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Plenty of jobs in Sweden for a hard working young chef with English and an EU passport.
Full day duing the tourist bit in nyc yesterday, as hard as she tried my 13 year old didnt make my amex catch fire😕. Bagles and lox for breakfast, coke and a slice for lunch and crab cakes and chicken parm for dinner. Got a reservatation for Daniels tonight. Ill take pics and put them up tomorrow.
Finally got into nyc after a full day of travel. Got a slice of pizza and some baked ziti at sbarros across the street from madison square garden. Nice to be back on American soil.
Ok, Im going to be in NYC next week for a few days and decided on Daniel even though it droped a star tjis year. I been really torn between there and 11 Madison park. I've been to per se and Le B. and really only have one night to really indulge. Any feed back would be great. Plus, any recomendations for lunches, not fancy but the good local places without tourests being catered with ho hum food. Spending all the time running around manhatten and staying near the flatiron.
"Managerial style and cuisine level are neither directly proportionally nor inversely proportionally related at all. Top tier kitchens exist that are run by screamers. Top tier kitchens exist that are run in a zen like manner. The commonality between the two diverse styles that exist is that in both styles of working environment there is still an underlying current created by a sense of urgency. How that is expressed is through managerial style." . Agreed, being a great...
@Gene. Desamma! Va bra du svenska. Ill get some baking input from her. Tack så myka.
I didnt make this but had the oppertunity to eat it right at the source this week. Geysir Bread is basically a rye bread recipe placed in a simple aluminum pot and then buried about two feet under ground for 24 hours. At about 100° C or 212° F, the bread bakes slowly, creating a rich, molasses-like crust from the sugars. It was absoulty delisious. While I dont have any geysers here at home ive do have a couple of rational cooking systems that i could do on moist heat for...
@Gene. Looks and sounds wonderful. Where do you find the time.
I cant speak for other chefs but Ill tell you my my thoughts. Balance, you sauteed the garlic and shallots them added white wine, reduced by half and finished with creme. if you had just added half the wine and not reduced, thus concentrating then flavor before finishing the sauce then the flqvor wouåd have been out of balance. reduction concentrates the flavor and brings the viscosity into play.
afternoon snack of skyr and chocolate stuffed pancake(crepe) with carmel and creme
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