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I prefer the creamy bechamel to custardy. Lots of people do the baked m&c but it's too dry for my taste.
Love Goldens, they're SO smart and cuddly
Have you worked with Teres Major before? They're uneven and fairly small. I'm also the chef at a retirement community and my people think it's too tough as well, it was painful watching them come back on plates. I ended up using a good half case (what remained after cutting off tails and "discarding" the ones that were too small) for tips. I won't do that again
Also remember to let them rest and form a skin before baking.
Knew I liked you, I make this for my residents on special occasions only after battering I crust with crushed Frosted Flakes and fry in butter. Omg good
Gas station nachos, fill the tray with that fake cheese goo and scoop a lot on each chip. It has a high price though, tears my innards up!
New Orleans cuisine is in the top 3, IMO.
I began by giving 5 or 10, whichever I had on hand. I started to get little gifts instead (like nail polish, a little purse, a boa for dress up play, etc) because mine never wanted to spend their money. They never ask or want anything, even as teenagers. My daughters favorite gift is still yarn so she can knit. I swear they were born 90 year olds.
I'm constantly amazed by how prevalent alcohol and drug abuse is among chefs, I can understand how they could be easily abused to handle the stress and long hours. Every chef I have worked under or with has had substance issues, I thank God my easygoing personality hasn't led me down that path. It destroys lives
Hollandaise is quite easy, it is essentially streaming butter into warm egg to form an emulsion. Do a search here, there are lots of threads on the topic. Don't feel scared
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