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Not very much meat, once he's skined and boned. Maybe there are more and we could make a pie.
does your 36% LC including all your payroll taxes and insurences? seems a bit off to me. what about marketing? any planes for promotion when you open or are you just unlocking the doors and hoping for the best? I have to agree about a preexsiting site, renovation of a non restaurant location is extreemly costly( been there did that) ventelatation alone can run into huge numbers let alone what suprises lurk behind the walls and under the floors. make sure you get...
http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/11/15/the-worlds-biggest-chocolate-maker-says-were-running-out-of-chocolate/?wpmm=AG0003409 an intresting article on the topic
ahh, i thought you were refering to taxes on gross income/ wages
http://www.robot-coupe.com/en-usa/catalogue/combination-processors-bowl-cutter-and-vegetable-prep,2/r-602,852/ try this link and typt french fry into the search option
Taxes are the price we pay for a civilised sociality.
if you are just starting up be prepared to not only scale that 60k back but to put more money into it than you plan to, keep in mind that there are way more hands reaching into your pocket than you can plan for. Also that everyone else get paid before you do, the joys of ownership.
It really depends on how you look at "profit". For example, i have 2 food business at this time, 1 cafe/bakery and 1 lg kitchen where we do contract food for a private school and catering. I have a manageing partner at the cafe. Im there a couple times a week to consult and drink coffee and of course audit everything. After paying everyone there a above competive wage and myself a good salary from there plus an admin fee to my parent company, and my partner having a...
I cook for over a thousand everday at my place. For lunch yesterday we served pulled brisquett, roasted chicken, fried potatos, vegetarian mousaka. Salad buffett and fresh baked bread. 60 kilos brisquett. Into 6 sealed deep pans with wine, harusua, bay leaf, mustard seeds, salt, black pepper corns, garlic, tomato. Into a rational on tuesday at noon and cooked on 75c till thursday morning at 6 am. Pulled by hand. 40 liters bbq sause, made in one of my steam ketals. 120...
A quality staff mixer would be a good investment, robotcoup.
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