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Get out! I went to St Genevieve, where'd you go? There's another guy on here who went to St Gen a year or two under me I believe
Bourgeois beef jerky ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I'm from south Louisiana too! New Orleans and Thinodaux but in NC now, how about you? There are a few of us on these boards. Welcome
Humid you could affect, are you testing them until the are slightly dry to the touch before baking?
Welcome Nauticus, there is a lot of talent on these boards and it is unique in that you can interact with chefs in all areas of the spectrum and other passionate home cooks. Look forward to your questions and contributions!
It is also possible that you are putting too much caramel on the bottom of the pan and the layer is too thick to be penetrated enough to fully liquify
Adding more sugar will stabilize your meringue further.
I add beef base to mine and no tomato product, comes out brown
He was a very loving and lived to make others happy. He was 20, we were going to go on a cruise out of New Orleans for his 21st bday (I was the one person he wanted to spend it with), he was going to get ordained and marry my sweetheart and I in June saying Do you Charles take Lauren and Travis. He was my love and my light every day. Depression is difficult to escape no matter how much reasoning is heard or hugs and kisses felt. Thank you for your kind words, the world...
Josh Groban, lost my baby boy a week ago and his voice gets me closer to God
New Posts  All Forums: