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Thank you for your time and effort, Mr. Nicko. Y'all are very appreciated.
Could it have been a bottled plate scraper?
Oh! It's a cooked glaze! The boiling dissolves the sugar and caramelizes it for a sticky texture. Will be grainy and wet without cooking but I haven't known anyone to turn away cake lol
I'm not sure why it would say to boil. Did it call for white sugar or powdered? Making a powdered sugar glaze would be powdered sugar, a little buttermilk, little vanilla. Can also add melted butter and/or sour cream to mimic the buttermilk flavor. Doesn't need to be cooked, just whisked until lump free. If powdered sugar is cooked it gets nasty gloopy from the cornstarch
Add cream to chocolate and then warm, I assume it's a ganache you're making?
My service was different, all 120 people and guests served at once so may not work for others with staggered serving times. Baked potatoes, steamed, put onto a sheet pan, spritzed with oil and baked for 10-15 mins to crisp the skin. When making a bechemel or similar I put milk/cream in a half pan in the steamer. When I was ready to make the sauce, whisked roux into it. Never a scorched bottom. The ratio of custard mix for a hotel pan was always one gallon of whole milk...
A brace may help at night but is near impossible to wear in the kitchen. Mine hurt so badly that as soon as I layed down at night the pain was so intense I had to get up and walk around. Lack of sleep was making me delirious! I had cortisone injections after suffering for years which helped for a good 6 months. The pain came back, had another injection and it lasted about 3 months. I ended up having the surgery and have had no pain since then. Literally could sleep from...
Have you tried other key lime pies that you like? Perhaps you prefer the taste of key lime curd instead. It's just sugar, eggs for coagulation and lime juice but it's cooked on a stove. Can add a cornstarch slurry for stability if you're not used to making curds.
Take out Chicken Pho and stuffed chicken wings. The description said pork, crab and mushrooms but it tasted like spicy sausage. Delicious!
Texas, Memphis or Carolina barbeque
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