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Madeleine's are supposed to crown so it sounds to me like you're making them correctly! Do you have a photo of the finished product?
If you're not able to make them all fresh to order premake some and when you serve make a fresh one to go on top, it's harder to tell that they are not all MTO because the bottom ones will soften anyway.
In a double convection oven it should only take them 12 mins to bake with the dual set at 325.. On sheet pans you should be able to fit at least 2 dozen per pan, more if they're smaller. The time will come from scooping them but won't take as long as you think, a couple or few hundred sounds like a lot but once you start moving shouldn't take more than 20 mins.
The liners can stay on and I usually put them on a tray and wrap before freezing. If you'd like them in a bag freeze first, they squish 😊
2nd iceman
Certainly and with no quality compromise. 😊
I also add a little nutmeg when making a bechemel for cheese sauce and I'm also fro the New Orleans area.. Could that be a regional thing? I rennet reading that cornstarch is added by manufacturers to shredded cheese to keep the shreds separated. I reaffirm that excess heat will break a cheese sauce. As an aside I also add a little almond extract to cream cheese frosting which I think is also a regional thing. I made it this way in New England and they were perplexed.
O M G are you serious??! You're incredible! That show does look fun although we probably just can't see the crap stains on the contestants pants.. I don't blame ya
I grew up around NOLA, little town called Thibodaux..
You can use a portion scoop for dough rather than rolling, once it proofs it's hard to tell the difference
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