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Cut while turning the egg, around the yolk then pop the whole yolk out
Your survey doesn't ask about us as individuals, but asks us to give you an opinion of chefs in general with no write in room to expand on those answers. That survey won't be accurate or of any real use to you. To deal with stress I smoke, shoot guns and ride a motorcycle. These weren't options to choose on your survey.
If they're not going to personally profit financially from changing their behaviors/minimizing waste/etc they won't give a damn.
Andrea, I can't tell you how much I'd love to work for you on Bald Head, unfortunately I have to stay near Gboro because of my children. I was originally asking for employment for my sweetheart who moved down from Boston to be with me but hasn't yet been able to find a job. 'You're overqualified' is a painful thing to hear so often when the man is willing to do any job just so that he can feel like a man.
Fold in whipped egg whites as the last step when making batter
I've gotta try it!
No sugar in Cole Slaw? I don't think I've had it any other way.. In NC they favor vinegar and a little sugar, further south it's creamy by making a paste of vinegar and sugar and adding mayo to loosen it up. Is the no sugar slaw just vinegar, s&p?
I would cut, dip and fry in batches. If you try to put them in at once they will not only stick together but cool the oil too quickly which makes a soggy and oily piece of chicken. Once the last of the chicken is cooked pop them into the oven at a high temp to rewarm/crisp.
Thank you, Lauren
IMO a chef is the one responsible for the kitchen as in ordering, bookkeeping, scheduling, budgets and when the shit hits the fan If people come looking for you to straighten it out.. You're the chef. Chef = Chief
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