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Oh my god, my heart hearts.. I thought he just went on to live his life like BDL, forging happy trails. Thank you, God bless his family
Pete passed away??!
It won't be anywhere near 250, go to a restaurant supply store (we have Chef Smart here) for #10 cans of baked beans to Doctor up, cabbage heads, large sacks of potatoes and large jars of mayo. Everything else is small quantities and can be found at Aldi or wherever. It's not as daunting as it seems, be sure to charge appropriately for your time and travel.
Don't make friends with the staff, have consequences in place for when your orders are disobeyed, keep a close eye on your inventory and P&L statement, teach your staff how you want things cut, etc for your vision and consistency, be firm yet approachable.. I don't agree with the above about ego. It is about showing love and respect to the diner for me, not about how I or others pat me on the back.
Late to the party but Bragard is great as well as a small Cali company named Cayson Designs. I ordered one a couple of months ago for my sweetheart, very soft and quality Pima cotton. They embroider as well.
Sounds fun!
All good advice and I double thumbs up Someday, let it rest. It will form a crust as the moisture wicks through your breading adhering it. I do the same for regular for bone in fried chicken.
Welcome Kate, it is very loving of you to want to learn about his passion to share it with him. It's nice to have you
Add a pinch of cream of tartar to stabilize it and will last days. The acid begins to denature and firm up the protein in the albumen keeping it from liquifying
Of course it can with baking, as long as you keep the ratios intact. I bake all the time eyeballing everything, every once in a while I jack it up but that's literally once or twice a year.
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