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>>>>> Are there scenarios where a chef doesn't do inventory and the business is still healthy and profitable?
>>>>> You lost me a bit on that "should have cost to sell" bit there. Can you explain some more? I guess I don't know what an "ideal cost of goods" is either. Do you just mean what your COGS SHOULD have been vs. what is actually was, as it relates to your %'s? Like, "we needed our COGS to be $5000, but it was actually $6000?"
>>>>> Correct me if I'm wrong, I thought "food cost" was the amount of money that a place spends on food. I referenced FC% as an expression of percent of sales in my original post. You are basically saying that "food cost" only happens when something is removed from our inventory and sold to the diner? Could you expound on that some? Seems to me if you purchase more food, or especially more food than you can sell reasonably, then your food cost (and FC%) would increase...?
As to descriptions, descriptions sell food, whether they are printed or spoken, they are the most important sales tool any chef has, and printed descriptions can share a lot more information, more consistently than servers. Great servers will guide guests where you want them to go, and add a lot of value to the experience, but if they are stuck at each table explaining every item on the menu, they aren't selling drinks, greeting new guests, clearing plates, filling...
A few thoughts from someone in the industry for 28 years with 15+ years as a consultant. 1. What you're proposing is not an original service. Most restaurant consultants offer some sort of "Virtual CEO service", and most price it much less than $500/mth. I'd say an average price is around $200/mth. 2. No restaurant owner is going to listen to someone without significant industry experience tell them anything, much less pay them $500/mth to learn the industry they're are...
Purchasing more one week and less another isn't going to make your food cost fluctuate because your food cost is not a measurement of the value of your inventory. It's a measurement of how much food you used. Your food cost doesn't go up when you purchase more food, it only goes up when you sell, waste or lose food to theft, if your purchase prices go up, or if there is a record keeping error like wrong prices in your point of sale system, on your menu or on your...
I just got the prize for a contest for my chef's this month. Think it will motivate them? 63 layers of ancient Japanese technology with a modern, comfy non-slip grip.
I don't have one. I imagine it has a lot of calcium in it, but there probably isn't an accurate way to estimate the nutritional value without sending it to a lab. I haven't heard of any nutrition software that has values for chicken that account for bones and cartilage.
As with any business, the biggest challenge is always finding customers. Without customers, you don't have a business, you have a hobby.
You're losing your edge because you have a two stage sharpener. If you want to maintain your edge with an electric sharpener, you need a three stage sharpener.
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