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Bird in hand is a lovely area, not to far from Paradise, which is yet another area that is lovely.
Very nice eastshores!
There is( or was )a fantastic big flea market in Rogers Ohio. Its south of the turnpike, rt 76 that becomes the PA turnpike at the border. i havent been there since the late 90's but it was always an all day affair with pretty much anything you can imagine for sale somewhere there. I believe it runs two days a week but really have no accurate idea anymore. Definatly may be worth your time if your looking for hidden treasures. After your done you can head to lunch or dinner...
thats what I always thought, I use manitoba cream when I nake it but they insist on a partucular brand and I have to say it is really good. Probly just the cook as she had been making it for 70 years
Had real spƤrzle last summer when our friends parents came up from Hanovour and brought the right flour to do it. Harolds mother cooks like an angel.
Now if only I had read this a couple days ago I would have took pics of true made in Sweden by Swedes Swedish meatball for a 1000 people. Took us a "couple" hours but we rolled 130 kilos of beef into about 10000 balls. Along with 150 kilos of boiled potatos, 30 kilos of lingon and a hearty beef brown sauce(40 liters) with chocolate coconut balls for dessert. That was fridays lunch. Now, ive had a hankering for my childhood favorite of Spaghetti and meatballs. Ill do it...
Thanks for the thoughts, everyone if fine from the accident, its the baby thats in the hospitol, some typt of infection in her lympf system they are trying to sort out. Looks like I be camped out here for at least a few days more.
Hospitol food. No pic warrented.
@teamfat you could not have made a truer statment. the amount of not ment for human or anything living consumption in our food now a days is absurd and in some cases criminal.
im not sure if anyone in the states does this and honestly never ran into a provider that did but, my local meat supplier. small guy. in addition to making and smoking their own stuff makes and stock from beef. veal, chicken, and moose/reindeer. it is reduced to a thick gel and you reconstitute at 3 to 1. No salt at all, plain stock concentrate. quite expenssive but then again it is a top quality product. check with small, local meat providers as that may be an option.
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