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Do something crazy, do something wreckless, do something interesting! Maybe turn it into a dessert! Like deep fry small chunks of pork belly til crispy and dark let cool a bit then Robot. Dip small scoops of ice cream (maple, cherry, sassafras, whatever flavors you like with pork) and hold in the freezer on a sheet pan. Roll 3 different balls in pig dust and plate to order 😀 It's like fried ice cream! Apologies, hormonal.
What Cheflayne said ^^ Communicate clearly your expectations to your staff and don't accept less. They will test you. Discipline in private, never in front of their peers. Teach, if they don't already know, about waste, food cost, and how it relates to them -- less waste means more business profit -- they'll have a job to continue to go to, holiday bonus, etc Teach your sous or another capable cook the budgetary and ordering side so that you can have a vacation or get...
Glazing what? Don't need whipping cream, powdered sugar, a small amount of a liquid of any sort (even lemon juice).. That's all, very easy. For a richer pourable icing like for cinnamon rolls I like to use milk, melted butter and vanilla bean paste. Sour cream instead of milk gives a cream cheese flavor. Happy mixing!
Crab! Dungeoness preferred 😋 When barbequing ribs, boil until tender then grill or grill only?
You lucky man! Grew up near the gulf so I love fried fish!
We're going to a party and I'm curious what you're making for your gathering. I want to use what I have in house first so since I have 6 packages of cream cheese, making a sweet and a small savory cheesecake. Think I'll make a caramel, walnut and toasted coconut cheesecake and for the savory, a green onion, fresh dill and puréed roasted garlic cheesecake to serve with baguette. I also have a lot of yellow onions so may toss them in seasoned flour to fry as a crispy...
Welcome, grab a cup of tea and look around a bit. We're a motley crew 😊
Aw he'll yeah, overdue for a trip down south, I tell you what!
A more forgiving method is to heat the milk and drizzle into the egg that's in a separate bowl to temper it (warm it gradually) then add that egg to the milk on the stove. And stir til thick.
Ooh, there's even more division on this topic than a political one.
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