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When cutting, do not turn your head away. I am deaf in one ear and read lips so when my sous asked me a question as I was cutting I turned to see what he was saying. I lost part of my fingertip because of a poor choice. Stay focused, curl your fingers inward and keep your head down. Speed will come later but focus should never be lost. If you must look away, stop pushing the knife.
I'm perplexed
A sous is there to do whatever the exec asks without question or negotiation. Typically an exec focuses on administration while keeping tabs on his cooks techniques and production. You don't get a vote in menu options, who works when (especially your superiors) or who does what. You are a producing machine and that is all. Your way to exercise pleasure or displeasure in the situation is to stay or leave. The ship is his, you are a passenger.
I've never understood ego in the kitchen, we are sweaty servants who get to use beautiful ingredients to please people. For me it's a humble way to show love and respect for the diner with each plate.
I use melted butter that I've steeped garlic cloves in, some anchovy if you have it, oregano, basil, marjoram.. pour over bread cubes and bake at 275 until crisp but not browned (basically dehydrating, not baking)
I like to skin and hollow them out, bread and fry. Fill the boat with crab and shrimp dressing (or Mornay is good too) then broil for a crispy top
Adding dissolved gelatin creates a smoother mouth feel
More info? Is it for a dessert or savory? What is being skewered?
I feel you, doubles+ have become a way of life
There's no shame in working. Let me edit to add.. there's a niche for everyone and we don't all fit the same mold, thankfully. I don't want to work in a restaurant environment, I prefer retirement communities so that I can nurture the residents and their families as well. Does that make me less of a chef? I'm just as creative and knowledgeable, just choose a different venue.
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