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"I can't see waiting till you get an order for a chicken quesadilla or chicken Caesar to put a breast on the grill." Think about that statement. Take a chicken breast that you grilled and(hopefully chilled) and reheat it then eat it. At the same time grille a fresh one and eat it. Which would you rather pay for? If you honestly cant tell a difference then I dont know what else to say. I have nothing against batch cooking. I have made and continue to make a very good...
Are they paying you under the table for the OT? Or are they simply paying cash?
Plus in the USA a few spanish lessons wouldnt hurt either.
Im not a firm believer in cooking school. If you have the money and time for it then of course it wont hurt to go to a quality program. However it really doesnt make a difference a few years down the road. To me, speaker of American english, there is a big difference between a chef and a cook. I know and have worked with a multitude of amazing cooks that dont have it in them to be a chef. They are the well paid, well treated, well respected coworkers that we all depend on...
No you dont, but the right education helps.
Ahhh to be 31 again, go for it, its a fun ride.
I would have to disagree with that. To me, it is no harder to maintain quality at high or low volume, it is a matter of standards set and maintained. Ive done it both as a chef abd chef owner. Just be consistant.
"3 of the 5 owners." That line right there speaks volumes of problems comming your or anyone elses way. Get out while you can.
@Gene. Where do you find the time to do all these fun things?
I'm beginning to think it's important to interview your interviewers... Being the person that does the hiring for the last 25 years I can tell you that this is very important. Canidates that dont interview back dont get hired by me.
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