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I would absolutely never buy a thermometer from ikea. If you looking for something more professional (and accurate, durable, long-lasting), get a thermocouple thermometer. I got mine from thermoworks.com and wished I had done it sooner.
Sorry I dont have much to say especially after how much you said. But you have two in kitchen and you start at 4pm? Do you serve only dinner at this place?
Get carbon steel pans from Matfer and you'll never have to think about buying the things again.
Are there alot of fruit flies? Usually you'd loosely cover the fermented mass, but if its that big of a problem, keep it tightly covered. If its smelling like it should, you already got your little yeasties in there, you should be fine.
You certianly can use silicone for molding chocolate, but polycarbonate is a much better option. Detailed chocolate scupltures involve much more then just a mold, alot of those pieces have much ingenuity behind them on the part of the chocolatier. I think most chocolatiers wouldnt want to use a ceramic mold. I cant comment too much on the cakes, but I sort of have a hard time seeing all those subtle details coming through a cake, not to mention batmans pointy ears would...
As much as I love the classical look of a white jacket and apron, ive switched to all black. I save my whites for special occasions.
Hi Chris, I do appreciate your response.   Refractometers are instruments for measuring the amount of dissolved solids in a solution. They really are used for jams and jellies, this ensures your putting out a consistent product. Automatic Temperature Compensating refractometers are not uncommon. You definitely would use it during boiling, along with, or as a more accurate replacement to a thermometer. Something I've been doing for a few years is collecting videos on...
Line the counter with plastic wrap Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
To me, thats looks like a cream ganache thats just been applied and still a bit fluid. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
@ChrisBelgium I wouldnt say that its theoretical. You actually are able to measure the brix during boiling. The sample put on the prism will cool sufficiently for you to get a reading. As for your question 'how do you proceed practically with your refractometer when starting a batch of jam?' Well...you dont. The refractometer is used almost like a thermometer. It tells you when its finished. You dont use it at the beginning of cooking. As for your second question about...
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