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Back to the west coast today, Grav lax, dill and cream cooked potatos, and crisp bread. Simple Swedish food.
Music addict,........no suprise there:)
Corn meal goes nicley for a coating, i have also used crushed corn flakes and crushed special K. I havent tried it, and im not sure if its yeast free but I always wanted to try grape nuts as a coating also.
Here I sit in Stockholm, took my kids to a Kpop concert( Korean boy band ) and to add insult to injury Im feasting on a Burger King chicken wrap.
Thank you Buba, I didnt know that term. With a resounding yes then I would try to use it when it fit into my cooking, Ill have to look and see what thay have here, and what its called in swedish, next time I'm down at the auction.
What is bycatch? Ive been out of the American market gor 9 + years.
May I suggest a vacume/heat sealer. I use a Duniform machine here in Sweden, not sure if its available in the USA but there would be a simular product if not. http://www.duni.com/en/for-your-business/products/duniform/
Have you considered buying a larger mixer with different capasity bowels? I have one mixer that has a 100ltr bowel as well as a 70 and 50. I can get a 40 but dont need it. You do need different attatchments for each bowel but it does make your mixer more flexiable. Say you get a larger size with the smaller bowel then you can get the larger size as your needs grow.
MeMeh, not so much. thank god for my wife having low standards in looks.
Hey Beast, this old man will swing a knife with you or any of the young bucks out there any day. To paraphrase The Holy Grail " I'm not dead yet, I feel happy". However, I will skip the beers afterwork, slide into my car and drive home. I do require my beauty sleep.
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