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Food service establishments have different considerations than you do when it comes to procuring equipment.  They will buy "house knives" based on things like NSF certification, product support, pricing, and if there is a relationship between the purchasing agent and distributor.     Let's say that the local food service distributor has a flashy outside salesman.  He comes around once a week with a honing rod in his briefcase and swipes their knives on it, and throws in...
Where there is a will, there is a way.     Get a canopy.   Or rig up a shelter with some pipe and a tarp.     Lay a few pieces of plywood on some pallets.     Wrap a moving blanket over your grill for insulating heat.     Add a commercial vent hood in your living room, and bring that grill indoors.
Beer Can Chicken
I am not a vegetarian.  But roasted veggies are always at the top of my list.  Fruits are great on the grill too.  Try peaches, mango, papaya, and pears.   Burgers and dogs.....yeah, okay.  But the real good stuff is large cuts of meat like a standing rib roast, or doing whole chickens and ducks (game bird if available).  Try a bbq turkey. 
  We started with 1, and now own 3 of these Harbor Freight knives.  The best bang for the buck.  I am completely happy.  These cheap knives do more work than a lot of other knives out there.  Decent grip.  Very light.  Cuts trough almost everything except bone, tin cans, and an old boot (save that for the As Seen On TV Ginsu).
My girlfriend moved into a new apartment with an induction stove.  A lot of her pots and pans just don't work.  But what does work is my old cast iron camping gear.  Unbelieveable how fast it heats up, and how hot it gets.    An immediate hit with her was my Stansport Cast Iron Wok.  It has made the best stir fry and fried rice that I've ever tasted.  Bamboo steamers fit right on top just like what you would see at a dim sum parlor.  Eggs fry perfectly.  We even use...
After many years, and countless dollars spent, I've accumulated a fairly vast collection of knives.  Just like a plumber who can't have just one wrench, or a mechanic with special purpose tools that only do one thing, no cook really has just one knife.    Martin Yan claims that you can do everything with your Chinese cleaver.  And while the Dexter Russell Chinese Chef Knife, or choy do, really does do a lot of work, you probably have not even considered it.  As a...
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