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Your best bet would be cocoa butter, it'll help set the item firmer. But regardless, coconut oil and chocolate make a meltaway candy, which is has a low melting point, hence it easily melts away when eaten. Another factor would be if the chocolate and cocoa butter is in temper. If you melt your coconut oil, chocolate, and additional cocoa butter and just pour it into a pan or frame, it will take a very long time to set, and when it does, will be very soft. However, if you...
Chill dude, thats not how you get people to help you.
Im not trying to deny what your saying, but where are you that an Arbys restaurant purchases meat from a local butcher? And when you say "they pay an average of $170 for thier beef," is this weekly, daily, just one type of meat? Who gave you that info, it seems vague. Again, im not trying to agitate anyone, just seems odd to hear of a such a large chain buying meat from a local butcher.
A google search will yield all the easy vegan muffin recipes you could ever desire
If you melt unsweetened baker chocolate and coconut fat (to make a melt away center) you'd have something that sort nnok of sets up like ganache. I suppose you could add some confectioners sugar to sweeten also. If you looking for a chocolate chip substitute, perhaps try some cacao nibs, they have a very satisfying crunch. All in all, you can use cacao nibs, bakers chocolate (which are the same as the nibs but they have been ground), or get a chocolate that doesnt have spy...
Im not really one to contradict, and it may not matter too much here when were talking about modeling chocolate, but paramount crystals are shaved pieces of hydrogenated oil, typically used to thin confectionery coating or candy melt, it is not the same as cocoa butter.
If its your first cook book I'd suggest Joy of Cooking as phatch said. Otherwise On Cooking or the cia book Professional Chef will have all the information, but geared toward a professional kitchen.
Can I ask where you got your molds? Do you make them? For a long time I've been wanting to make something like the old fashioned clear toy candies, but the molds are typically antiques and too expensive for me to want to buy just to play with. Are these single cast pieces? And nice details, seriously!   When it comes to sugar, theres not really a preservative in that sense. Like you said, you can use isomalt to get the results you want, but that is pricy. Otherwise,...
When a stone surface is installed, its normally sealed after, not before. And I do think that would be the case here because what you have are large tiles, not necessarily a slab (a slab is 7/8 inch thick, not 1cm). Once the tiles are installed on the walls of the office, they get grouted, and after grouting, the entire surface (grout and marble) will get sealed. Regardless, congrats on your marble, it really opens up what you can do with chocolate and sugar. The downside...
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