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I know I'll probably get shouted down over this kind of post but do take it into consideration. Plan down time during the day. Cooking isn't indentured servitude any more and after almost 40 years in the business I can see that now. For example here is the daily routine in my catering kitchen Monday through Friday. Prep, salad guy in at 6am. 60 loaves of bread into the ovens, set up turn on dish tank, bring in an put away vegi delivery. Turn on any pre planed equipment...
Its common here in the Nordic countries. In Sweden under the brand names Bregott, Lätta, Flora, ect ect.
Just read that Guy Clark left us. Most of us oldtimers probly remember this below. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1-QzLIjL1u4
"They are making self driving cars and you think these are obstacles. " I live near and work in Göteborg Sweden where Volvo has been testing these cars for years, and I definatly admire all the advances they have made in shelf driving technology and also in the driver assist technology. I still keep my eyes open for them at all times😬
Dinner tonight. It was all on the grill tonight. Stag sirloin with herbs de provance, unfiltered hand pressed olive oil from spain, mushrooms in clarified butter with black garlic, asparagus, sliced tomatoes and corn on the cob with black garlic and normandy butter. Add a nice 2012 temperillo, life is good.
Translation = roast beef, smoked ham, cheese, mixed greens, usually mostly iceberg with some mesclun mix tossed in, cut vegis ie broccoli florets, Rhode Island dressing which is generally mayo, katsup, conac and paprika powder. 149kr = 18.30 $ While it may be different than the traditional cobb salad we all know and love in the USA it's the Swedish adaptation
I haven't thought of cobb salad in years and today I see it twice, once on CT and the Swedish version at a new restaurant a buddy of mine opened up on the first of May. COB-SALLAD 149kr rostbiff, rökt skinka, ost, ägg, bladsallad, grönsaker, rhode Island
Like said above, American restaurant Chinese food is a beast all until itself. The equipment and techniques used are very adapted to it and it is hard to duplicate in a home kitchen. I am friends with a family here in Sweden that is from China and I can honestly say that every thing I have ever eaten at their home has tasted and looked nothing like any restaurant Chinese food I have eaten. I even got a WTF look and chuckle from them when I did general tso's chicken for my...
Forgot to mention, Grumpy Goats is from California. Another one to look for is Soler Romero, it is from the Jaen region of Spain, and is exported to the US. I've been to the Orchard and estate where they grow and produce.
I work a lot with olive oil ( import and distribution) strictly Spanish and organic. However there is a nice brand called Grumpy goats that took some awards in new york and is very nice. http://www.grumpygoatsfarm.com/index.html I have no financial interest in this brand at all. It's damn tasty.
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