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Aloha, all. Haven't posted in forever, thought I would get back into it.   Garlic & Herb Buttter basted Sirloin w/ Roast fingerling & Bacon laced Haricot Vert
If you have been in the industry for 11 years, especially with even SOME schooling to have on your resumé, have you tried to get into a higher/management position? After 11 years, you should be doing more than humping it out on a line for $9p/hr, IMHO.   Can that piece of paper help? Sure. Is it mandatory? Nope. With 11 years of being in a professional kitchen, you should be able to get picked up pas a Sous, at LEAST. have you gotten involved ever with...
you bumped a 3 year old thread for that?
    Jesus titty effin Christ yes. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. . . I once had a lead(waitron), if she didn't make at LEAST $300 a night (everynight, I'm talking Mondays, through Wednesdays. . . .once the weekend rolled around, Good God holy Sh*t), would act like I killed her dog. This was while I was involved in owning/operating, so while I acted sympathetic, I secretly cursed her name, and it took everything within me to not just unleash on her that after payroll, bills/overhead,...
LOL, how funny!
it also shares some of the same stigma that anything farm raised has, not to mention, it's garbage fish like tilapia. If you see how swai are raised and farmed, you wouldn't be quick to endorse 'em.
Ummm, judging by your SN, you are a girl. unless you are working side shows as the bearded woman, I am really not too sure how you can understand the desire of a man wanting to sport a beard, and work in the kitchen. I am sure you could type more than your share if the topic of how men prefer their women when it comes to hair there, barely there, landing strip or bald eagle. . .but, in keeping with the thread, "FACIAL HAIR in the kitchen", it's funny to see a girl...
By the way, it's officially "No Shave NOVEMBER"!!!!!!   Glad to know I have my partners/Bosses that also partake in the event, so not too much to worry about.    Bring on Grizzly Adams status!
 There are a lot of the, out there, you just have to look. A couple of my favorite botique bakeries/ pastry shops are in storefronts that if you blinked, you would miss 'em, yet the volume of industry stuff they so is amazing. .  some supply some of the best places in DC. From where I am at, in old Town fairfax, all the way to DC, rt50/29/123 all have great little mom and pop style, family run bakeries and what not. Also, down further on 236 off columbia pike, are some...
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