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I don't think it really matters much beyond say getting your first or second job. My sister didn't go to school and was a cook for a while, but wasn't really taken seriously until she had the ability to put culinary school on her resume. I know that for me, even though I haven't been to culinary school, and this is in the working world in general. The large company I worked for could've cared less where I went to school. I have a bachelours and that's really all they...
I would imagine that school for chefs is like school for anything else. You can only get so far as a chef without education just like in any job. You'll get to a certain level and then be told that you're not getting any higher simply because you don't have the piece of paper. Not saying that having that paper is going to get you everywhere, but 2 candidates that have about the same skill, or even one with less skill, but better educational background will usually be...
My sister is a Chef and loved cooking all her life. She's not had an easy time and before she went to school people looked at her and some even ignored her. Now she's doing pretty well. I wouldn't say financially great, but not starving and can buy some extravegancies from time to time like most people. She also moves around a lot, and is more of a personal chef than anything. She works for some outfitters and lodges.
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