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Those are great. For low country cooking the original River Road Cookbook has fantastic recipes, my favorite being Crab Mornay and Spinach Madeline though I adapt it for lower salt.
I've burned many a fingertips. The nerve endings regrow over time.
I assume you're looking for a healthier option to fried chicken? If so, bread it and put it on a sheet pan, spray with cooking spray and bake. If not, fill a heavy pan with about 3/4 of an inch with oil so that it covers chicken half way. Cook and flip to cook top side.
Welcome, if food or the hospitality industry are your passion you've found a great place to learn and share.
Thank you
I happen to live in Guilford Co and I think it is an untapped market here. There is nothing similar for those with small business plans but don't have the start up for a brick and mortar operation. Kudos! This area has been maturing in the last decade and I think that a business like yours could soar. Where is the facility located, if I may ask? My fiancé is asking, he is a chef as well as a former restaurant owner x 2. You mention marketing, could you expand?
HA! Meezy you crack me up! You know the saying, cockroaches and Cajuns will survive the apocalypse. Where are you from, btw? In my head you have an English accent 😁
It makes me laugh because I'm not quite sure what's weird.. Cajuns eat literally anything (though opossum is gross) and not only that but create festivals up and down the bayous cooking protein different ways. Snapping turtle, gator, snake, squirrel, coon, whatever's got muscle. Escargot and egg sacks from seemingly every creature with egg sacks was a regular meal. Had a mess of little snake eggs once, my uncle hit the jackpot killing a mama that tried to bite us. Cut the...
We had our dinner last night, simple but so good. Zatarain's crab boil, garlic, onions, lemon.. Dungeoness crabs, corn, baby gold potatoes and seared sea scallops. Each of us had our own tea cup of butter, that was probably my favorite part
It should be fine, as long as the meat is tender you're ok. Cook as long as you need to, times aren't usually exact
New Posts  All Forums: