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I like to caramelize in bacon fat with onion, add raisins, apples, pine nuts, s&p
Utopian Waffle What About Waffle Wafflepalooza Great names given already, I like the simple The Waffle Iron
Very smart and kindhearted gentleman. Rest peacefully, Chef. Ms Barbara, thank you for sharing him with us, he is truly a great man
You can also seed them, sauté in butter, add lemon juice, brown sugar, cinnamon/allspice/nutmeg and use them in a crisp or cobbler. Mimics apple crisp with the tartness from the lemon and spices. Delicious!
That blows, IMO you shouldn't have been fired, you did all that was possible to prevent that situation. The responsibility was hers for what she put into her mouth, even if she couldn't read, walnuts are evident in Waldorf.
Located in High Point,NC. Contact me for details.
Secretchef, 250 for an hour isn't long enough to cook through. At 250 i'd give it a couple of hours, it should slightly puff in the center and jiggle slightly.
The ratios look correct so it may be overbeating, folding too aggressively or an oven that isn't calibrated.
Love that you're fostering her passion and creativity, what a great encouraging parent you are.
This was the most perfectly cooked prime rib I've ever seen, no crust but perfectly even. Just had to share
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