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Made some pizza dough and got some great imported buffelo mozz, olive oil, sliced tomato basil, and anchovie. Ahh pizza, with a nice green salad and a bottle of Cakebread cab ive been saving since 97.
Pasta with refrigerator sauce, salad and sautéed asparagus.
We different, but we all fruit. 😄 (Said with bad greek accent. )
@lenniek. Im am glad to hear that as protecting the food chain is all important and it hits hard home as here we just had 3 elderly people die and hundreds get sick from contaminated frozen raspberries. Now if we could figure out what's killing the bees.
Of course passion is important in our business, and being human we all have to decide what our goals and desire are. That said, balance is a good thing. Between work, family, money, life in general. I Have passion for my food and customers. I also have passion for my family and life. In the last few years I have managed to find it. As for the women, 4 daughters and a wife is all I need, Im famous with the people that are important to me. Money you certainly can't take with...
How about you make a few liters of concentrated stock a couple days before and use it with your pan juice.
Check out a Duniform machine. Many different options for food packaging.
Roasted tomato basil soup.
A related business but work with an amazing amount of speed would be butchers and fish mongers. I have toured the cutting areas of large meat suppliers and am impressed with the speed and skill they have. I Have also been down to the dock area and watched the people cutting the morning catch from the north sea and was in awe of the blurr of how fast and accurate the knives moved
Where are you from? Depending on what passport you hold can open up a lot of options for you.
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