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pulled pork sandwiches  short rib sliders stuffed chicken stuffed pork loin mac n cheese soups  stews
1. cleanliness  2. Seasoning 3. flavor layering 4. knife skills 5. sense of urgency 
What type of plastic wrap do you use?  We have the sysco brand plastic wrap.  I know this happens to everyone, when your trying to wrap something and it tears on you.  Don't you just hate that!  Drives me crazy when it happens to you a couple of times back to back lol...
When I worked in NC we used to do a potato butter.  Peel potatoes, boil until soft, smash potatoes threw a china cap, place in a bowl, add hot cream, then add butter and incorporate into potatoes over an open flame, season to taste, push mashers threw a fine meshed sieve....potato was a bi$%# to make everyday, but it was damn good though.
I know everyone on this forum has been burned by someone or something in there career in the food industry.  So what is your most memorable burn you received or gave to yourself while at work?   This happened when I started cooking some years back.  I was trying to short-cut clean a deep fryer.  So I drained about a forth of the oil out, so that I could just clean the sides(shady I know).  As I was wiping of the sides inside the fryer my right hand slipped, cause I...
How many of you who are in charge of whatever type of food business your in, make potential hires, do cooking test?  The last place I worked at made everyone put together a three course meal with three hours(it was fine dining of course).  The place I work for now, I am in charge of giving the cooking test, though I work for a rather large catering company, there is no need to three courses lol.  I basically ask them to do basic knife cuts, make one of the mother sauces...
I work in catering some my prep list are different everyday.  I make a weekly prep list for all the events that week.  What works for me is grouping things together and knowing how long those task take to do...example: blanching all items for that day at the same time, grouping all knife cuts together, doing all sauce work at the same time.....and so on and so forth.
I use whetstones.  1000 grit, 6000 grit, 16,000 grit....though it takes forever to use whetstones properly, but once you grab a hold of the concept, your knives will be razor sharp and no need to take them in for sharpening!
I was just pondering at work the other day on how ppl sharpen there knives.  I sharpen my knives the exact same way as these guys does in this video...  I had a friend at my last job who went to sushi school and he taught everyone this method.  I am curious to know how you sharpen your knives.  If you could give examples that would be awesome!
I am just curious to know if anyone on this site has built there own sous vide machine.  I read the seattle food geek blog, who I believe came up with the first blue prints for one, and really want to try it out.  I really don't have the time with my new position in all.  So have you built one?  
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