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Define finger food. For how long? What time of day? Psssed or display? Without the detatils its impossible to guide you.
Does the shed include board also?
I havent worked in the states in 10 years but even back then it wouldnt touch that for less than 125$ a head and thats 2004 dollars. A lot of work and a lot of expensive products in that menu, at least in my eyes. No beer?
very nice. I do mine on a spit, rubbed with herb and raps oil with salt and lemmon. I sew the body up filled with apples,onions and more herbs. Takes a little over 5 hours with the wood usually being birch and apple. my recent guest of honor for my july 4th bbq
Germany won? The news from North Korea said they won 24-0. Congrats to Germany and a fine game to Argentina.
Like the jazz player said " practice man, practice"
I tend to share the idea and technique of dishes I make. Its hard for a home cook to take a list of ingreadents and even come close to a restaurants dish so why not, makes them happy. I always have shared everthing with fellow professionals. First because thats how I learned, never went to school. 2nd, i look at everyone I come in contact with as a future co worker at some point so why not have them on the same page. Also, I have always enjoyed when a person Im guiding...
That 2nd pic looks like a German carrot.
Well I went to the Asian importer store yesterday and picked up a sample of what the Thai/Asian places use and it was pretty good and a decent pricepoint considering the lack of labor involved. Its a ready made product but for the application Im using it for it will work just fine. @ alaminute. Im still going to get some xantham gum and play with it.
The bordom of production work that no one outside of our profession understands. They all wonder why our backs hurt.
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