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This has actually always bugged me, ive never heard someone else mention it.
You can do it easier then that. Rather then making three caramels for a single candy, you can do something akin to the old fashioned caramel and nougat spiral type candies. You can easily put a filling inside of a caramel. You'd make the caramel and cast it into a frame. Next, make a filling. This can be a nougat, chocolate nougat, chocolate ganache, peanut butter filling, anything. What you do need, though, is for the filling to have about the same consistancy as the...
Get a refractometer that measures salinity
I've always enjoyed my Boos block. Whats the layout like in your kitchen? Do you see yourself storing your board in a cabinet when its not in use? Or would it have its own spot on the counter? If ita stored on the counter, id get the largest butcher block you can find. Again, John Boos is a pretty common brand. Alternatively, I saw recently at a restaurant supply shop near my place (in san diego), they had very large blocks for a very reasonable price, I think the brand...
Since I leave my phone off and in my car during work, I just got a cheap clip watch that can attached through a belt loop.
Thin boiling starch (or modified starch) is definitely used in manufacturing. Thats the same stuff they use to make items like mike and ikes, jujubees and such. If you find a source, definitely report back. Also, what is the ultra gel product you ordered? What it made from? Ill check it out when I get a chance.
Yeah, that's the formula verbatim from chocolates amd confections. See my post above from 2012, I still haven't come up with a source other then in large scale quantities meant for manufacturing.
Agreed with the above, i personally like the demerara sugar. And Panini, your absolutely correct, molasses is added to white granulated sugar to make brown sugar.
Neck wafers are definitely pastillage. Thats just the general description. If you look at the ingredients label, it won't match perfectly to a typical pastillage formula, but essentially thats what they are. Ive done these to play around with and for a wedding, and they turns out pretty good. I make a pastillage, divide into portions (keep covered of course) then add a colorant and a flavor. Dust with starch, roll out, cut with a round cutter or whatever shape you want,...
Thay do measure in Celsius, you can easily switch between the two.
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