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Thanks koko!
I love D'Artagnan products, there's a truffle mousse pate that's delicious and black truffle butter. I recently bought Wagyu ribeye steaks from them though and both had a huge slice through the center making them look lobed, was surprised that it passed their quality standards.
This may not be popular bit I just wear regular fitted black slacks. My shape is odd so these fit me best. I have a little waist and thick thighs which sounds like would be perfect for chef pants but the crotch is so low it's very uncomfortable when bending.
Put them into a sealed container with a couple of pieces of bread.
I've noticed that lower fat cheese (like the 2% that is sold in packages) doesn't melt as well. Try full fat
I love using them.. Full and half sheet pan size. Something great would be printed circles for macarons/cream puffs for consistent sizing
"I may or may not have done that same thing New Year's Eve" HA!! Bet it was the best thing that happened to him all day!
HA! Thanks Meezy, it's was a Sysco display at a food show unfortunately, wanted to take him home!
My advice is to make a beautiful detailed dummy cake frosted with royal icing to display then make your carrot cake in a layered sheet cake form. You can spend from now until your wedding date not stressing over mishaps or the cake going stale before its served, just relaxing and decorating the foam. No support system needed and the royal will harden nicely for stability. The sheet cake can be made in no time and cut in the back of house.
If you have a cornbread recipe that you like the flavor of (or cake for that matter), adding some mayo will moisten also
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