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The Tartine Bread book takes the cake (haha baking puns) in terms of bread books I've seen. The first third is how to make his classic french country loaf using a wild yeast starter. The second third is about all the other types of bread you can make using the same starter (like croissant, baguette, brioche, ect...), and the final third is all about what you can do with day old bread.  If you are very serious about baking I think that having and feeding a wild yeast...
Absolutely! I can talk all day about beer haha. Russian River is a pretty obvious favorite though... 
I love food and beer and the combination of both! Hopefully I will get some great idea's for things and places to try from this really awesome community! I can't wait.
San Francisco, CA Philadelphia, PA Boston, MA Portland, OR Chicago, IL   Lots of good food in all these cities! All of them have wonderfully unique food cultures to accompany their own unique cultures.
If your looking for the most expensive restaurant and you also happen to be in New York... Thomas Keller's Per Se has a $295 per head tasting menu (I think it's the only option) and another $200 for wine pairings. Now I've heard wonderful things about Per Se and know a waiter there but I still have an extremely tough time justifying that much for one person for dinner and I am not one to shy away from expensive meals. The most expensive meal I had was at Vetri in...
I like the idea of triple creams with champagne! Although I like Delice de Bourgogne better than st. Andre. Tastes like sweet butter!
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