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thank you to all who responded to my question about 12mo culinary school LeNotre at $46K. my son finally got his head on straight and he went and enrolled at Houston Community college 2 yr course costing approx 8K. I copied this thread and emailed to him and he realized the school is not going to make him a king, and the cost was a big factor also. thanks again, good luck to you all.
I want to know what all of you professional and retired chefs really think about the culinary schools. my son supposed to start in october at LeNotre Houston Tx.. The tuition is $46K and I think that is highway robbery. does a passionate cook need go to school? why not just get foot in door somewhere and start at the bottom? It is how I became an accountant. I never touched a single college classroom. But things are different now I think than when I graduated high school...
WOW those are powerful words chef buba.... thanks...
I would like all of your opinions. my son is 24 wants to be a chef. he is registered for LeNotre to start in October. it is alot money, to the tune of $46K. I think he has lost his mind, since U of H 3 yrs didnt come close. He loves to cook though. i havent had to make a meal since he was in the 10th grade.  Are these culinary schools really worth their wait in gold. Desperate mother needing opinions.
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