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True, idiots are everywhere, god help those working in retail and lets not even think about those poor souls in law enforcement. That aside...... Of course you as a patron should enjoy your expeirence. Lets say you hated the Halibut and wanted to replace it with a filet of beef. The restaurant of course prepares it and you enjoy your meal. So, do you expect you bill to come with 2 entrees on it or 1? Honestly in any place Ive had control of your bill would come with one...
Nice set up and delievery Kuan😄
Here with the baby again for some more surgery that was going to happen today but now tomorrow. Going home to shower and sleep tonight as the wife takes over for the night. Get some real food and some doggy time with tthe hounds and some time with the older girls. Back early in the morning for the surgery.
Well I always take a rideye over a filet, and I dont even have a culinary degree.😄 it just taste better.
@Kuan Just curious and Im not being sarcastic but how many different cuts of meat do we compare a ribeye too? The sirloin, flatiron, tbone, and porterhouse?, or just the filet of beef? What Im looking at now as s customer is a wordy menu that becomes a chore to read. We dont need culinary degreed people for evey customer but we do need people to kinda, sorta understand what it is they are ordering. Keeping that in mind we need trained, professional service staff to give...
Back at the hospitol for an undetermined time again. I took a pic of todays offering for dinner. This was served to me and a 2 year old. Share our pain. Well I cant get a the picture to upload but suffice to say it wasnt real good.
@Foodpump No ABBA? My guys would die without a daily dose of Dancing Queen😄
I have to say Im fortunate enough to have the time to go into the dinning area during service and chat with my patrons. Its because I am lucky enough to have people I can trust to do what I want in the kitchen even if Im not there. A majority of chef dont have this luxery. @ Koukouvagia. While I dont expect my patons to have a culinary degree There are some that dont have any common sense/ decency to even pay attention to what they order or to the descriptions that...
Music, played at a reasonable volume and music that everyone at least can not hate( we have a no death metal/pop rule in my kitchens) can be pleasant. But if its distracting the flow of work then it should be baned
More restaurants need to ignore social media ie. Yelp and facebook. They are amazingly not so big here yet but everything ive seen about restaurants responding to negitive reviews does them no good.
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