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Those packets are just nothing but sodium, sodium, and more sodium.   There are loads of options, what are you shooting for?
Nope, I mean the band of storms yesterday.   There is a lot more to Virginia Beach than just the beach. It's the largest city in hampton roads.  
My father is currently in Virginia BEach, some of the pics he sent me were nuts, pretty serious band of storms that went through! The hail looked crazy!
Bechamel, white cheddar, a little smoked gouda, a little "melting" cheese, cavatappi, cubed smoked ham, green peas at the end, into a rarebit, top with buttered bread crumbs, a little more cheese and under the broiler it goes. 
Aloha, all. Haven't posted in forever, thought I would get back into it.   Garlic & Herb Buttter basted Sirloin w/ Roast fingerling & Bacon laced Haricot Vert
If you have been in the industry for 11 years, especially with even SOME schooling to have on your resumé, have you tried to get into a higher/management position? After 11 years, you should be doing more than humping it out on a line for $9p/hr, IMHO.   Can that piece of paper help? Sure. Is it mandatory? Nope. With 11 years of being in a professional kitchen, you should be able to get picked up pas a Sous, at LEAST. have you gotten involved ever with...
you bumped a 3 year old thread for that?
    Jesus titty effin Christ yes. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. . . I once had a lead(waitron), if she didn't make at LEAST $300 a night (everynight, I'm talking Mondays, through Wednesdays. . . .once the weekend rolled around, Good God holy Sh*t), would act like I killed her dog. This was while I was involved in owning/operating, so while I acted sympathetic, I secretly cursed her name, and it took everything within me to not just unleash on her that after payroll, bills/overhead,...
LOL, how funny!
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