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@sicariiX Looks darn tasty.
Clean pressed pants, not jeans, a belt, white, pressed shirt, a netruel tie, sport coat if you have one. Black or brown leather shoes,, shined, minimal bling, ie wedding ring and watch. Skip the strong body sprays and perfumes. Get a good nights sleep, shower and comb your hair if you have hair( i dont) bring a copy of you cv/ resume with you and fir gods sake turn your phone off. Im not being a smart ass, Iv been hiring people for almost 30 years, its the best tips I can...
Well done sir, well done. If your ever in Sweden looking for a job cooking then contact me, you have a proper mind set.
If the're not mature enough to keep from posioning their selves to the point of not being able to meet their obligations then the're not dependable. They put an unneccessary burden on their co workers and by extenssion the customers. I would, and have fired people for this.On the flip side, if you are sick please do stay home and get better, and yes my employees all have paid sick days. Also if you need to stay at home with a sick child then by all means do so, I and your...
I enjoy having guests in my home for dinner and parties. I look at my home as a place to relax and live and Im sure this concept would be great fir some people, but not me.
@GM looking forward to some "Brotzeit" next week as we are heading down to Rostock for a couple days at the christmas market. My wife and girls will shop while I eat bread, pssteries, and sausages fom the street venders while constantly washing it down with Gulwine(sp error).
Beards are ok on some guys with the right look but for myself I am always glad when tje first of December comes and i can scrape a months worth of gray itchy off my face.
Im so jelous Kgirl. I saw them back in the late 70's but they arent comming anywhere near me on this tour. Must have been wonderful. Side note, doesnt Mick Fleetwood live in Hawaii?
Today's lunch offering at the schools was soup and bread day. We had 5 different soups and the salad buffet plus a selection of fresh breafd. Today was a lean hard mixed white bread, a tomato and basil, rye with r├ągkross and a sweet eggy soft rolls with raps oil. We usually do a 50 loaf batch every day but on a soup and bread day we do appx 200 loaves worth, kids and teachers love it.
New Posts  All Forums: