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Yes it is 😀. Some day I may even try Ryan air and have the cost super low, but I doubt it. Paris is always worth the trip. Going to stop there in early october for a couple days while driving back from spain.
Not in paris but try to get there a couple times a year. Only a couple hours by air. Love the place😎
My degree came from the school of hard knocks, I do very well. A Culinary degree is opressively expensive niw a days, if you have the drive and aptitude you dont need it. Good luck to you.
Did you get the reciepe from this schools cooking tome? Just bought this shirt today, how timely.
When am I driving down for dinner? Oh and btw, if yoy are in western sweden on the first of august you are most welcome to our delayed 4th of july party/ pig roast
It is a wonderful thing to just munch your way thru a vacation. The fresh vegis look so good and the Med weather. Im so jelous right now as we are just cold and rain here all summer. Its si bad that the wife and kids are going to Grand Canary in August just to get some sun before school starts. Hope your saviouring every second.
Pineapple upside down cake. Dont for get the artificial supper red cherries😀
At that pricing scheme you wont get to many deposits or contracts. Your client didnt get wealthy being a fool with his money. That said, on the rare occassion I would do something like that kind of gig I would go X4 and leave it at that. For your 12 hour investment you are making almost 50$ an hour and I would guess that the tax man may not be involved.
Six speed stick shift? Heck ya. That's the way to go. It's the 1,9liter so it isn't too wild but it snaps your head back when you hit the gas.
Picking this up thursday for my wife's birthday. It's a 97 with 60k on the clock. It is a blast to drive
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