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IMO a chef is the one responsible for the kitchen as in ordering, bookkeeping, scheduling, budgets and when the shit hits the fan If people come looking for you to straighten it out.. You're the chef. Chef = Chief
Glad you tried it! I was a traveling chef and would go to Mass and CT very often, Sysco even sold boxes of Ritz crumbs for breading. They LOvE their seafood
New Englanders swear by Ritz crumbs, it's traditional though the Panko sounds good to me.
Chuck eye is great! I use it for inexpensive steaks at home, tender almost like a ribeye but no marbling
After being burned a few times by big-talkers, in addition to the questions you mentioned I watched them peel and small/medi/large dice a carrot and potato as well as see how quickly they can slice mushrooms. It has been very eye opening since then.. i also always ask safety questions like 'if I were to give you pork, shrimp and turkey and asked you to store them in the walk-in, in what order would you put them on the speed rack'.
That's low, not lie 😄
If not using a water bath go lie and slow, 250 or 275 until set.. Time will depend upon the size of your dish
Add more 1/2 and 1/2 and more corn syrup. You don't say amounts you use but adding more will yield a thinner product. Extreme exple is hot chocolate, lotsa milk and little chocolate is liquid. I make chocolate sauce all the time, it's as easy as that I promise
I know I'm late to the party but Hasselback potatoes go great with steak..
Sorry, I didn't even think about explaining the abbreviations 😳. Thanks mtullius!
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