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Ok. With that clientle i would figure 5oz meat and 3.5oz sliced cheese per person. Thats a bit more than 28 lbs meat and 19.5 lbs cheese. Id go 30 and 20.
Budget is very important. As Mimi pointed out the style of bread makes a difference. Also, will there be any thing else served? Salad, chips, dessert, beverages? Also will there be LTO? Time of day and the type of clientele eating makes a difference, ie.. A group of 90 retirees playing bridge in the afternoon will eat less than a group of 90 construction workers at lunch. But it really boils down to what they are willing to pay. Ask some probing questions and make a...
I'm never so pleased as when I have something new to play with that I have no idea what to do with it. Salicornia, aka sea asparagus, got a kilo comming in tomorrow to experiment with in preparation for a catering Im do at a consultant in December. Ultimately will be served with slow cooked moose entrecôte with a chanterelle demi and grilled citrus marinated halibut filet. Ideas? Experience using it? Im not confident in Google recipes. I'd love to have some feedback from...
Standard issue here. 😎
Wow! Good question. Always made it and used it immediately looking forward to the answer.
I introduce my kids to new music all the time. Been doing old Rod Stewart ( downtown train) and such. Tonight while in a traffic jam I qued up Morrison Hotel, ahhhh peace frog😀
14 courses is 3 more courses that I've had at any 3 stared restaurant. What are you serving?
Doing them a la carte I cook them to order and then process them in a paco jet with s&p butter and a bit of creame fraish. Honestly, in Almost 40 years of cooking professionally I haven't come up with a way to reheat mash and have it be good.
Oy vey. I haven't been forced to eat gefilte fish since my dad's grave marker unveiling over 30 years ago, still have a bad taste in my mouth from it. I could go for some of my aunts noodle kugel though, it was delicious.
Va bra. Kanske engelska i här.
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