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Welcome to CT. 
/thread   exactly. I wasn't quite sure how this was a mystery, but Laurenlulu did a spot on job for it's execution.
Once got into a rather um, "interesting" debate with a health inspector trying to write me up for not having my capers refrigerated(still in the case, on the shelf).    I "Had to keep my capers in the walk in, because capers are sea food, and what was I thinking"?   I very calmly tried to explain her confusion to herself, told her that she must be thinking of KIPPERS, to which she threw quite the attitude, saying I was insinuating she didn't know what her job...
Beautiful little pillows. I am thinking a little browned butter would be a wonderful touch to this, just to add some rich nuttiness, but that's just me. To the eye, it certainly doesn't seem like you used " a lot" of butter, I think it's beautiful, especially those onions. They can get like candy when done right, and it sounds like you did them all justice.   Thanks for sharing!! Few things finer in the world than a plate of wonderfully prepare gnocchi! 
  Sushi etiquette 101 says that you are to eat in one bite, it's rude not too. I feel you on this though, as some nigiri I feel STUFFED trying to manage in one bite. . . if you can't do it in one bite, don't put the left over bite on your plate either, just hold it in your chopsticks and finish once you have swallowed the first bite. Eating with a knife and fork is often an insult, as it sends the message the fish is too tough, or the roll is prepared poorly.   Also, pick...
Pulled the leftovers of a Roast Chicken from Friday, pan seared the skins to get them crispy all over again, and then some. . . took pulled bird and did it in Vodka cream sauce cut with the left over natural pan jus from the roast(rich chicken jello), simmered until heated through and tossed in some fresh peas.    Plated over Plain steamed rice, garnished with more fresh peas, and those crispy chicken skin cracklings, and a piece of bread.
The Night School?   Something where guys won't get in trouble when the wife call, "hon, where are you?", "oh, nowhere babe, just had to go to night school tonight for an hour". . . . . worked for a buddy of mine, bought an ol bar, re-named it "The Office", people/wife's would call, "Where are you", "Ahh sorry, stuck at the The Office"...   8th Bell?   you could call the bar/billiard area The Detention Hall?   For the menu, will you do any up scaled dished...
Ok Ok, I'll take one right off the smaller of the two Mokulua islands in Kailua bay, how dat?
I WISH WISH WISSSSSH we could get cheese curds down here. GOD!     There is a Bolivian Dish, Pique A lo Macho(Many manly things), that is like a south American Poutine: Fries, with a thin gravy, sliced hot dogs, sliced steak, hard boiled eggs, and tomato. . . so it's not REALLY like a good Poutine, but, anything with fries as a bed for the rest of the dish, I am sold.
Pepperoni, and sausage calzone with roasted garlic, herbed ricotta and a side of low and sloow marinara. An ice cold beer.      Got tomorrow nights dinner prepped, so that is DONE. Won't have to worry about any of that until 4PM manana.
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