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We are a Cajun Restaurant with a full Bakery. All of our food is cajun. Not spicy but has the cajun seasonings in. We sell burgers and tacos and traditional cajun food. its a southern soul food take out joint. We do desserts and like to show case them. All desserts on menu are asked for by our regulars.   we have ovens, friers, steam tables, prep tables, pizza ovens, flat top grill, deep freezers, coolers, sandwich prep table/cooler   I am going to shorten the...
and we are pretty much a take out restaurant with no alcohol sales.
ok guys....I am not the head chef I am the part owner and marketing person. My partner has left me in charge because he is sick. How do I stream line the menu? How do I make it easier to read? I realize I can not be all things to all people.   Why aren't people coming her well frankly they have no idea we are even here!!!! I have went to businesses and passed out flyers and I still have people come in that say they never heard of us and didn't know we are...
for a mainly take out restaurant in a city that knows nothing about cajun the menu is good. We want businesses in here so we added sandwiches. Our burgers and sliders sell like hot cakes we would never take them off. As for the sides those are 16 and 32oz sides that is a lot of food for the price. Popeyes is not the way we want to go!! 15 bucks for 2 meals is way off balance and they are a fad....once the newness wears off they will slow up to as they are getting tons of...
thanks for all of that....please tell me how to get bodies into my restaurant
Ok I need advice. My restaurant is on the East side of Saginaw. This is none to not be safe....although it is safe where I am at. We have 5 tables and a small counter that seats 10 people. So I can seat about 20 people. Most of my business is take out. Most of our business is done from 6-9pm. We want a lunch crowd. I have a website, yelp, foursquare, twitter, and facebook page. I post all the time. Yet we are not getting business. We have given out golden tickets for...
In the restaurant I am renting they have equipment that has not been used or cleaned in about 12 yrs. I am lost at how to clean this flat top grill!!! I scrap it, I scrub it, I use vinegar, I use the brick but there is still black stuff in the food when I cook....so I just don't cook on it but I want to!!! Please help!!
I have tried all the cajun grocery stores on line and none of them have tail meat. This is what we served in the restaurant and for some reason it is no where to be found. I was hoping someone could tell me as to why this happened. I can get farm raised tail meat but for $21 bucks a pound plus shipping but our local fish market where I use to get it can't get it nor any other market I call that normally has it.
ok so how in the world did you make em??? I would love to do them at catering events
when making my butter cream instead of milk I mix 2 tablespoons water, vanilla, and some popcorn salt then add it to the mix. It cuts the sugary taste in half.
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