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Thanks Carlos and Elpetoro,   Thanks you for sharing you experiences with me. I now understand the dark side of this profession and also that you dont need a degree to be a good cook. I will take your advise and start learning and devoloping basic cooking skills at home. Try as much as I can and then also try to work part time or on weekends in a small restaurent to get a good feel about this line. Let me try and make sure I am made for this. I did research online...
Thanks mate. Waiting for some more inputs. I am not sure what course and which institute would be better. My finances are not very sound, so I am looking for some affordable institutes.   Thanks you for all your valuable inputs,   Vinie
Thanks for the welcome coco. I am really happy I came across this awesome site. I am sure I will be contributing soon.   Happy eating !!   Vinie
Photos were awesome, so many colors and flavors. You seem to have a nice experience. Thanks for sharing ! 
Thanks Jon, You've hit the nail right on its head. Yes, I got bills to pay and few other responsibilites too. But if you say its never too late, I am ready to take that risk, given I get some financial help from banks :)   2. I am thinking of cooking, I have not tried too much baking yet.   2.2. I have done home cooking many times and I am preety good at Indian curries, but I dont have any professional experience. World cusine sounds good to me.   3.  I...
Hi Fellas, I need some help before I make a career move.   I am 26 single male, working in IT service and I am at a very good post and earning well. But its never been my passion and I dont love or enjoy what I do. I always wanted to be a cook but with lack of family support and financial I conditions I couldnt.   Now I am independent and I think I would like to follow my dream and passion of cooking. I have few questions to you guys:   1. Am I too...
Hi Fellas, I am from Mumbai India,  I love cooking and food since I was a kid. I am a home cook, good at cooking Indian curries, rice and chutneys.   Thank you,
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