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Part 2, honestly I would avoid the skewers.. Worked with a catering company that often did them for weddings and they're awkward to eat plus the food often ends up dropping anyway.
I love smoked salmon deviled eggs, whip a little cream cheese, chives and dill into your egg/mayo mixture. Can chop smoked salmon and put in mixture as well or garnish the top with a curl
It's a acid but a solid (not liquid) so it complicates thing s a bit, like the previous poster asked, what is it for?
Welcome, you'll find a wealth of knowledge here and it's a great place to bounce ideas off of chefs and others who are passionate about food
You're welcome sweetheart, I will keep my eyes peeled. I too am in NC! High Point just outside of Greensboro
I parbake the crust for about 10 minutes then cook the pies low, like 300 or maybe 325. This ensures the egg can set without overlooking which causes seepage which in turn can make your crust soggy
You're welcome Nina, believe me when I say most of them couldn't even be swallowed if i could even touch it to my lips. Promise you'll like this one, the other favors by them I don't like so much as they do have more whey flavor and are sickly sweet
I had never heard of a butter nut other than the squash so I looked it up, I've never tried a white walnut and now it's on my to-so list! I would roast the nut meat before assembling into a pie, as with other nuts they will remain chewy rather than crisp if you don't.
While I apologize I cannot help, there is a whey protein drink mix that may buy you some time.. Champion Nutrition Pure Whey Stack chocolate flavor tastes just like Nesquick but is low in sugar and high in easily digestible protein. I literally had to live on protein drinks for a couple of years and have tried nearly all of them, this one doesn't have that gross whey taste and is easily dissolved in cold or warm water.
Adding some double acting baking powder as well will help with the lift once it is baking
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