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Didn't have it in any of us to cook so out to the local pizza joint. However, the cheese fairy came calling today a boy was he a welcome guest.
I'm an owner and to be honest money, while extremely important, is usually way down on the list of things that the crew is unhappy with. They can still come to you with any other issues and if they come to you about wages then redirect them to the owner. Realistically speaking $.50 or a buck an hour isn't going to make anyone more satisfied in their job, especially if they have to ask for it. Also, Chefross has a very good point. That much turnover is a massive red flag.
Anyone going? Madrid April 24 thru 27 in. I'll be there from start to finish and then heading to Malaga for a couple days of meet ups with producers. Anyone going or in the area want to meet up for tapas or a glass of wine? We're flying in the day before and staying in central Madrid. It would be cool to put a face or two together with cheftalk.
Crunchy by god!!!! Red wine Cab, merlot or old vine zin. Just considering California.
Isaly's chip chopped ham at 99 cents a pound in cheep Giant eagle bbq sauce on Nickles bakery hamburger buns from the Nickles thrift store. Growing up poor couldn't taste any better. I was back in the USA last august and made this one days for lunch, the kids just stared blankly at me but ohh so many child hood memories. They did like the Klondike bars🍦 fantastic gentleman agrees 😀@KKFunny, dipping your fries in mayo would make me think your Dutch.
Yes. Rational ovens with dry, combi, and full steam.
Hint please
Dark roast. Black no sugar. Harking back to hunting youth in Pennsylvania, wild turkey or Butterball?
65 mustang Shelby GT Chips, patatas Fritas Caseras Salmon or Sole?
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