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I'm a Hellman's girl but there's a Mexican mayo by McCormick of all companies that has an awesome mayo with a hint of lime
I have them peel a potato and medium dice it, peel a carrot and small dice as fast as they can. This shows me where they are on a basic level. I inevitably have to show them the proper way to do it and see if they can mimic. This tells me if they are able to be taught. Ask if they have their own transportation. Ask if they know basic food safety such as the order in which to store fish/chicken/pork, etc and what the proper cook temps are.
HA! I'm showing my face and my ass all at once!
I'm not sure what that is but before proofing my sticky buns I mix corn syrup, brown sugar, vanilla and pecans and put in the bottom of a pan before topping with the dough swirls
It's great with cinnamon on pork (as is apple juice concentrate) or with ribs,etc that use a 5 spice rub Lauren, cinnamon surprised me.  What, when, where, why, how?  (ok, you don't need to explain how  ) [/quote]
I don't use honey or molasses, I like brown sugar.. I use tomato sauce or ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar, garlic, onion, chili powder, liq smoke and sometimes a touch of cinnamon depending on what I'm using it on
Or instead of bruschetta do a take on it like melted cheese in crostini and top with shredded buffalo chicken or bacon, shredded lettuce and small diced tomato
The chicken noodle soup has vegetables in it! -mirepoix- Chicken Noodle is supposed to be as it says, chicken and noodles!
Separating the yolks from the albumen and making a meringue to fold in helps tremendously. It provides structure so the cakes are not so dense. Also believe it or not, adding SF pudding powder helps too. If selling be wary of calling things sugar free as opposed to no sugar added, lots of items naturally have sugar in them such as the milk added to cake batter
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