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Aw he'll yeah, overdue for a trip down south, I tell you what!
A more forgiving method is to heat the milk and drizzle into the egg that's in a separate bowl to temper it (warm it gradually) then add that egg to the milk on the stove. And stir til thick.
Ooh, there's even more division on this topic than a political one.
Italian! So smooth. Speaking of,Jazz or Blues
Flour for sure. Unless cornstarch should be used lol Lemon bar or brownie
Not savory, sweet and tangy. A little powdered sugar, mascarpone and lemon juice (or curd if I have some). Sometimes Lemoncello as well. Chambord in the sauce, nice with blackberries.
Sweetened lemon mascarpone with blackberry sauce (I love sweets)
My faaaaaavorite! Lucky boy
I understand that it isn't a traditional roux but it does not have to be made into a slurry if dark and for flavor. Not sure OP's intended purpose, darker the roux the less the thickening power. It's a way to create a similar flavor without the added oil and creating a shelf stable product.
When you read this, bear in mind I'm from south Louisiana. There is a brilliant method called a dry roux that doesn't have to be tended to as diligently as a traditional one. Put flour in a rondeau in the oven or on the stove and stir occasionally. As it browns will need to stir more often but this can be stored in dry storage and added to anything needing a roux.
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