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Great article! Thank you Chef!
The ordering system makes me crazed! I go down my order guide adding items, get to the review order page and inevitably items are missing.. My favorite is when they're out of stock on something and don't let me know or don't sub out for something comparable (like regular bananas for petit) or they do sub out and it's way wrong like ordering lean short ribs and huge racks of fatty brontosaurus ribs arrive, for Fathers Day I might add. At my wits end!
Thank you for guessing but no, nothing green.. Was a puréed creamy light orange soup but the flavor was spectacular. Think the housekeeper said something about an oxtail broth? We were served a lot of traditional foods like Ackee with salt fish, breadfruit, jerk, that kind of thing, so I'm hoping that its traditional too and able to be remade.
In Jamaica as a child we were served a creamy warm pumpkin soup with these tapered end rolled dumplings, the memory has stuck with me for 25 years, it was so good. I've tried to replicate but haven't been able to.. Hints of curry, cinnamon, pimento - allspice I believe, not sure what else. Can you help?
Made raspberry and cream cheese stuffed French toast dredged in crushed frosted flakes and pan fried in butter. Was so freakin good.. Gooey, crispy, buttery, sweet and tart
I got my sweetheart the Messermeister Oliva Elite 10 in chef knife and I LOVE it. The handle is made of olive wood, not too bulky but with curves to fit my hand. It is also fairly light and stays very sharp.
Impressive! Love your style
Use sterno under chafing dishes, easy breezy
Now you've got me thinkin!
😔 ouch. Im out.
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