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Chilling them is making the bubbles form, make sure the cake is closer to room temp before applying fondant
You will probably be asked to peel and small/med dice vegetables (I ask for potatoes and carrots) and create a dish from given ingredients. They will watch your speed, your form, your attention to detail and the presentation/taste of your food. Work clean, don't throw anything away, put scraps into a bowl, use as much of the product as possible (ie cutting very close to the root or stem). Use the term chef or sir, look tidy and clean, ask direct and clear well thought out...
*high five* Congratulations!!
Look at the Dali in St Petersburg, everything is beautiful, rolled procciutto bundles etc on the salads, every plate is pretty and easy to produce with minimal space
I wear black slacks, they fit my body shape better and are more comfortable for me
The more positions you can perform well, the more valuable you are. The more reliable and consistent you are, the more the chef will be willing to teach you extras and lead you up the ladder. This is absolutely consistent with what I do, everyone starts at dish because that is where we have the most call outs and I need flexibility in my crew. How can my sous know if something is being done incorrectly if he never learned the job? Yes, even my sous was hired in dish and...
Mmmm.. Grand marnier
It doesn't need to be refrigerated before use. If you would like for it to stay more fluid, adding corn syrup will give it more of a fudge topping (like for ice cream) consistency
Thank you for the compliment, I'd steam the cranberries so that they're cooked but retain their structure. They're quite tart.
Since fall is approaching how about a play on a thanksgiving dinner? Chicken leg with the meat cut vertically down the bone and butterflied open, stuff with a cranberry chestnut stuffing, re wrap, freeze, bread and fry (or oven bake), similar to a cordon bleu. How's that for a run on sentence? Serve with a creamed spinach grilled polenta cake and spiced butternut squash purée with crunchy streusel topping
New Posts  All Forums: