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I think it's supposed to but I consider pecan pie a custard too, not sure if it technically is
As an exec chef, a weekend getaway is dreamy
I've worked under quite a few chefs who were bad cooks, ones who I taught technique to as well. One insisted that I was making a mocha almond torte incorrectly because he thought it had to be a pie. Only when I showed him in his own baking book from culinary school did he back off because it's a layered cake. Like the one I was making.
Echo Thatch
There is also a search bar to enter key words and chances are, pages of threads relating to your question are there
Could it be beet powder? Powders can be made from freeze dried fruits and veggies
I know that silly, it's still a PI my A 😊
SCORE is a group of local businesspeople who volunteer to help others start a business in your community. They would be an invaluable source of information for you and know your local laws.
If you are a Highly Tenured Kitchen Person than you understand the difference and are being antagonistic.
To me a Chef (meaning Chief) is one who does ordering of food/Chem/dishware, scheduling, adheres to food costs and other budgetary items, the one whom everyone goes to with questions or concerns because that person is responsible for the success/failure of the kitchen. This person sets the standards for the kitchen and may or may not cook. A Sous Chef (meaning under Chef) is the second in command. Everyone else is a cook. I am an Executive Chef because I do all of those...
New Posts  All Forums: