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My wife was a Maitre D  on a cruise ship sailing in the Carib.The main oil feed to the engines fractured then exploded as they were serving desert.The Master ordered all passengers to their muster station. She was asked by a pax if she could take her desert with her.
That all depends on the flour and the end product, eg if I was making a sandwich/toasting loaf using a white flour with a protein content between 10 and 15% none.
The great unwashed  dont want or read good reviews. They want the critics to bash a restaurants so the can claim recompense for all the crap meal they have had and not had the bottle or knowledge to complain about.The wanabee white hats out there with limited  ability want to see success attacked to pander to their own short comings.
Shredded cabbage, pita, home made veal kofta and feta with greek basil.
I love fish and terrine so both plates hit the spot.I got a good inky cuttlefish from the market. I made a simple risotto nero with crispy deep fried cuttlefish goujons.  
I agree with the no sugar or liquid camp. I cram my slow cooker with sliced onions only, give it about 8 hrs. The onions do not color, I store in the fridge then fry the amount I need for a few mins.
I love lemon meringue pies The big blow torch is a male thing.
So they dont get lost going to work?
I do, to allow the protein to develop, I then slap the dough around to help the protein to convert to gluten. I use Canadian Red Spring Flour because it has a 15% protein content so after slapping it makes the phyllo dough stretch beautifully.
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