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Looks like I was wrong. Victorinox steels are ridiculously hard to come by here. None of them appear to state what kind of cut they have either. This one is a 12 inch but doesn't state what cut again unfortunately. I could import from the US but would end up shelling out near $60 (when converted from pounds) for it which seems a bit silly. Does anyone have any others to recommend?
Thanks BDL. Much appreciated. Looks like the Victorinox honing steels are a bit rare here but think I may be able to find one. What length would you recommend for a 10 inch knife? Do you happen to have a guide on sharpening by any chance as well? Sorry for all the questions.
Looking to get a couple of Victorinox rosewoods (a 10 inch chef and a paring knife for now) for me and my wife. Currently using some very blunt generic supermarket-bought knives that are bordering on dangerous. I would get 'better' but I fear my wife wouldn't baby the knives as much as I would. I figured I would get a honing steel and a Norton India stone whilst I am at it. I can source the knives and the India stone quite easily but I am having trouble deciding on a...
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