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Whatever it means to you.    Currently for me it's clean stainless steel, fresh produce, sharp knives, learning from my sous chef's and the dish that goes out perfect, when the kitchen BOH and FOH are flowing in perfect harmony when nobody bumps into anybody when everything is set up on time or with time to spare. Tickets come in smooth, servers put in perfect tickets, everything goes out smooth. When everybody is happy. Remember learning new dishes.
Iron chef is great, amazing plates, different ways of cooking and plating food, love it.   Chopped is second try to think of a dish to make along with the contestants, test yourself with them.   kitchen impossible with Ramsay, lets you get a owner/operators view of how some business's could be run to be successful. 
Yes Someday it is a joke.   fryguy wanted lively debate so i figure as long as we're dropping between sixty and hundred dollar pieces of potentially delicious tender meat on the floor i would post everything else you shouldn't do.
edit: this is for the sake of lively debate, as named in the first line of the first post.   what side hit the floor? if its the top....sunnuva.....maybe chop a millimeter, then, broiler? if it's the bottoms chop it sear it, serve it. maybe rinse it hot water then sear it. double sani. only one you got? not you're best option but you're floors should be edible anyway.    edit: edible i suppose would be rather extreme....you're floors should be clean. no don't eat...
i'm a line cook with a degree, i work at a resort, it has it's challenges. I traveled across the states to get here. What you retain from school is methods. What you practice depends on the kitchen you work. After you get your courage methods timing among other things down, it's all about taste and flavors. Work for the best, then run around a small but good mom and pop restaurant.     As far as traveling, try a getting a business visa. i've no experience and only...
What about posture, at home, i spread out i mean legs opened don't give a rats behind, in public keep those things closed lest someone gets the wrong idea. Use a napkin every 5 seconds, keep that mouth nice and clean so you make sure to present yourself properly, keep your napkin folded neatly, if your at a restaurant with linen.    soup and other edible liquids are eaten with a glass or a spoon, cmon. pizza and sandwhiches, use your hands and some napkins, and a...
i'm just a cook, for now.... however, we have a big steam kettle we use for stocks, sits in one location. spigot on the bottom, we drain it into tubs, sits high up, easy. No lifting. A good spigot makes life easier.   My winter job, has no spigot. Stock man lifts this pot bigger than him to the edge of our range, and starts scooping vast amounts of liquid into 4, 22qt Lexans, has to move the colanders around, has to throw out the goods that get caught in the...
After a line cook has all that down, then what?
Remember marketing.
Do you have a sense of community?
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