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Here is a Bosnian lady making meat burek using home made phyllo or leaf.The dough consist of flour, water and oil after kneading and resting it becomes very pliable.The pictures I have of our home made leaf and Burek are in my photobucket acc and I cannot post them for some reason. Help please.EB have you ever tasted Burek?  .
Its to wet and cold here to smoke them on the bbq so I resorted to using smoker bags in the oven, then deep frying them.I served them with chilli flavoured bread sauce.
another fan here, I use this method to make chicken biryani.
He comes from good stock, Vaclav Havel is one of my heroes.
Nah this is me out on the lash with my wife.
Here you go ED more puff pastry making
Oh I also wanted to add check out Burek Sa Sirom before you stick your foot father in the hole, sa sirom is a mixture of feta, cream cheese and egg yolks that is what the guy is dotting on the phyllo leaf.
Both the vid and the photo are called strudel or phylo leaf.I was taught to make puff pastry in Paris 40 yrs ago using three diff methods of lamination. The paste the leaf is made out of is just oil, flour,and water is that how you make your puff?
Dobro Hvala! I think your greeting is Czech?
Thanks Mimi,yes they are Turkey.The stock pot is sorted using this.The meat that is left on the neck is still full of flavour so I mix it with caramelised onion and fennel and use it to stuff crepes.
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