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Are you a culinary student interested in real life kitchen experience working from the ground up? In need of a kitchen helper to do prep for 4 hours and dish for the remaining 4 hours. It's a great way to learn all of the jobs in a kitchen with little responsibility and hone your skills. PM me if interested in an interview.
You can't have a sugar free product that contains fruit, as Mary said the fruit is naturally full of it. It sounds like you're wanting to produce a no sugar added product, not sugar free.
Why not leave out extra sweetener? If you use ripe fruit (like here it's strawberry season now), it is quite sweet on its own. Diabetics wouldn't want to eat much of your product anyway, fructose is still sugar though metabolized differently.
Simple syrup brushed on it after it comes out of the oven and/or chocolate pudding powder added to your batter make a cake moist. Can also add mayo to the batter, the oil moistens without tasting like mayo.
To me the method seems wrong. Traditionally for a sponge the egg whites are folded in last as to not lose their lift. Assuming that the cake pictures were made using this method, could you be under baking yours? Once thoroughly baked the air in the batter should be encapsulated and stable.
Oooooh, I'm salivating
PMed you
Ask how he costed out items for the menu and how much he allotted for overhead (labor/electricity/property costs/insurance costs, etc) when deciding what to charge. Also ask about how often inventory is done, how theft is prevented, how to minimize waste for maximum profitability, how to learn to manage people with different personalities, how to mandate a cleaning schedule so that all equipment and surfaces are kept up, how to train staff and ensure that they are using...
I use either vinegar or soapy water from the 3 bay sink and scrub with a grill screen until it comes clean. Two nights ago I abused the grill with breakaway steaks and the thick debris all ce up with elbow grease. Pour on soap solution, scrape with a straight edge (I use a dough cutter), pour in more and start scrubbing. There are grill screen holders which you'll want too. Finish with vinegar to make it gleam.
Massage your meat 😋 don't know if it helps but it's fun
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