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Went to my daughters classmates house for dinner today and they are from China. I honestly dont know they name of anything served but it was absoutly amazing and unlike any "chinese food" ive ever eaten.
Välkommen Tyrellchafinz. Var bor i du? Jag bor nära Kungsbacka och jobba i Göteborg. Jag bor här tio år men kommer fråm usa.
If you wear the red one you are just a unnamed actor that gets killed off screen.
Ive traveled many time, both inter europe and between europe and the usa with my knives in my checked bags with no problems at all.
I dont know if its advice or more just words of wisdom that I got when I was a wee nobody hacking vegies and washing dishes when I was 13, "Dont serve anything you wouldnt serve your mother and proudly charge her full retail for". Also " treat your staff like family"
Tunisian hot sauce imported from France. (??? but anyway ... ) Former french colony. Tunisia still has french as its second language and most business is done in french. The food is very french(and italian) influenced. Ive enjoyed many a good meal there. Harissa is a staple in my kitchens and we use it in everything from meatloaf to bbq sause.
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