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Hi ckwebber. Honestly can't say about the schools in the Stockholm area but I'm pretty sure that all of the culinary based curriculum is in Swedish. A good source to check would be the local SFI or Arbetsformefling, I know a lot of universities have course work in English but I think it mostly centers around the sciences. Another source you could contact would be IES, there is one in Södertaljie. It is a grungskol but a entire system of English schools. I know that...
I soak mine, changing the water several time for 3 days. On the third day I do a last overnight soak in buttermilk. Dredge in flour and gently fry in clarified butter. Learned this way from my grandmother from Calabrese, we always had it on Christmas eve as part of the seven fishes.
He looks like one happy pooch.
We added this handsome young fellow to the pack today, may I present Lucky, our 8 week old ball of goo Leonburger.
I wouldn't think so, which is surprising considering what the EU constitution looks like. 😕
I've opened several restaurants here in Sweden and all you really need is money and a good credit rating. To open a successful restaurant you may need a few additional skills. 😀
Let's not forget advertising support, volume pricing, buy back/ credit replacements, demos, shelving and displays, food shows, the list goes on and on. I had and sold my baking operation a couple years ago and the I supplied my own retail and numerous cafes, and small independent grocery stores. I've changed my focus now and import and distribute a couple hundred different items with 2 new lines coming into the country this week. It's tough but doable, and profitable,...
Hey, I've met the queen of Sweden and I've cook her dinner. Eknights4 ain't no queen of Sweden 😎 I'm a smart ass too.
How many kids do you serve? In what kind of of time frame do you serve them? What is a per portion budget? What equipment do you have at your disposal? What kind of skills does the kitchen staff have? One part of my business is I serve over 1100 students and teachers from 50 plus cultural backgrounds and national origin, prepared from scratch, with some specifics I can probably give you some advice.
God bless and strengthen you Lauren. As a dad to 4+2 I can imagine your pain. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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