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    lol, ok. . .  .well, I may require a mai tai or two :wink:, lol.   Ended up with the Mac n' Cheese grilled cheese, SCREW YOU, ATKINS!  If I wasn't sleepy and ready for bed before, I am now! Good lord!
can't hear mention of seafood, and potatoes, and not think of one of my all time faves that my mum used to make: Brandade. Lovely mashed potatoes with salt cod, put/piped into a gratin style dish, broiled off, and served with pickled red onions, and toast points. So good, and warms my soul. Not sure that the pickled onions are a regular accoutrement, or if it's my Swedish mother, but I have eaten it for as long as I can remember.
Floury potatoes are just those that are low in moisture, and sugar content, like a russet. . .any spud with a lighter, fluffy, dry texture.
Mahalo, K~Girl   It's is amazing how the impact of that day has resonated through, and how it's effects impact daily life today, in so many ways. I was living in Va Beach at the time, toweling off after a morning session in chest high, glassy conditions(AMAZING for east Coast Surf), had the TV on when it was interrupted by the shot of the first tower, and the coverage started. Was on the phone with my mother when the second plane impacted the other tower. . . it...
So far, 3 PBR Tall boys, and debating on some leftover Whole Foods smoked Pork shoulder, maybe pull into a sammich, OR, I also have some of their 5 cheese mac 'n Cheese gratin, that I was thinking would make a GREAT grilled Cheese filler between some sourdough, and some sliced tomato. . . hell, maybe even some of the aforementioned pork. Eother that, or I am just going to throw something in the nuker...   If you are what you eat, I am cheap, fast, and easy.
Cartouche. Just make a wax paper round that sits on the surface of the Guac, pat it down to get air bubbles out, and then wrap it from there. Just a simple way of keeping the air off it.
  I have had some new hires that Look the part, talk the part, clean as a whistle, showed up in pressed pants and whites, but when it came to their working day interview, were some of the sloppiest dudes I had ever seen. . .and it went beyond the whole "oh I just don't know the layout of the kitchen, or where to put stuff", I mean, they were just PLAIN OLE MESSY! Regardless of the new environment, you can ALWAYS clean as you go, and have a rubbish bin near by. . . it's...
You need to talk to your purveyors, and make them work for YOU, that is what they are there for. If you have goods that you KNOW you are going to go through X amount of, have them dial you in a lower price on that item, so long as you commit to buy X amount of units by a certain time frame.    Nothing the vendors offer is carved in stone, whether they want you to believe it, or not. There can be a lot of flexibility once you know the right questions to ask. Again,...
I have a very well kept "beard", more of a glorified 5o'clock shadow, and keep my hair back off my shoulders. Not breaking any rules.. . .hell, I 'll even throw my ugly mug(I was about 50lb heavier then too) out there so you can see for yourself(taken after out annual No Shave November benefit, I am a recent cancer survivor, so the long hair is going for donation to locks of love)         Here is before:       RAWR, lol   Not to mention, how...
Indeed, the 4 month tourist season is always a "Brace for impact" type scenario, but it's ALWAYS such a relief after labor day rolls around, and it's back to "normal".   Welcome again, to CT!
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