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Please dont hold back, tell us how your really feeling. Kidding aside, just keep plowing on with your work. At some point management will notice, as it seems he has, and you'll get some reconisition. If not then its time to move along. Lazy is everywhere, to get away from it you really need a good work ethic and a tremendous slice of luck. Having you own place helps too.
Ive got an entire day of paperwork and meetings so I must defer at this time as I havent a mind for a challenging reciepe this morning.
Welcome, sounds like you got a great outlook on things.
I never knew that, havent really seem too much potato in Indian food. Regional thing?
Aloo gobi? I think tjats what your looking for.
Many years ago the was a place called the zig zag cafe. Its address was 69 Beaver street in lickingville pa. As god is my witness. I was closed down in the late 90's as a nusance bar. In pa we do have some strange named places.
Flew down to Valencia today for a short business trip, had paella Valencia and nice bottle of wine.
Have a guest come in a prime time and ask for something special because he want to impress people his with. But then comes one of the best times to be a chef, jacking up the bill!
Also that is what I ate at St. Barts at koniggsee. Along with a respectable local brew.
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