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Just curious, why did you choose this path not knowing what goal you wanted to reach?
Cake Couture or some variation?
Maxie B's in Greensboro? If so, your cakes are delicious!
I prefer black, only flour and powdered sugar show on them. I disagree that black is impractical in a professional kitchen, if I can go between the dining room and kitchen without needing to change it saves me time.
Graham cracker crust,layer of ganache (microwave chips with cream or condensed milk), top with thick ed chocolate pudding mixed with whipped topping.. that makes a mock mousse topping. Or mix powdered sugar and peanut butter then fold in whipped topping for a choc pbutter pie
I understand that learning is how you learn If he/she wants to, he/she can have at it.. What vote do I get? Was merely saying that it was a trend that I hoped had died. Nothing more.
HA! Thanks for letting me play
Beautiful pics.. for me it's Marlboro NXTs, regular to menthol in a pinch
I would plate the cheesecakes and keep chilled, putting the lava cakes on just before service. A chilled plate won't affect the lava cakes as much as a warm plate would affect the cheesecakes.
I'm saying that because foam was a rage a few years ago but always reminded me of regurgitate. Sorry if I offended
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