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Take out Chicken Pho and stuffed chicken wings. The description said pork, crab and mushrooms but it tasted like spicy sausage. Delicious!
Texas, Memphis or Carolina barbeque
Don't think I've ever tried mincemeat! Yes Mimi, definitely gumbo, dirty rice, jambalaya, crawfish etouffee.. Crawfish are just coming into season! We have a guy here who ships em from Kenner, can't wait! Memories of shucking oysters 😍 We are definitely kindred spirits. My mom also used to often make escargot, you know the ones sold in the tube with the bodies in a can and the shells on top. She'd stuff them with garlic butter breadcrumbs
I'm not sure why your biscuits are cracking but I have dehydrated them at a low temp in the oven with good results.
I did this as the executive chef at a retirement community, we called it Display Cooking. I tended to do sweets because that is what my crowd liked. Dessert egg rolls filled with compote, some with cream cheese/powdered sugar as well (put into a piping bag for easy filling). Fry in dining room, top with a little powdered sugar. Mock Bananas Foster, we couldn't do the flame because of oxygen tanks. Bread Pudding served up, make creme anglais or hard sauce in dining room...
I used to frequent a website called where a lot of people use SMBC and IMBC. I'm sure you'll find a lot of troubleshooting and advice there.
Do something crazy, do something wreckless, do something interesting! Maybe turn it into a dessert! Like deep fry small chunks of pork belly til crispy and dark let cool a bit then Robot. Dip small scoops of ice cream (maple, cherry, sassafras, whatever flavors you like with pork) and hold in the freezer on a sheet pan. Roll 3 different balls in pig dust and plate to order 😀 It's like fried ice cream! Apologies, hormonal.
What Cheflayne said ^^ Communicate clearly your expectations to your staff and don't accept less. They will test you. Discipline in private, never in front of their peers. Teach, if they don't already know, about waste, food cost, and how it relates to them -- less waste means more business profit -- they'll have a job to continue to go to, holiday bonus, etc Teach your sous or another capable cook the budgetary and ordering side so that you can have a vacation or get...
Glazing what? Don't need whipping cream, powdered sugar, a small amount of a liquid of any sort (even lemon juice).. That's all, very easy. For a richer pourable icing like for cinnamon rolls I like to use milk, melted butter and vanilla bean paste. Sour cream instead of milk gives a cream cheese flavor. Happy mixing!
Crab! Dungeoness preferred 😋 When barbequing ribs, boil until tender then grill or grill only?
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