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For what it's worth I'm a western Pa boy myself. Cut my teeth in the 80's! at the Duquesne club. We probably chewed up some same ground at some point. Go New Castle.
It's good to know that I have a place other than my family. 😎
I'm 51 and still daily in the kitchen but I also have a plan B. As a cancer survivor ( several years past) I released that my days were limited. I took the path of being an investor, mentor, inporter and distributor. I divested my restaurants, expanded my company to inport and distribution and went more contract and catering. I did and still do consider an additional option, education. If physically you could teach then maybe a path of training the next generation could...
I'll cater any affair for 99.95 πŸ˜† God I'm an old cynical crank.
@JAH42. Topped with crime fraise and chives along with some homemade sill. πŸ˜€
Posted here a couple years ago but this is from today. It's Midsomar today so when the girls were making the traditional flower crowns for themselves they decided I needed one too. So me and my 3 year old.
@millionsknives About 40$ a liter for the stuff from across the pond. Tariffs kill us for that sorta thing. Worth every ΓΆre πŸ˜€
It's Midsomar today in Sweden, later on we're going to be grilling and chilling but for brunch we had bannana, chocolate, oat pancakes, vegan with a rare expensive find here, real maple syrup from Canada.
To be honest I don't get out of bed for less than a hundred euros an hour. For private really rich people, 250 € an hour. Sound like they can afford it. Your pricing should be like any other company, what the market will bear, NEVER SELL YOUR SELF SHORT.
"Are there people on this forum really in this crazy industry for the money though? I would be surprised" Why yes there are people in this crazy industry for the money. I am one of them. I realized many years ago than you cant eat, pay rent, or support a family with just passion. Also you can buy nice things with money. My kids got it detailed for me for Father's Day. I wondered why they insisted I take the bmw that day since it's a it's a bother getting it out of...
New Posts  All Forums: