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The reason the meet what lack of flavor, they have nothing to do with the way of cooking, and even you seasoned it well, the flavors didn't manage to infiltrate into the meet core, for they you need make a brine.The other thing is the reaction of the meet surface while cooking it. Play right with the tempreture and time and you'll manage it ferffectly.Don't give up on you patients.
Hallo evryone. Say did someone have any idea where i can gat "ma gastronomy" By fernand point , the english edition from 1974 in resanble price ?? :-) thx ahead !!
R u talking about sinttetic vinegar ??
Feq tips : poching eggs must be frash eggs !! If u nut do it witg fresh eggs the whits gonne spred all over . Open the egg on a small plate , n simmer water in a pan 6 cups for 4 eggs , with a bit of acidty lemon drops will make a very ggo work , Slide the egg into tge water cerfully , n let it simmer until all the white coming to be firm take the egg out with sallted spoon n strain it n dry it on paper towel. In the professional poching the egg white are covering all the...
A... Tip let the salsa even 30-40 minuts of rest for infuse the flavors !!
This recepie is taken from google :-) do it the right way n its gonne be amezing !! Enjoy n good luck :-) *200g fossili pasta *4 ripe tomatos *2 garlic cloves *olive oil *s&p (atlantic salt be wellcome) *handfull of coriander *80g romano pocorinio!!! 1.peeled seeded n cut the tomatos to small cubes (for easy peeling boil water , make a halfway croos on the tomato , put them for 10 sec in the hot water , take them out n put them in ice water ball , then seeded them with u...
N how u serve u corp stuffing ?? On the curved bird??
Hi evryone !! I lurnd about 3 ways to feeling whole bird 1. Is to bake the feeling along the bird for25 min in foil n serve it with the chicken (way is calld feeling?) 2.to stuff the feeling from the tail , but its said that doing like this is blocking the only entrace For heat inside. 3.stuf the feeling between the skin to breast (if im doing it how im gonne crave the bird after without doing big mass ??) Can someone tell me the execd reasons to act by each way ??
About cooking tow diffrent stuff with very diffrents tastes: doring the baking in the oven the food is losing all is moist n liquidty they are steming from the food beacuse the very hot atmosphire , if u want to bake two cakes togheter its mybe gonne be ok becuse the similar mathood but when u talking about rosting n baking at same time it will change all the way , ( n btw i dident talk about the tastes but they allso can be a problem whan coming thogheter , Onless if u ok...
Im very agree with u mothet !! If she say u love it under-cook then do it undercook just the way u like it :-) *1 cup white raise (normal) *1+half cups water *half t spoon salt *oil to fry the rice In a pan heat a bit oil over madium fire stir the rice (just move him alot while he frying) When the rice is alittle golden add the water n bring to boil (alot of bubbles) Mix the rice few second , add the salt n put some spices if u want n lower the fire to small n close...
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