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Peanut butter
What about an Italian meringue buttercream
We usually do seafood like baked red snapper topped with marinara and lemon or dungeoness crab
A tilt skillet, my kitchen doesn't have one unfortunately
Don't know what your job is.. are you responsible for sweeping or making sure that the dish (or whomever) does it? Rags belong in a Sanitizer bucket, sorry
Speaking of ramen a friend made a salad with broccoli slaw, crushed ramen with the oriental seasoning packet and cider vineger, surprisingly good!
An easy way to do it is to pour caramel onto a silpat and when mostly cooled pipe a line of ganache near the edge and roll then slice into pieces when completely room temp.
Not sure how you're baking them.. I bake at 425 for 15 minutes then turn it down to 250 for another 15 or 20 until they are somewhat dehydrated and firm. Then I cut a hole in the bottom and lay them on their side to cool, let's the interior steam escape so that they don't get soggy quickly.
Less butter
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