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Yes. Rational ovens with dry, combi, and full steam.
Hint please
Dark roast. Black no sugar. Harking back to hunting youth in Pennsylvania, wild turkey or Butterball?
65 mustang Shelby GT Chips, patatas Fritas Caseras Salmon or Sole?
A marinade of some kind that I can't put a name to.
Sabayon.. The link is a good resource. Brands are hard for me to recommend to non Swedish/Nordic cooks as I haven't worked inn the USA in many years. I cook soups, all kinds of different sauces, potatoes for mash( my kettles had a attachment to whip) stocks, braised brisket in them. I have even used them cold to mix large batches of bound salads. You do need to stir pasta when you cook it to prevent sticking. I never...
When I cook pasta for a large amount of people i use one of my steam kettles. In my hundred liter kettle I can cook 15 kilograms at a time without loosing the boiling heat and then attach the strainer and tilt to drain the water into the floor drain. Recovery time to the next batch is about 15 minutes.
@chefross Ahhh kugel, haven't had a one for years. I grew up in Philadelphia as the token goy boy in our neighborhood and miss it so much. Can't even get a decent bagel in this country.
Question for chefs and owners out there, do you support any charitable organizations with donations of products, time or services? If so in what ways? Reason I ask is that we are looking at ways to give back to the community and to the less fortunate that we may not have considered of thought about. This could be seasonal ideas or year around ideas. There are several organizations we support in different ways but we're always looking to do more. Any thoughts are...
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