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Hey @Butzy, when are you going to be in Holland? If it's in July you would be welcome to come visit us here in Sweden. Göteborg is a short plane ride from Holland and we're have a pig roast on the 8th. I'm sure we can find a place for you to crash here and enjoy some 20 hour days.
Did some chops and asparagus on the grill tonight for me and the rugrats while the wife is traveling. For dessert I cut up a couple watermelons and some of the neighbors can over for melon and wine and smors at the fire pit. Nice evening with a good crew of people. The question I have is, am I the only person that salts my watermelon or is it just me that has friends that can't understand the reason for salting watermelon and look at me funny?
Whatever your salary is, that's part of your job as chef. Actually chefs that don't get menu control are usually less content in their job.Thinking you should be paid a separate fee for writing the menu makes absolutely no sense to me.
Ok. I'm getting nothing from a quick google. When you said maintenance I'm figuring you mean the school maintenance person. By rational tech was it an in person service or phone? When I was still in the usa I found the best( figuratively speaking) service people were AFS. Your oven is old but I've used older without issues. I guarantee that if the software is 2011 then it need updated. The oven sounds like something is reading the fan motor overheating and tripping a...
What model? How old is it? It does sound like it could be a software problem, however, why doesn't the tech update it? Or if it's a glitch in the update the revert back to original factory settings. Also a door seal leak isn't software problems, try spraying the retractable latch with wd40 and see if it extends any farther. Had the same problem a long time ago and it was the knobb sticking.
Bumped into an old buddy in Madrid today, ate some of his cousins leg layer in the evening. I'm the one with glasses 😃 My buddy's family.
When you add cold stock you inhibit the cooking process thus taking longer to finish your risotto, also imho. it affects the texture of the risotto by making it a bit grainy. By adding hot stock you eliminate these issues. Hopefully that helps.
Had a long day working in the garden today and it wasn't warm or still so went for a dish my wife's mormor made for me my first trip to Sweden many years ago, she was an old dame from near Emmaboda in SmÄland, southern Sweden, she called it " pigs under the roof " true husmanskost with boiled potatos.
To add to the vÀsterbotten ost ideas, this morning I made mannagyrngröt, kinda like cream of wheat, and added vÀsterbotten ost and normandy butter. Umami bomb indeed.
Mazel tov @chefross Shared many a seder back home in the usa. I always did a flourless chocolate cake for my part. I make a wicked prune kugel too. âœĄïž
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