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As a chef and food writer by best advice is avoid trying to translate metric to imperial or into cup measures (often seen in American recipes).  If a recipe has both metric and imperial side by side choose one and stick with it.  Some recipes may say 25g = 1 oz (imperial) but if you try and convert it more accurately  1oz is actually 28.34952g.  Most UK scales have both imperial and metric measurements so buy a set of scales that has imperial measurements on it rather...
As a chef and food writer who used to live and work in the US 1980-1994, I'm truly saddened that American Farmers have so whole heartedly gone down the root Genetically Modified Foods. I wish America's high profile chefs would do much more inform consumers.   85-91% of grain crops (corn, wheat,soya,etc) are GM and Europe several years ago placed a ban on importing American grain because of it.  Not to mention the unintended creation of super weeds which have proved so...
Hello to everyone at ChefTalk.com. I'm a long time professional chef and in the last 7 years I've also become a food writer. I have worked in Europe and in the US and thus hopefully bring a different perspective to any discussions in the forum. Now back in my native England I like to up to speed with what is happening on both sides of the Atlantic. I also blog, so if you google my name it will come up quite a lot.
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