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@chefross Ahhh kugel, haven't had a one for years. I grew up in Philadelphia as the token goy boy in our neighborhood and miss it so much. Can't even get a decent bagel in this country.
Question for chefs and owners out there, do you support any charitable organizations with donations of products, time or services? If so in what ways? Reason I ask is that we are looking at ways to give back to the community and to the less fortunate that we may not have considered of thought about. This could be seasonal ideas or year around ideas. There are several organizations we support in different ways but we're always looking to do more. Any thoughts are...
The best scoop I've ever used has been a tupperware scoop I bought 20plus years ago. Still have it.
Santa must have a varied palette, he prefers JW Black at our house.
Thanks Mimi, have heard the song since I moved to Sweden, now I got it stuck in my head too.. You're a wicked person. 😈
Word up!
Hi ckwebber. Honestly can't say about the schools in the Stockholm area but I'm pretty sure that all of the culinary based curriculum is in Swedish. A good source to check would be the local SFI or Arbetsformefling, I know a lot of universities have course work in English but I think it mostly centers around the sciences. Another source you could contact would be IES, there is one in Södertaljie. It is a grungskol but a entire system of English schools. I know that...
I soak mine, changing the water several time for 3 days. On the third day I do a last overnight soak in buttermilk. Dredge in flour and gently fry in clarified butter. Learned this way from my grandmother from Calabrese, we always had it on Christmas eve as part of the seven fishes.
He looks like one happy pooch.
We added this handsome young fellow to the pack today, may I present Lucky, our 8 week old ball of goo Leonburger.
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