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grilled ribeyes hold pretty good on a bed of sauted red and green bell peppers.   steak bites,fingers...   short ribs.
trying not to respond in a smartass way to stupid emails coming in from work on my day off.
id say its a toss up between my pocket knife and the paper towel dispenser.
personally i love being able to take less then a full step from lets say stovetop to service/assembly area.   that picture looks more then ample room.   put some music on and do the dance when you have to.  
maybe a singal theme buffet.   build your own czar salad,taco bar,sangwiches.   i believe if you wanna do the job and have a set budget then just come up with something doable.   are you looking to make a profit?   who in the family or group can get a good price on a particular food item?   come up with something unique and dramatic.   or back out and go to the event  non stressed.
pro chef and pro cooking are super good books.   
its either the cheese or you are just cooking it at to high heat.   if it goes grainy after sitting then your hold temp is to hi.  
id have to agree with all these suggestions.   the sword and halibut comparison is dead on.   mahi to me takes on flavors super well.   from pineapple salsa,to sauted vegetables in a lemon berblanch.   id make sure it had just a bit of olive oil,salt,pep,and garlic before grilling,so as to activate its natural flavors and help those flavors stand up when topping is added to it.
im betting there was a good chance that the leaving sous set up the other lady with the job.   i have quit many times on a decision based on frustration and emotions and not one time did it turn out to be the best decision at the moment.  
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