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There is a jobs/internship forum.
It won't change your perception or question but could it be a prescription medication that is affecting your tastes? I have come across that issue with some of my people and even myself when I was on high doses of iron.
He's my faaaaaaavorite artist!
http://caysondesigns.com/ Excellent, quality products.
Why thank you, Meezy! I just love y'all so dang much!
Chef Tony is correct, they are quite small and narrow and as a bonus, unevenly sized. They need to be trimmed of silver skin and I could only get one to two "steaks" from each one because of the narrow tips. Best sliced on the bias like hangar for maximum use of product.
Welcome David, we are nearly neighbors, I'm in High Point. This forum is a wonderful mix of friendly professionals and passionate home cooks. Sit back and relax a minute! Lots of interesting reading here.
Get out! I went to St Genevieve, where'd you go? There's another guy on here who went to St Gen a year or two under me I believe
Bourgeois beef jerky ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I'm from south Louisiana too! New Orleans and Thinodaux but in NC now, how about you? There are a few of us on these boards. Welcome
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