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I simply don't like the strong flavor it lends and I could eat my weight in seafood so no worries of deficiency 😊
I use non-iodized anything
Absolutely not, I'm an Exec without a culinary degree (actually went to school for anthropology and nursing), the only requirement is to learn as much as you possibly can without question so that when you are in a position of authority you can run your kitchen as you see fit. The harder you work, the more willing and eager you are, most chefs will want to teach you what they know. Spend this time refining your technique as well, it's all about passion, learning and...
For your bread, oil is a softener so you may not be adding enough. This is assuming that you are using enough water in your dough to get the soft and silky texture. For your biscuits, I assume you mean what Americans call cookies? The base for those uses roughly twice the amount of sugar as fat so if you're using peanut butter and butter, the peanut butter must be counted as past of the fat.
Don't discount theft and trust no one, including the GM.
They're good (along with gizzards and liver) iground for dirty rice
Could it be LeGout or Tones? I love Minor's, it may taste similar if you can't find the one you're searching for.
I use the end of a paring knife.. The steam is what gives the eclair it's lift so there is quite a bit in there after baking. Mimi also had a good point, have to bake at med temp until they're almost crisp. If the temp is too high they'll over brown before they're dehydrated enough and will collapse.
Did you poke a hole in the end or bottom to let steam escape?
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