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Turkey Reubens
Ric I'm a little lost why are you adding flour to the meat and then browning it if you are going to simmer it for an hour after. If you want the sauce thicker make a roux or add it in at the end. If it's tough, think goulash and act appropriately for half a century ago sort of meat offerings.  The result will be exactly the same. Are you sure you are actually in Mexico/US and are you sure that it was actually beef ( grain fed, grass fed what ever anzimal someone dragged...
Someone bought me a cheap electric hand mixer with dough hooks, when I was broke. If I had to guess it probably cost $25. I have used it 1000 times for making bread in the last 3 years. I use the dough hooks until hand workable. It would be useless in a restaurant setting, but if I have have a bad day I can take it out on the dough; it only makes for better bread, with less clean up. Now that I can afford to replace it with a more sophisticated model: I doubt I will. I...
  Spicy mussel and pasta soup 2#  fresh mussels 3/4# fresh cracked pepper pasta (fettuccine) 2 quart seafood stock 3-5 diced green onions 1/4 cup fresh flat leafed parsley 1-2 Tbsp chilli paste 3 Tbsp red miso 20 stands of saffron 1 Tbsp black truffle oil Add all ingredients except mussels and pasta and bring to a simmer. Add pasta cook unit almost done, then add mussels and cook until open, then remove from heat.  
Isn't this a basic chocolate Geniose? The only recipe that I found even slightly forgiving of these involved tempering of the eggs during mixing. ( I tried 3 different recipes one day). I add 1/4 tsp of cream of tartar to stabilize the egg mixture during the folding of the other ingredients. Also this one tends to stick to the bottom of the pan, so I use parchment paper (cut to the shape of the bottom of the pan) that is heavily greased and lightly floured. The paper...
I really enjoy the plating of the sprouts. 
Portabella Cap Paninis: Grilled Caps with swiss, sliced plum tomatoes, spinach, banana peppers on ciabatta rolls, with dijon mustard and sun dried tomato tapenade
I like a thick chocolate mousse as an icing. Also a fruit compote can be tasty. If you start with a sour fruit it can be very balanced (rhubarb is in season).   
My wife would love the taters with 10#s of salt. She is the salt shaker queen.   My favorite combination is red taters with 1/2 skins-on butter, heavy whipping cream, lots of fresh thyme, and lots of roasted garlic. I also like them with celery root mixed in as well.  
To play devils advocate: is there a great problem with food poisoning with "illegal bakers"? Would fire or electrical code violations pose a threat to the consumer? Is there a prevalence of fires deaths and destruction of property associated with "illegal bakers"? Can you taste the feces (beyond FDA allowable limits) in these products? I too have a problem with clandestine mixed used use real-estate that would provide a household bakery and a petting zoo. As much as I...
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