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You kept your meat in the danger zone for 3 days, no bueno
Are you being serious?
I like cornbread so I'm not sure how to help there. It can be used as a catfish fry - dredge fish in mustard then dry cornbread mix, make hush puppies, corn dogs, Johnny cakes - fry batter like pancakes.. make stuffing.. lots can be done but all will taste like cornbread cept for the fish fry
If you know that it scorched use a wide bowl over a pot of simmering water, being careful to avoid condensation from the steam. If the almond made it seize there may be too much water in the extract you're using. Lorann makes candy flavoring oils for just this problem easy fix, have fun!
The lemon pie doesn't need to be baked.. I would use the same method on both, cook ingredients except egg and cornstarch. Temper egg with boiling mixture, cook a min or two to thicken then add a cornstarch slurry to tighten. A little butter and vanilla can be added at this point before pouring into a pre baked shell.
Spoiled, not having a frame of reference to use to tell what the cover count may be or what items will sell is a tough one for me. The steady rotation hadn't occurred to me and even now that its been advised, do I rotate 10 at a time? 20? It will also depend on the day of the week.. so I stand by the question I asked about holding. I am neither ignorant nor a novice in the kitchen, just new to the situation. Kuan and old school, thank you.
Thanks for the advice everyone, I appreciate y'all more than you know
Your English is fantastic! Welcome I have a soft spot for pastry, its what I got into the business doing and my love is there. I look forward to hearing your ideas and perspective.
Its for a new restaurant that opens in a week so we have no idea how many covers to expect.. I work in a retirement community now so my numbers there are fairly consistent and excess gets saved for OBrien or home fries. Thank you for sharing your experiences
How do we prevent a potato that has been baked then held from firming up and losing its fluffiness? Are russets the best for this (because of the high starch content) or is there a better variety for this use? Thank you for your help.   Lauren
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