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Plug in or sterno hot boxes, but depending on how many plates you need that could run into a transport nightmere. Access to a clean dishwasher? My dishes come out of the machines at 90c so they are nice and hot.
That quite the collection of iron you got Panini. I had a couple mild classics in my younger days but nothing like you have amassed. Now I have neither the time or skill to have a classic, but I still enjoy looking.
I would figure 6 oz of meat a person, final weight. With bread, sides and drinks and dessert that should be good. So if your using a cut thar has a 50% shrink then your at 187 ish for a start weight. Something to think about would be the bread size, you dont want it to be so large that they build a 10oz sandwitch. Consider asembling the sandwitches as needed at the buffet, at least while the big push is on, thus comtroling portion.
Sounds like an old Fury 3 i had as a winter car about 30 years ago. But nowhere near as nice.
What are you serving with it? Will it be an AYE buffet, served buffet, or plated? It will make a difference. Your pricing and portioning will need to reflecr each other. Also your clientle, kids, teen boys, construction workers, ladies, wedding. Time of day too. All things I take onto consideration when doing an event.
Wives, they tend to think on an entire different plane of reality. Not necessarly a bad thing.
Ahhh family, the best reason.
@cheflayne nice dresser you have there. I havent been on a bike since 89, too old and brittle now to start again. A question, why in gods name would you move away from somewhere that you took your morning commute in a lovely boat like that. Must have been paradice. @ Panini. What is that delisious looking red car?
Catering? No, however I did have a have of a calf in the back yesterday. He was all cut and vac packed, fit quite nicely.
Picked this one up on july 25th. E220 cdi. Quite confey.
New Posts  All Forums: