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what irritates me more, is when tards don't STOP the tear as it's happening, and you go to use it, and there is about a 4inch strip of use able saran, on a 2 foot roll. . . and there is an inch and a half layer of film to cut through to get things level again.. .easily one of my biggest pet peeves. It means that EVERYONE who has used it, has been a retard for a bit, and it drives me crazy.
any halfway steady breakfast/brunch service. That's only 60 orders, in a place that seats over 120 heads, that is NOT unrealistic. 
  Or into an ice bath depending on the service. If you are serving immediately, leave them in the spoon, and just lay the spoon onto the towel, and let it rest, and serve with a quickness.   Best to shock them so the yolks don't continue to cook, and once you have then shocked, line 'em up on towels to absorb moisture. When it comes to putting an order out, simply reheat in the poaching water for 45seconds, remove with slotted spoon, dab on a side towel to remove excess...
Welcome! Where about on the MD Shore? I have friends that swear by Ocean City, and Dewey Beach, but I think I much prefer Easton(the Bayside). Spent years in Virginia Beach, and it see,s as though, if you have been to one ATL Coast resort town, you have been to 'em all, but each certainly have their own differences, and charms.   Welcome to the board.
I guess I am one of the few that aren't into Global. I feel that the tang is too thin in some of the knives, and when roll chopping, they didn't feel as solid as other knives I use/prefer.   I have 2 Shun, and I love them both dearly.   For everyday, all around kitchen knives, I have stayed with Wusthof Trident. Not the best, certainly not the worst. Great all around durability, consistency, hold a good edge, and like a good set of knives, will last generations.
What's the budget that you, and your coworkers would like to spend? Does the Chef DO Japanese Cuisine? 
  Go for it, it can be a great time saver especially during a holiday meal where things can be hectic enough, as is. Instant potato pearls, slopped into a hotel pan? Don't think so.   Exactly, if they were good enough for Escoffier, than they are good enough for any guest I would hope.
LOL, very true too. What if you were brought up Shark, but feel more Jet at heart? Oh these poor, cursed potatoes, they will forever be facing my duality!
This can be true, if the Chef is well known, but Chefs in the EU, like here in the USA, are also EVERYWHERE. The Big difference in the EU, they don't have as much food-centric programing/networks, so there is more respect towards the craft. Here, I see kids in their whites on the metro, and it's like they wear it as a sign of arrogance, and pompousness.  I guess it all depends on who is doing the interpreting.    With our company, employees are urged NOT to wear uniforms...
You have clearly missed my point, completely.
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