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Will you be set up with it the entire 2 hours or a shorter time. The shorter the time the more stations you will need. I like the idea of the cold stone ice cream station. Maybe a cup cake decorating station. Crepes station(ahh the 70's) Something with chocolate and truffle station. Tartlets, empty mini shells and a variety of fillings. The sundae bar as you have mentioned. Alot depends on their budget and time allowed. What ever you do don't do it on the cheap.
"so i should learn to adjust to having to work with someone who has zero respect for their fellow coworkers, and that their poor attitude should just be put up with instead of fixed" Unfortunatly that is the way it works out a lot of times in our, or any other profession. Even as an owner that does the hiring I get the occassional person that is just not a fit for my business, and I've been interviewing and hiring people since 1988. The key in this situation(and it has...
@BrianShaw I too like to live dangerously.🚀
I've got 38 years in the business and I have no idea what you're asking?
I have always looked at the quality of the cuts made by the cook rather than the piece of sharp steel they have in their hand. But then again, what do I know. 😎
Maybe consider the idea that it's not even a kitchen tool.
Never give up. Always call back. Always coordinate with the other stations and follow the expo's lead. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Keep in mind that 800 to 1000 covers is daunting now but before you know it it will just be another day at work. Dont let yourself get emotional, ie angry, fustrated, if you do you lost. Have fun, working a busy saute station when I was young was good times.
Please put all your stuff away and clean your area before you move on to the next task.
Id be all over that if I was back home. 😀
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