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I made chocolate mousse and fruit from the scratch. Mousse are made from pate a bombe base and whip cream. I have no problem piping them into glasses however, for volume consistency purposes, I have to put each empty glass on scale, tare and pipe the mousse to the weight I want it. Therefore wondering if there is any equipment that I can use to eliminate the weighing process , something like portion control batter dispenser? Thanks so much :)
I need help to speed up my production process. Currently sells mousse in glasses and use disposable piping bag to deposit the mousse into glasses. But this is taking long. Wondering if there is any equipment similar to pancake/dough depositor which will work with mousse.   Thanks in advance for your help and Happy New Year!
Hi   Just wondering if any of you ever made puff pastry in hot and humid weather? If so, how did you do it?
Hello all   I am searching for equipments that would ease me with my puff pastry making.   Currently making the laminated dough with hand. Would love to buy a bigger mixer. In beginning I am planning to make the dough 2lb at the time then slowly increase to 15lb-20lb at time. Any suggestion please, what size of mixer I should start with? Also, what kind of mixer I should look at , spiral or planetary?Any suggestion on brand?   I am also looking for a bigger...
Thank all  for your helpful replies.   I am hoping to pick up your  knowledges. In the long run, I am planning to specialise in making puff pastry with different type of filing (savoury and sweet)   What brand would you recommended for mixer /food processor for making the puff pastry in start up production. Initially, planning to produce around 10-15 kg puff pastry sheet per day.   Also, what kind of oven ( deck, rotary, convection?) would you recommend for...
Thank you so much for your kind replies.   How much hydration do you usually use for rough/blitz puff pastry? The last time I made it, i think I used too much water (I used around 50 percent of flour weight)
Hi, i just started making puff pastry. Tried the french and blitz method. The french worked pretty welll but the blitz was a total disaster  I am wondering if is possible to tell prior to baking the pastry if the puff pastry will not rise? And how?   Many thanks for your kind help!
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