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@Gene. Looks and sounds wonderful. Where do you find the time.
I cant speak for other chefs but Ill tell you my my thoughts. Balance, you sauteed the garlic and shallots them added white wine, reduced by half and finished with creme. if you had just added half the wine and not reduced, thus concentrating then flavor before finishing the sauce then the flqvor wouåd have been out of balance. reduction concentrates the flavor and brings the viscosity into play.
afternoon snack of skyr and chocolate stuffed pancake(crepe) with carmel and creme
skyr and rasberry tort, delis.
the sauted monk fish with lobster and shellfish sauce, perfectly boiled potatos and boring otherstuff, the fish was perfect as well as the potatos and lobster.
the fermented shark
ok, here are some pics from mondays dinner, this plate has hot smoked puffin, cured whale, grav artic char and reindeer pate.
Nice work @millionknives
@BrianShaw, are we married to twins?
Well tonight I had a very Icelandic dinner. Started with fermented shark, tasty but only good for a few small bites as a dinstinctive amoania taste come thru. Smoked breast of Puffin, lite flavor of smoke with brunious vegis an mustard creme. Curred Minsk whale and grav artic char. Nice and mild, good balance of salt served with horsersdish skyr and mustard dill sauces. Patè of reindeer with wineberries, cumberland sauce and toast points. Gently sauteèd monk fish with...
New Posts  All Forums: