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Are you asking what to make with those ingredients? How about soaking the ladyfingers in kirsch or cherry Kafka, layer with lemon curd or chocolate pastry cream, Cherries, meringue, repeat
I would go for parbaked rolls rather than proof and bake, able to be popped in the oven on the fly without waste
Paper due Wednesday and you're asking for an interview on Monday, the mom in me is shaking my head.
I agree with KK, we learned how to behave during mealtime from infancy and we were also taken to very nice restaurants all throughout our younger years. To this day I feel most comfortable with the three forks, three spoons, dessert fork and spoon atop the place setting and a cloth napkin. To me that is dining and comfort. I am also irritated by dumbed down kids menus, I didn't want chicken fingers or a burger (and neither did my children), I wanted real food and wanted to...
The knowledge was of great use to me, I was covering a building (literally walk in cooking blind not knowing even what their stock looks like), it never occurred to me that someone would have self rising in the flour bin and no AP. After that eruption I asked at EVERY building what kind of flour is in the bin LOL
Happy to help!
@flipflopgirl Love dill in potato salad! This mayo is oddly addictive tho I have a love affair with mayo. Great in quiche to give a silky texture, smeared on fish and topped with garlic bread crumbs before baking, smeared on corn cobs and topped with Parm before being baked.. Sounds gross but so freaking good
Maybe stir fried in hoisin? You're not giving much info or an image to see
To me it sounds like it was self rising flour. You haven't lived until you've mistakingly tried to make a roux to thicken a gravy with SR flour. Foams out of the pot, never stirred so fast in my life!
I'm confused as to why you have to write down label at least 5 items (items shouldn't be unlabeled ever) and peel off at least 10 labels (they should be peeled as soon as they're washed). Odd and concerning.
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