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Shredded jerk chicken would be awesome as would a seafood boudin filling
❤️ You have become such an integral part of this community, so happy you decided to join
You can make something like a marshmallow cream by making meringue and streaming in sugar that's been cooked to the soft ball stage. It's called Italian Meringue if you'd like to look it up. You don't say that you need vegan, do you?
I prefer the creamy bechamel to custardy. Lots of people do the baked m&c but it's too dry for my taste.
Love Goldens, they're SO smart and cuddly
Have you worked with Teres Major before? They're uneven and fairly small. I'm also the chef at a retirement community and my people think it's too tough as well, it was painful watching them come back on plates. I ended up using a good half case (what remained after cutting off tails and "discarding" the ones that were too small) for tips. I won't do that again
Also remember to let them rest and form a skin before baking.
Knew I liked you, I make this for my residents on special occasions only after battering I crust with crushed Frosted Flakes and fry in butter. Omg good
Gas station nachos, fill the tray with that fake cheese goo and scoop a lot on each chip. It has a high price though, tears my innards up!
New Orleans cuisine is in the top 3, IMO.
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