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The ratios look correct so it may be overbeating, folding too aggressively or an oven that isn't calibrated.
Love that you're fostering her passion and creativity, what a great encouraging parent you are.
This was the most perfectly cooked prime rib I've ever seen, no crust but perfectly even. Just had to share
Wisk in mustard or egg yolk. Jakers you crack me up!
I smear a loose paste of beef base, oil, gran garlic, gran onion and pepper all over it before roasting.
@Lagom, chefs before me have apparently not made detail cleaning a priority so I'm getting my staff (inherited btw) to make time for it. Baby steps with limited and sporadic downtime. The equipment is old and well used/abused unfortunately. Today I had my kitchen helper scraping old oil goop from around the fryer legs.
As an exec, one thing that tickles my cockles is seeing my staff deep cleaning during down time, I mean scraping the gunk off of knobs and the sides of the equipment (and its legs) with a putty knife, wiping down racks, cleaning vents and walls, anything that isn't done as part of the daily routine.
Other than the usual suspects I have Sharpies, band aids, Aleve and my FAVORITE peeler, stays sharp and is very sturdy http://www.google.com/shopping/product/5728370998923960107?lsf=seller:7815,store:2807917424958738968&prds=oid:11988195658448914938&q=titan+peeler&hl=en-us&ei=hrquVtqPFMztmAGv5oDIDQ&lsft=gclid:CN-5uLa61coCFdU2gQodTHkJNA
It's nice to have another New Orleans/South LA native here, there are a few of us about. From NOLA and Thibodaux. A friend of mine was a grill cook at Comanders and gave me one of his embroidered coats, love it! The people here in NC don't even know what Commanders is
For shortbread cookies I use 1 part sugar, 2 parts butter and 3 parts flour
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