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That's an incredibly unfair question to ask a candidate during an interview. Something to keep in mind is that an interview runs both ways, and if that question had ever been asked to me long ago when I looked at places to be employed, it would have told me that I didn't want to work there.
Good heavens I would love an order of irange chicken
Not to be a heartless jerk but why is there gunk built up on anything in your kitchen? I cook for over a thousand people everyday and there is no "extra cleaning " in my places. Never had been over the years. Through cleaning daily.
Never sell yourself at at a discount. EVER. Charge accordingly to the time,effort,and skill you bring to the table. Your experience and skill level aren't professional (yet) so say 20 dollars an hour for every siingle second you work may be an appropriate rate. Im not sure of the current wage situation in the USA.
Drinks at th ice hotel, served at minus 25c
Not my dinner, not even a humans dinner but incredibly cute in my eyes. In the spirit of things I'm going to eat some reindeer in the next couple of days. JukkasjÀrvi, sweden, above the artic circle. My youngest feeding some dinner to on of rudolfs friends.
I generally have everything I neef on location in my kitchen but on occasion I travel to help out friends. Lots of good things in the above post. When I do travel my kit is a pretty big tool box. Some of the things I have in addition to what is listed above are Scissors, both fine and heavy duty A couple hand towels A set of tips and a few pipping bags, a nail Ice pick Can opener Small and large offset pastry spatulas Favorite quenelle spoon Single edge razor blades Screw...
In the words of Dr Moreau, Are we not all human? Welcome to cheftalk.
You've been doing this a month. I've been doing this since 1978. Overlooked and ignored? Give it a few years before anyone is convinced of your dedication to the industry. Ridiculed? Well let put it this way, after almost 40 years in the business I broke a simple 30 liter batch of mayonnaise the other day, twice. Im the ovner and I still took a bunch of crap from everyone else. I don't wat to say something like "suck it up buttercup " but ehhh,,, you know.
I would think so. But if you're just doing a can or two, not the big amount I needed to do, any of the other above methods would work fine.
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