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Pardon me if this is redundant, I haven't looked at the link provided by Mimi.   Cake-like cookies happen for two reasons, added moisture and excess egg. I don't know how many eggs your recipes call for but an average of an egg per 2 cups of flour is about right.   The moisture can come in a variety of ways, physically added of course, or the fat/water content of the butter or margarine you are using. Depending upon that ratio your cookie texture will be affected. The...
Handguns, motorcycle riding, coffee and Marlboros
My advice.. cook tenderloin to medium rare then quickly chill. An hour or two from service, pull out tenderloin, slice and put into hotel pan. Just before bringing out to buffet (an assumption), ladel piping hot sauce over meat. This warms the meat but does not allow for overcooking. Keep an eye on the clock so that a fresh pan can be rotated out before hitting that 4 hour ServSafe mark.   I think the trout would be too thin to withstand the heat for long. Maybe rolled,...
Welcome, JP!   Whipped cream can be folded into whipped cream cheese to make a no-bake but be sure to add a touch of Cream of Tartar to the cream before whipping. It is an acid just like lemon juice and will help the coagulation. The texture will not be as dense as a baked cheesecake but it is pleasant.   If you wanna cheat, Cool Whip or a similar product will work as well.
Sounds tasty. Have you tried pan frying the chickpeas? They get nutty tasting and crispy on the outside, awesome for snacking as well.
There's a restaurant called 'Slightly North of Broad' that is very sophisticated and incredibly delicious.   The price is reasonable for the service and food, I want to say appetizer, supper, dessert and drinks for 2 people cost us 90 or so.   When I went to the restroom my husband said an attendant scurried to my place to scrape my bread crumbs off of the table with a litte knife scraper. Just for kicks I told him to go to the restroom so that I could see it too! Very...
American buttercream is great for piping. Depending upon the stiffness of your frosting you will be able to get sharp edges on your leaves/petals, do stringwork, anything really. If you already know what each tip can do then you're golden.
The pith from the lime did it IMO. Try just using the zest and juice next time.
It's funny that you mention Rouse's, I grew up with that family. I think back when I was a kid they only had a store in Thibodaux and one in Houma and since Katrina the company has exploded.   On a different note, if you don't need to saute vegetables and only want to add flavor, flour can be cooked on the stovetop and stored on a shelf to be simply stirred in when needed. No oil necessary :)
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