late reaction, aas i stated in my intro, i just took over the restaurant and time is a precious thing at the moment so i dont allways have enough of that to respond in time. Thanks for help locating this dish chef margcata and chef kirkb. Sorry i forgot to take photos, i will take care of that next time i prepare a dish from this website. As soon as i have mnore time in hands ( winter) i will spend more time on this forum. Its...
made it today as a daymenu. add a little red pepper for some kick but quite liked it overall. i used a granny smith for the finishing touch fried apple, looks good on colour and the sour taste is a nice contrast with the salty ham
dear colleges,   Im am searching for original stew recipies from over the world. The kind of dishes your mom would make in a large stew pot at home. We have a stewrestaurant in holland and the menu is now filled with stews from lets call it the warm countries ( its summer here) Marocco, india, brasil, tunesia and so on. For the wintermenu im looking for dishes from colder countries. Eastern europe, russia, norway, finland and off course my home country too, which...
sounds great, combination of sweet apple and salty prociutto, any idea where this recipy comes from ( country or region)
thanks for the welcome
hi everyone,   my name is Len. Head chef and part owner of restaurant STOOF in harlingen, the netherlands. Looking forward to exchange wisdom and recipes from all over the world. Our restaurant is specialised is international stewdishes so i need all the help i can get searching for those original potstews from all over the world.   kind regards   Len
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