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Pho, no tendons or tripe and perfect for a cold stormy night
@flipflopgirl, if you were referring to me, I haven't been an "other" for a year now.. I'm an exec now but before no category fit because I was a pm chef in charge of the kitchen after 230 when the sous left for the day. I was neither an exec or sous so therefore an "other". I was pinged by a mod btw but proved that I was a chef so all was well. Again, have since changed titles so I fit neatly into a category now.
I think I know of the ones you're talking about, in the freezer section? They're actually pretty good, I eat them on the nights when I am exhausted and done want to cook, perfect portion for me and I don't even bother to make pasta. The ones I get are in a garlic butter sauce and just pour in a little white wine if I've got it. Easiest way to eat for me is to rip apart the shells and use one to scoop out the other. If you're trying but to make them in bulk though I believe...
If your sauce is going to be held hot I don't see a reason why you couldn't cookpasta/drain/rinse/coat with a splash of oil and bring it to the event at room temp then add before service. If that is an impossibility, cook pasta al dente and add just before you walk out of the door. Doesn't hold well in sauce though if it's avoidable.
How about J'Adore or Avec Plaisir
Beautiful work panini
My advice is to show that you are eager to learn, ask clear and concise questions, if the kitchen is operational when you are not on shift go and watch service (including familiarizing yourself with where things are, their recipes, their routine), when on shift and there's downtime don't just stand there, prep/clean
Oh my!
Chilling them is making the bubbles form, make sure the cake is closer to room temp before applying fondant
You will probably be asked to peel and small/med dice vegetables (I ask for potatoes and carrots) and create a dish from given ingredients. They will watch your speed, your form, your attention to detail and the presentation/taste of your food. Work clean, don't throw anything away, put scraps into a bowl, use as much of the product as possible (ie cutting very close to the root or stem). Use the term chef or sir, look tidy and clean, ask direct and clear well thought out...
New Posts  All Forums: