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Pittsburgh born and Philadelphia raised. Lived here in sweden for 10 years.
The fourth is our big party here in Sweden. We have around 100 comming this year, a nice mix of 10 different countries including a few Brits to symbolically take to the ocean and accept their surrender. The menu Roasted pig, the guest of honor is about 20 kilos, on a spit and turned for about 5 hours. Bbq pulled beef with brioche rolls Hot dogs for the little imps Tortellini salad, organic cold pressed raps oil, ramps and the nicest tomatoes i can find Pasta salad, for...
I went to see the Foo Fighters Friday night. Guessing that break a leg thing won't be too popular back stage now. 😝
I do catering and coordination for events big and small and have si for over 30 years. I'll just jump to your last 2 questions. No you're not an asshole. Yeah she sucks at her job. Another question you should consider is should I work with her? No, you shouldn't.
Ha! I Don't use my horse, he is just for riding for my daughters but I have used the ponies for birthday parties. I Use a guy that has several beautiful Belgins and 3 different carriages, 1 covered, 1 8 person, 1 4 person. He takes care of the cleanup. I simply plan, book and bill. My markup is 15% plus vat over cost.
I'm pretty sure he/she is introducing his/her self. But I'm just spitballing here.
Hey, im a caterer and I provide valet, coat check, limousine service, horse and carriage service, flowers,photography service, entertainment, tents, equipment and anythig else I can make money on. I'm a chef and caterer but I'm also a business man. If it pays it plays.
Hopefully the op hasnt burned up in a fire in the last 12 years and sees this warning.
@chefwriter. It does sound like an odd setup. Maybe she is helping out another catering service or possibly a private chef. @panini. Good call, I forgot about the car insurance. 800$ wouldn't be even close to enough here.
Depends. if the 5.5 hours is just the serving time, add setup, breakdown and cleanup. The meeting time to plan. Payroll taxes. The prevailing wages for the area. All factors to calculate. Add it all up and consider the total time involved and 800$ doesn't sound too unreasonable. Tips to the bartender is irrelevant.
New Posts  All Forums: