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Ive never worked in the UK but one of my guys is from there so I asked him. His best advice was to never skip your turn buying a round, dont make fun of football( not soccer dammit) be early to work, be serious at work but be able to take and give a good bollocking. Its a great city to work.
Buffet? How many stations? Are we talking 350 construction workers or 350 office workers? Have you quoted a price? Will the have a chance to go thru for 2nd's? Selfserve(if buffet) or will your staff serve? Honestly 5 different main course option seems a bit much for a lunch buffet.
Where I was at did background checks as well as pre employment psycological testing.To be fair, I had a very positive work expierence at the CC i was at and it had many 20 year plus employees. However, at least via hearsay, mine was an atypical expierence.
Forgot to mention the plastic.
I worked as an ex chef in a country club for several years and left with good terms and made very good money. That being said, unless you have a very thick skin and a great tollarence for bull sh@% you should avoid them like a plague.
While I havent worked in the states in over 10 years I recall fresh haddock being reasonable in price. Get it fresh every couple days and store in drip bins topped with crushed ice. If sticking with frozen, thaw in walkin cooler in drip bins in one day use quanities. Maybe pad yourself a half day quanity buffer since you are doing volume business. Even here in Sweden Haddock is a reasonably priced fish bought fresh.
Here is a bottle we cracked open for our friday evening dinner. Good body, balanced fruit and spice, 9€ in the grocery store in Spain. Will pick up more next month.
Where in Europe are you staging? Countries? The culture of professional cooking varies greatly from region to region.
Congrats!!!! Welcome home.
Ya. Toss them.
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