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Im a lumberjack and im ok.
And sir Robin ran away!!
The origional polish would be great, i have a couple of polish co workers from poland, ill gave them llook at it.
Punchline; Peter, i can see you house from here. Add the joke
@teamfat. I see what you did there. Parabolas. Ha ha.
We use the beer every year. It takes about a couple cases of cheep( swedish cheep) beer to cover our perimiter to keep them out. I cut the top off a bury the can into the ground level at the top. We have a bit over 1000 sq meters and i plant the cans every couple meters or so, except for the driveway but they arent a fan of sliming along on gravel. Now if I could just find a way to keep the deer and moose out.
What is the primary language? Couple of things are a bit odd and if I know what the origional words are it may help. Im use to having several versions of a menu in my places.
Mine is gone. Bald as a mellon.
Please dont hold back, tell us how your really feeling. Kidding aside, just keep plowing on with your work. At some point management will notice, as it seems he has, and you'll get some reconisition. If not then its time to move along. Lazy is everywhere, to get away from it you really need a good work ethic and a tremendous slice of luck. Having you own place helps too.
Ive got an entire day of paperwork and meetings so I must defer at this time as I havent a mind for a challenging reciepe this morning.
New Posts  All Forums: