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Adding corn syrup helps to reduce crystallization, at least it does in caramel. Haven't tried it with teriyaki
Teach him, it's part of your job and it'll make your life a lot easier. If he is unteachable the chef will see that. Surprised the chef hasn't taught him himself by now, I had to teach my pm cook everything including what a roux is or how to thicken with cornstarch and she was here almost a year making cream soups, etc... Lot of work but worth the investment.
I know it's OT but I make a sweet tea BBQ Chicken that is incredible.. Brine in strong tea, brown sugar, lots of salt, garlic, onion, peppercorns and bay leaves. Brine for at least a day then bake or bbq. Creates a bronzed delicious crisp skin and the meat is flavored so deliciously.
If you are the only one there, at 20 how can you grow and learn? You're merely a producing machine there, go where you can learn.
Sounds like they chose poorly, you gave more than enough notice and it not your responsibility anymore to save them.
Based on the fast food restaurants I've been to, if you can work there and not knife someone then you'll be just fine. I though, don't have the patience.
Also remember to pat your meat as dry as possible, if it's wet it will steam your meat rather than sear.
@panini That's kinda where I was going with that question, the previous poster reeked of inexperience in the real world. I've worked under many other chefs who would regularly sexually harass, tried to kill seniors by serving rotten meat, huge health department violations like thawing cases of chicken overnight in dry storage.. And it took over a year of almost daily documentation for one person to be fired and it wasn't even for something serious, it was a minor...
Out of curiosity, left4bread, how long have you been in the corporate world and in what capacity?
Peeling small things like turnips, inevitably I lose a fingertip or two while going too fast which oddly enough doesn't save time lol
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