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Forgot to mention, Grumpy Goats is from California. Another one to look for is Soler Romero, it is from the Jaen region of Spain, and is exported to the US. I've been to the Orchard and estate where they grow and produce.
I work a lot with olive oil ( import and distribution) strictly Spanish and organic. However there is a nice brand called Grumpy goats that took some awards in new york and is very nice. http://www.grumpygoatsfarm.com/index.html I have no financial interest in this brand at all. It's damn tasty.
I'm all for democracy, my vote would involve something with tongue. Then again I'm a bit of a pushover for well prepared tongue. However, sweetbreads would have trumped tongue if someone ( including me)!would have been submitted.
Being a from the beginning avid D&D player I often thought about chucking it all in and going culinary adventuring in my younger years, but then kids. Live the dream 😀
Sorry to hear about the flow of business. My Easter was calm with dinner prepared and served at my inlaws, all I did was bring a couple bottles of wine.
Nice. I was in iceland last year and had the minsk whale also, very tasty. Did they brave the rotten shark?
It was a bad situation, she was just a couple weeks short of two years old. Being the breed she was, Pyrenees Mastiff, she was very guarded and fearless. We have wild boar in the area and 3 came into the yard while she was in her outdoor area and it's apparent that 2,2 meter fencing wasn't high enough and she jumped it and took on the boars. By the time I got outside with a baseball bat she had run off 2 and was tangled up with the 3rd. We got the last one( I brained it)...
Come on now teamfat, no one uses frozen children anymore, fresh and organically grown is the only way. 😆
How about cok the cauliflower in heavy cream on low heat, strain and process in a robocoup until a purée, add finally grated aged cheese, i.e a 24 month pecorino romano or parmigiana at the end to taste.
You could just stick them through the dishwasher a few minutes before serving and have them warm and clean for plating.
New Posts  All Forums: