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Dear all,   I am going to incorporate the Heston Blumenthale 'burning sorbet' into my menu which I will be serving to customers. In my country (the netherlands) Gellan F is quite expensive and not readily available through my 'texturas'-provider. The guy who provides that stuff told me that 'kappa carrageenan' is a good replacement for Gellan F, and is cheaper as well.   Does somebody know if the Kappa Carrageenan will also work with the flaming sorbet? And...
As sorbets are a high risk for ice-crystal forming, Is there anybody that got an idea of how to get the smallest ice-crystals with just domestic electronics? Or with a small investment maybe?
Dear all,   I am new to this forum, and hereby I want to introduce myself and at the same time ask a very important question which has been bugging my mind for a while. My name is Maxime and I am a Dutch private chef, cooking at people's homes.   A lot of recipes I really want to incorporate into the menu's consist of smooth and silky ice-cream or sorbets. I am very fond of the PacoJet for the use of many things in the kitchen, but I just can not afford one...
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