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Nicko thanks so much for your reply again. I wasnt offended at all..sorry to give you that kind of impression. Thanks for your advice. I m planning to get an internship for 6 months atleast before i join a school. Thanks for the heads up :)
Nicko- I dont know what is considered serious, but i m very passionate about food. Spent money on engineering, true. I never wanted it but back then i didnt know what else to do. I was a kid then. In past 3 years i have discovered how much I love food. I m just trying to have a profession out of something I love doing. But your advice of getting a experience in a pro kitchen before school sounds about right. Thanks for taking out time and posting a reply :)
le cordon bleu..
Im a female in her early 20s living in India.  I m currently pursuing Masters in engineering. Cooking has always always been my passion. No matter how pressed of time I am, I always find time for cooking. I will be done with my masters in next 6 months. I m thinking of changing careers and enrolling in a culinary school. I've done a little bit of research on this. I have always wanted to go to lcb paris. but now i m encountering these super negative feedbacks on the...
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