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That a beautiful knife mike.
Havent run into any here in Sweden Millionknives, any recomendations that are avaliable in Europe?
I cant say about china but in Greese and Italy professionals call it a roux. Also in Germany, Poland , Vietnam, all of northern Africa , Scandivaia, Netherlands, UK and Ireland as well as North America, Eastern Europe, the Baltics,Japan, India, mid east, and Iran. Probly in France too. Culinary terms in the professional kitchen at pretty universal.
In the sprite of the thread I give you a happy dog pic.
I am from Pennsylvania. I'm well versed in Pittsburgeese, but like every other profession we all have professional terms that are universial. Roux is one of them. If I say make a 500g blond roux to any of my cooks that come from a multitude of countries and backgrounds they will know exactly what to do. Culinary french is very universal world wide in kitchens.
"Fat does not aid in the thickening" Really? My god I've wasted 37 years making sauces thick with fat, how did I not notice? I was was going to sit this one out but heck, dogs are walked, grass cut, pork in the oven, wife and 1 daughter in Spain, 1 daughter in NYC, other two at home, horses groomed, even had a shower. Its a slow Sunday, I'll play.
As the father of 4 ive come to despise vegi tales.
Anything with bubbles kills me now, thank god wine and liqour are flat. Still have issues with meat if its too fast.
Ahh. Beer with steak, I do miss it so since my surgery.
By the way, your new knife sounds like it would be perfect for slicing transparent thin slices of bresola or panta negra.
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