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I would have to disagree with that. To me, it is no harder to maintain quality at high or low volume, it is a matter of standards set and maintained. Ive done it both as a chef abd chef owner. Just be consistant.
"3 of the 5 owners." That line right there speaks volumes of problems comming your or anyone elses way. Get out while you can.
@Gene. Where do you find the time to do all these fun things?
I'm beginning to think it's important to interview your interviewers... Being the person that does the hiring for the last 25 years I can tell you that this is very important. Canidates that dont interview back dont get hired by me.
In the states when I booked an event I required a 20% deposit of the estimated bill. I gave a full refund up to 3 months prior and 1 month prior if rebooked. No refund after that unless a dire need, ie death or serious accident that took away the reason for the booking. In all my years I only had one valid close cancellation I refunded and it was due to a tragic accident the day before the wedding.
How true, and your closer to the whip if your not the lead.
Ahh pesto, what a. Wonderful thing. Just an update. The doctors cut us loose from Queen Sylvias hospitol this evening, seem the IV anti biotics have done its job and we can continue at home with oral meds. Thanks for all your good thoughts folks, now Im going to make a ham sandwitch and get some sleep.
Like sled dogs.
Next till try gespacho shots with a hint of vodka. Just mentioning the vodka sells it almost every time. Boy I do love a nice chilled soup.
One of the main reasons I find in my expierence for cooks/chefs working long hours or double shifts is that it has been and still is extreemly hard to find ONE qualified, skilled, passionate, reliable person to hire, let alone 2.
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