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LOVE D'Artagnan
I have a much easier time molding a general worker rather than a grad. They think they know everything and when I tell them to do it differently, show them how to do it more efficiently, etc there is always push back. The ones I have hired have huge egos and literally nothing to back it up. Rarely do I get a Yes Chef and follow through.
I hate slicing brisket! The grain goes in different directions and the OCD in me wants all of the slices uniform which I haven't figured out how to do.
Mine is Doberge Cake, comes in caramel, chocolate or lemon and the bakeries will do half and half for extra decadence. Chocolate custard filled and lemon curd filled are my favorites. SO miss south Louisiana, used to get one every year for my birthday but easily contains a year's worth of calories. Salivating
A water bath is not needed if the oven temp is low. Bake at 200-225 for a couple of hours until it puffs all the way across the top and jiggles a bit when shaken.
There is a jobs/internship forum.
It won't change your perception or question but could it be a prescription medication that is affecting your tastes? I have come across that issue with some of my people and even myself when I was on high doses of iron.
He's my faaaaaaavorite artist!
http://caysondesigns.com/ Excellent, quality products.
Why thank you, Meezy! I just love y'all so dang much!
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